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Articles from Science News (February 6, 2016)

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'Quarks' may be source of quasars' energy. Brief article 182
Big black hole burps up gobbled gas: belched remnants may help scientists study galaxy evolution. Crockett, Christopher 408
Bubbles may have sheltered early life: signs of microbes found in 3.2-billion-year-old sandstone. Rosen, Meghan 428
Cooling oil droplets morph and shine. Schwartz, Sarah Brief article 204
Drug candidate fails to improve symptoms of fragile X syndrome. Schwartz, Sarah Brief article 150
Earth gives up its inner secrets in retelling of old tale. Sumner, Thomas Book review 387
Experiment offers glimpse at how to make hydrogen metallic. Grant, Andrew Brief article 177
Extinct salmon sported tusks: fossils show fish's teeth were not like saber-toothed cat's. Milius, Susan Brief article 339
Gas cloud may be graveyard of first stars. Grant, Andrew Brief article 177
Gene drives at the wheel. Letter to the editor 577
Gene tweak led to human big toe: decrease in GDF6 protein helped enable upright walking. Saey, Tina Hesman 585
Gills gone visionary. Milius, Susan 457
GMOs under scrutiny: engineered foods have withstood safety concerns, but haven t fulfilled big promises. Ehrenberg, Rachel 4375
Human body not overrun by bacteria: new calculation suggests people's cell counts are about 50-50. Saey, Tina Hesman 824
Iceman harbored ulcer-causing bugs: H. pylori DNA from mummy may offer clues to human migration. Rosen, Meghan 602
Male genital diversity gets a rethink: female shapes, ecological factors may explain fast evolution. Milius, Susan 869
Mites in the family. Schwartz, Sarah Brief article 178
More details on Stephen Hawking's solution to black hole problem. Grant, Andrew Brief article 187
Mystery hominid settled Sulawesi: stone tools point to early colonization of remote island. Bower, Bruce 596
Name that world. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 274
Pain produces memory gain: high heat improves recall of objects a year later, study finds. Sanders, Laura 482
Periodic table gets 4 more elements: naming rights go to U.S., Russian and Japanese scientists. Grant, Andrew Brief article 223
Plesiosaurs swam like penguins. Samoray, Chris Brief article 180
Powerful rhetoric can overlook important details. Emerson, Eva Editorial 347
Red giants map how Milky Way grew: mass of 70,000 stars reveals older center, younger outskirts. Grant, Andrew 410
Renegade fusion: start-ups bring a new attitude to the energy quest--but it's not yet clear it will be enough. Boyle, Alan 3112
Roman toilets didn't flush parasites. Thompson, Helen Brief article 142
Shakes expose future quake hot spots: slowdown in seismic waves can reveal weak rock, fluid buildup. Sumner, Thomas 373
Small lizard packs powerful tongue. Thompson, Helen Brief article 138
Star clusters could cradle life: stable galactic neighborhoods would be safe homes for aliens. Crockett, Christopher 414
Supermassive black hole is extreme recycler. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 179
Universe's tangled architecture revealed. Crockett, Christopher Book review 414

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