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Articles from Science News (May 2, 2015)

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'Little Foot' lived in same era as Lucy: new dating pushes back age of earliest South Africa hominids. Bower, Bruce 613
'Neandertal' ant grows fancy food: discovery provides new look at coevolution of symbiosis. Milius, Susan 496
A new quirk for quarks. Grant, Andrew Brief article 195
A new spin on guiding sound: acoustic device could cloak submarines, divert loud noises. Grant, Andrew 574
Brontosaurus gets its name back: new analysis splits iconic dino from Apatosaurus genus. Baggaley, Kate 392
Butterfly spots can mimic eyes to scare birds: test revives old idea about wing marks' role in evolution. Milius, Susan 767
Canadian glaciers endangered. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 195
Cyanides signal complex chemistry: Biomolecule precursors found in disk around young star. Crockett, Christopher 465
Driving curiosity to discovery. Emerson, Eva Editorial 386
Early arrival for hominids in Greece: new data place human ancestors there by 206,000 years ago. Bower, Bruce 477
Footprints offer clues about daily hominid life. Bower, Bruce Brief article 155
Fossil reveals power of terror bird's beak. Yeager, Ashley Brief article 223
Improved test for Down syndrome. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 177
Kennewick man's bones reveal an ancient taste for seafood. Bower, Bruce Brief article 123
Living in the urban jungle. Letter to the editor 194
Monster storm in the window. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 201
Moon surface safe? Brief article 193
No-fishing scheme in Great Barrier Reef succeeds with valuable fishes: coral trout thrive but protection helps less with other species. Milius, Susan 682
North met South sooner than later: crystals from Panama suggest continents linked up early. Sumner, Thomas 667
Personality match speeds up breeding: mice mates with similar anxiety levels produce offspring sooner. Milius, Susan 391
Plate loss gave chain of Pacific islands, seamounts a kink: shift in mantle flow repositioned hot magma plume responsible for Hawaiian archipelago. Sumner, Thomas 647
Rats navigate mazes, even when blind: prosthetic compass wired into brain can substitute for sight. Yeager, Ashley 755
Space-based particle hunting. Letter to the editor 217
Species longevity linked to 'Siglecs': life span lengthens with more inflammation-fighting genes. Saey, Tina Hesman 801
Spot the northern lights with Aurorasaurus. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 157
Supernova sweeping: \SOO-per-NOH-vah SWEEP-eeng\ n. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 174
Tales of the bedbug, one of the world's most reviled insects. Perkins, Sid Book review 397
The future of forecasting: technology promises faster weather predictions on a smaller scale. Sumner, Thomas 2699
The Martian diaries: curiosity has explored Mars for over two and a half years. What if the rover kept a scrapbook? Witze, Alexandra 2668
The upside of a demolished chromosome. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 184
Watching a young star erupt. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 203
Wheat over water. Letter to the editor 179
When mom serves herself as dinner. Milius, Susan 395
White house hosts student science fair. Bridges, Andrew 667

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