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Articles from Science World (February 7, 2003)

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Title Author Type Words
Blue jeans: bacteria. Brief Article 251
Brainy crossword. (Vocabulary Builder). 155
Close-up: ecstacy: "E" is for empty: ecstacy use left Daniel feeling worthless and alone. (Heads Up Real News About Drugs And Your Body). D'Angelo, Laura 1270
Computers: technology. Brief Article 178
Dissection: debate. Brief Article 183
E for empty. 352
Ecstasy: key info: warning signs, resources, and a word search. (Heads Up Real News About Drugs and your Body). 426
Exercise: health. Brief Article 144
Fear factors: everyone reacts to fear differently. Scientists are beginning to understand why. (The Brain/Genetics). Tucker, Libby 634
Grandparents: genetics/health. 118
Hygiene: immune system. 190
Hyper for life? ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is the most common behavioral disorder among teens. What is it, and can it be cured? (Mental Health/Brain Chemistry). Burghart, Tara 1429
Instant messaging: behavior. 94
Jokes: hormones. 185
Kissing: fast facts. 124
Music: brain. 293
Nose job: anatomy. 228
Organic food: health food labels. 97
Puppies: behavior. 113
Quesadilla challenge: nutrition. 225
Romance: Pheromones. 173
Stress: hormones. 237
Teen evolution. 553
Teen health resources from A to Z. 1926
Test taking: mental health. 132
Uniforms: psychology. 107
Vision: infections. 176
Weight wars: hormones/metabolism. 265
Yoga: the secret to a great body...and better test scores?? (Lymphatic System/Blood Pressure). 694
Young & the lonely: a team of top experts answers your questions about loneliness and depression. 2013
Your life: A to Z. (Class Poll/Critical Thinking). 198
Zits: diet. 242
Zzzzz: sleep/health. 114

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