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Articles from Science News (May 28, 2016)

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Addicted to microbes. Brief article 146
Ancient surgery had ritual purpose: skull cutting 6,000 years ago was not medical treatment. Bower, Bruce 717
Baby titanosaur was mini-adult. Rosen, Meghan Brief article 245
Bacteria use cool trick to make ice. Schwartz, Sarah Brief article 259
Bear bone rewrites human history in Ireland. Bower, Bruce Brief article 207
Buoy ballet tracks ocean motion. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 262
Clusters of cancer cells move single file. Schwatz, Sarah Brief article 162
Despite misuses, statistics still has solid foundation. Siegfried, Tom Book review 396
Dragons sleep like mammals, birds: brain activity of lizards shows signs of two-state slumber. Schwartz, Sarah 528
Even quantum information is physical: erasing qubits emits heat, as predicted by Landauer's principle. Conover, Emily 595
Exoplanet trio could harbor life: worlds orbiting cool star are good place to look for aliens. Crockett, Christopher 627
Failure spurred current El Nino: false start's stored-up heat led to record 2015-16 event. Sumner, Thomas 463
Growth hormone mapped. Brief article 160
Hints of new particle baffle physicists: hundreds of papers attempt to explain unexpected LHC data. Conover, Emily 786
How ketamine really fights depression: in mice, drug's metabolite eases symptoms without side effects. Sanders, Laura Brief article 330
Ions, not neurons, may oversee sleep: potassium spike in brain initiates eye-opening jolt, study finds. Saey, Tina Hesman 589
Lead levels in drinking water vary seasonally. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 251
Left brain stands guard while asleep: vigilance in unfamiliar places may serve as safety measure. Sanders, Laura 452
Math offers new view of brain and its disorders. Emerson, Eva Editorial 516
Misguided math: faulty Bayesian reasoning may explain some mental disorders. Sanders, Laura 2728
One gene governs finch beak size: Galapagos bird's postdrought molecular evolution detailed. Saey, Tina Hesman 656
Pendant play. 116
Prions may help plants remember. Milius, Susan Brief article 145
Role of iron in Parkinson's debated: data conflict on whether too much or too little metal raises risk. Sanders, Laura 1245
Stephen Hawking finds the inner genius in ordinary people. Crockett, Christopher Television program review 365
Strange visions: the study of animal sight takes a turn toward the bizarre. Milius, Susan 3033
The life and times of an American icon, the timber rattlesnake. Perkins, Sid Book review 375
Tiny moon orbits dwarf planet. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 105
Wandering baby Jupiter. Brief article 127
Water rising. Brief article 150
What sent two stars racing out of the Milky Way? Crockett, Christopher Brief article 213
With easy e-cig access, teen vaping up. Raloff, Janet Brief article 302
Words' meanings mapped in brain: language comprehension spreads all across cortex. Rosen, Meghan 437
Zapping Zika. Brief article 183

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