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Articles from Science News (February 20, 2016)

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2015 smashed heat records: warming and El Nino pushed global temperatures up. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 191
Altered milk protein cleans up pollution: amyloid fibers can snatch heavy metal contaminants from water. Schwartz, Sarah 402
Best of the rest. Letter to the editor 312
Brain waves could guide anesthesia: network connections weaker in those who go under easily. Sanders, Laura 388
Bubonic plague hung out in Europe. Thompson, Helen Brief article 150
Cleaning the ocean. Samoray, Chris 313
Floating fortress of microbes: microscopic creatures take advantage of plastic debris in the oceans. Samoray, Chris 2272
Galactoseismology \guh-LAC-to-siz-MAHL-ah-je\n. Grant, Andrew Brief article 273
Humans' arrival in Arctic pushed back: toolmarks found on 45,000-year-o!d Siberian mammoth bones. Samoray, Chris 368
Hunt for Planet Nine heats up: computer simulations add to evidence for presence of orb. Crockett, Christopher 1133
In all sorts of circumstances, life finds a way. Emerson, Eva Editorial 347
Massacre hints at early origin of war: 10,000-year-old skeletons show signs of lethal violence. Bower, Bruce 570
MicroRNAs manage gut microbes. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 190
Ocean flora flunk photosynthesis test: phytoplankton turn more sunlight into heat than cellular fuel. Samoray, Chris 378
Ocean heating doubles. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 229
PCB levels high in Europe's dolphins: decades after ban, toxic pollutant remains threat to cetaceans. Milius, Susan 559
Pill measures gut gas. Schwartz, Sarah Brief article 241
Plants trick bacteria into attacking too soon. Samoray, Chris Brief article 168
Probing artery-hardening plaques. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 200
Quantum histories get all tangled up: tracing a particle's past can require multiple chronologies. Grant, Andrew 775
Rapid spread of Zika virus raises alarm: disease linked to birth defect is pushing northward from Brazil. Rosen, Meghan 1501
Restless architects we don't understand. Milius, Susan 417
Robots (almost) ready to come to the rescue. Rosen, Meghan 474
Schizophrenia tied to synapse pruning: variants of immune system gene implicated in mental disorder. Sanders, Laura 547
Secrets of the ice giants: time to shine some light on Uranus and Neptune, our two most far-out planets. Crockett, Christopher 2649
Signs of food allergies seen at birth: babies' overactive immune cells may prime body for reactions. Saey, Tina Hesman 574
Soviet TV lands on moon. Brief article 193
Tegu lizards warm up for mating. Thompson, Helen Brief article 208
The Intel Science Talent Search, celebrating its 75th anniversary this March, is the nation's most prestigious pre-college science competition. 454
Time running out for comet lander: colder temps make renewed contact with Philae unlikely. Crockett, Christopher 541
Tussle over top spot. Letter to the editor 212
Voice therapy. Letter to the editor 133
Web data predict stock movements: online reading behavior can help warn of financial crises. Buchanan, Mark 402

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