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Articles from Science News (September 17, 2016)

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Age of Americas' hookup debated: latest analysis dates land bridge to 3 million years ago. Sumner, Thomas 514
Bird nest riddle: which shape came first? Milius, Susan Brief article 121
Black hole game lets you blow up stars. Crockett, Christopher Product/service evaluation 391
Blue whirl \bloo werl\ n.: a swirling flame that appears in fuel floating on the surface of water and glows blue. Conover, Emily Brief article 289
California's goby is two different fish. McDermott, Amy Brief article 274
Cognitive scientist puts profanity in its place. Bower, Bruce Book review 446
Crow's ingenuity questioned. Milius, Susan Brief article 213
Details of Otzi's clothes unveiled: Iceman wore hides from wild and domesticated animals. Bower, Bruce 359
Dino spills its guts. Brief article 141
DNA diversity data offer disease clues: exome studies give insights into schizophrenia, heart conditions. Saey, Tina Hesman 888
Dwarf lemurs don't agree on sleep. Milius, Susan 379
Even some Olympic athletes cheat with drugs. Zielinski, Sarah Brief article 123
Fading star still baffles astronomers: slow dimming, sharp drops in light cannot yet be explained. Crockett, Christopher 522
Genetic surgery is far away for humans. Brief article 165
Got milk? Roach milk could be a new superfood. Sachan, Dinsa Brief article 121
Live long and prosper. Brief article 338
Lucy fell from tree, study claims: disputed analysis says tumble killed famed early hominid. Bower, Bruce 751
Out of the dark: scientists identify bacteria lurking in the shadows. Beil, Laura 2294
Planet orbits sun's nearest neighbor: potentially habitable world detected around Proxima Centauri. Crockett, Christopher 1497
Proxima b deserves buzz, even if some didn't notice. Emerson, Eva Editorial 562
Quantum data locking demonstrated: long encrypted message can be sent with short decoding key. Hamers, Laurel 594
Runaway fish: escapes from marine farms raise concerns about native wildlife. Kwok, Roberta 3052
Shark takes aim at longevity record: radiocarbon dating suggests Greenland fish lived 392 years. Milius, Susan 555
Sleep loss hits some brain areas hard: scanning study reveals varied effects of lack of shut-eye. Ehrenberg, Rachel 418
Something in plastics may be weakening kids' teeth. Grossman, Elizabeth Brief article 124
Staying cool has hidden costs for birds: simple strategies for beating the heat can impair foraging. Milius, Susan 551
That's no moon! Brief article 171
Tiny structures give a peacock spider its radiant rump. Thompson, Helen Brief article 293
Virus helps plant attract pollinators: pathogen's effects ensure stable supply of hosts, study suggests. Hamers, Laurel 398
Warm-up benefit could explain morning birdsong. Milius, Susan Brief article 166
Wildlife hosts antimicrobial resistance: bacterial genes that thwart drugs turn up in all sorts of animals. Milius, Susan 734

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