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Articles from Science News (September 19, 2015)

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'Fat' gene not to blame for obesity: nearby bit of noncoding DNA real culprit, researchers say. Saey, Tina Hesman 574
3-D-printed device cracks cocktail party problem. Grant, Andrew Brief article 167
Altered protein makes mice smart: genetic tweak points to future treatment for schizophrenia. Sanders, Laura Brief article 285
Antimatter looks a lot like matter: protons, antiprotons have same charge-to-mass ratio. Grant, Andrew 352
Bones tell of 7,000-year-old massacre: mass grave fuels debate over demise of early farming culture. Bower, Bruce 453
Carbon cuts could save U.S. farmers billions of dollars. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 155
Coolest stars found. Brief article 193
Copied genes help explain octopus intelligence: octopuses and mammals may come by their smarts in a similar way. Schwartz, Sarah Brief article 199
E-cigarettes: gateway to real smoking: teens who vape are more likely to try tobacco than nonusers. Rosen, Meghan 366
Eight more galaxies found orbiting the Milky Way. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 161
Extinction in lab bottle was fluke: catastrophe wiped out E. coli strain, evolution 'replay' shows. Saey, Tina Hesman 780
Fired-up apes: chimps show their smarts and fuel an evolutionary debate. Bower, Bruce 3354
Hints emerge of how the brain visualizes dreams. Sanders, Laura Brief article 156
Hummingbirds pump up nectar: new videos spark debate over how tongue slurps up fluid. Milius, Susan 596
Katrina's legacy: refining forecasts: 10 years after hurricane, storm warnings have improved. Sumner, Thomas 1205
Limiting life. Letter to the editor 142
Microbes make the meal, new diet book proposes. Rosen, Meghan Book review 469
Mystery at the Center of the Earth new research attempts to unravel the paradoxical past of the planet's magnetic field. Sumner, Thomas 2825
Nobel laureate finds beauty in science and science in beauty. Siegfried, Tom Book review 380
Physicists get info from idle computer: quantum trick enables success in counterfactual computing. Grant, Andrew 537
Physicists verify quantum spookiness: variation on classic test of entanglement closes loopholes. Grant, Andrew 682
Science talent search seeks title sponsor. 592
Seeing humans as superpredators: many hunting, fishing habits may be unsustainable for prey. Milius, Susan 672
The sad magnetic fields of nearby rocky worlds. List 176
Tracking ancient humans. Letter to the editor 154
Virtual tornado warning. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 203
Volcanism convicted in Permian die-off: precise dating ties Siberian Traps eruptions to mass extinction. Sumner, Thomas 497
Vomiting device\VAH-miht-eeng dih-VAIS\n. Schwartz, Sarah Brief article 218
When octopuses dance beak to beak. Milius, Susan 424
When the pieces don't fit, try a new puzzle. Emerson, Eva 376
Where scientists listen to the stars. Zielinski, Sarah 464

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