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Articles from Science News (November 28, 2015)

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'Vampires' sucked ancient life dry: fossils preserve evidence of predation on early eukaryotes. Sumner, Thomas Report 336
4.1-billion-year-old crystal may hold earliest signs of life. Sumner, Thomas Report 165
A cloud of microbes. Schwartz, Sarah Report 181
A nerve to know. Emerson, Eva Editorial 161
Alzheimer's may affect young brains: navigation cells act differently in adults at high risk for disease. Rosen, Meghan Report 409
Antineutrino atlas. Report 203
Antiprotons behave just like protons: collisions reveal antimatter's response to strong nuclear force. Grant, Andrew Report 357
Artificial skin feels heat, hears sound: new materials show promise for covering prosthetic limbs. Rosen, Meghan Report 455
Bookshelf. Book review 177
Broadcom extends MASTERS sponsorship to 2021. Report 200
Cat-versus-virus arms race goes back millennia. Saey, Tina Hesman Report 154
Counting all hurricane deaths. Sumner, Thomas Report 256
DNA points to site of canine taming: dogs were domesticated in Central Asia, new data indicate. Samoray, Chris Report 392
Eels' electricity peaks when they wrap. Milius, Susan Report 397
Fossil offers clues to ape evolution: living apes may have arisen from gibbonlike primate. Bower, Bruce Report 548
Gene edit creates buff beagles. Saey, Tina Hesman Report 335
Geoengineering may be last hope to combat climate change. Sumner, Thomas Book review 347
Greener cows: research rounds up less burpy bovines. Beil, Laura Report 3060
How to melt an ice cave. Sumner, Thomas Report 235
Humanizing science. Letter to the editor 242
Light mimics hotel with infinite rooms: mathematician inspires new twist in optical information storage. Grant, Andrew Report 572
Magnitude of Great Dying questioned: land life spared in Permian mass extinction, researchers argue. Sumner, Thomas Report 464
Major energy cosmic? Brief article 170
Martian dust storms. Brief article 194
Nerve cells could block urge to scratch: neurons in spinal cord may curb itch caused by light tap on skin. Sanders, Laura Report 402
Oxygen in comet surprises scientists: 67P's [O.sub.2] molecules probably came from solar system's birth. Crockett, Christopher Report 690
Plagues plagued the Bronze Age: Yersinia pestis infected people long before Black Death. Bower, Bruce Report 727
Pluto's smaller moons pose mysteries: New Horizons images provide hints to dwarf planet's history. Crockett, Christopher Report 770
Probes unveil three hidden blemishes on moon's face. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 145
Processed meat linked to cancer: health agency says data are strong enough to make claim. Ehrenberg, Rachel Report 607
Racing Extinction documents plight of world's endangered species. Saey, Tina Hesman Report 429
Regeneration was once widespread: ancient amphibians regrew limbs like salamanders do. Samoray, Chris Report 418
Reptile holds clue to penis evolution: Tuatara embryos begin to develop phallus, then lose it. Milius, Susan Report 403
Science: all in the family. Interview 253
Then and now: 350 years of microscope upgrades. Grant, Andrew Brief article 155
Waking the vagus: the meandering nerve is a target for a range of therapies. Schwartz, Sarah Report 2793

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