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Articles from Science News (October 17, 2015)

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Alzheimer's acts like prion disease: misfolded proteins implicated in more neurological disorders. Sanders, Laura 1488
Bad Karma can ruin palm oil crops. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 316
Caffeine resets body's circadian clock: after-dinner coffee could induce 40-minute delay, study shows. Sanders, Laura 439
Centennial books illuminate Einstein's greatest triumph. Siegfried, Tom Book review 728
Diagnosing what caused a medieval trembling hand. Sanders, Laura 336
Dogs flub test of problem solving: pets and shelter animals more likely than wolves to give up. Milius, Susan 541
General relativity centennial celebrates Einstein's genius. Emerson, Eva Editorial 344
Getting a grip on gravity: Einstein's genius reconstructed science's perception of the cosmos. Siegfried, Tom 5198
Gravity's long-distance connection: wormhole links between black holes could broker quantum-general relativity merger. Grant, Andrew 2660
Invading Argentine ants carry virus that attacks bees. Milius, Susan Brief article 138
Invisibility cloaks slim down. Grant, Andrew Brief article 145
Loss of vision saved cavefish energy: in dark, eyesight can be costly, oxygen measurements show. Milius, Susan Brief article 271
Lower blood pressure target proposed: but full data needed to assess clinical trial's findings, experts say. Rosen, Meghan 821
Magnifying the cosmos: using general relativity to see deep into space. Crockett, Christopher 2967
Mars' ionosphere mystery explained. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 208
Molting seals shed mercury along with fur. Mole, Beth Brief article 262
Ocean envelops all of Enceladus: water hidden under ice not limited to moon's south pole. Crockett, Christopher 352
Old stem cells lose protective barriers: in young brains, bad proteins confined in newly formed neurons. Saey, Tina Hesman 661
Oldest humanlike hand bone. Bower, Bruce Brief article 223
Satellite TV predicted. Brief article 168
Society alumni gather to reminisce. 481
Surprising origins of deadly dirty air: farming, cook fires top causes of pollution-linked deaths. Mole, Beth 489
Tsunami forecasts get speed boost: Chilean quake tests simple method for rapid warning. Sumner, Thomas 491
What really changes when a male vole settles down. Milius, Susan 418

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