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Articles from Science News (July 11, 2015)

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A biologist takes aim at religion. Bower, Bruce Book review 450
A chronicle of conservation. Wayman, Erin Book review 426
A loopy look at sunspots. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 215
Advocate grant recipients selected. Brief article 259
Alumni reconnect. Brief article 260
Alzheimer's spares music memories: disease may not harm brain areas linked to song familiarity. Sanders, Laura 316
Antibiotics can treat appendicitis. Rosen, Meghan Brief article 122
Beware the microwave. Letter to the editor 125
Biodiversity information at your fingertips. Feldhausen, Teresa Shipley Brief article 173
Bold, incorrect spiders mislead groups: wrongheaded notions prove dangerous to a colony's health. Milius, Susan 462
Bronze Age people were on the move: major migrations recorded in DNA of ancient Eurasians. Schwartz, Sarah Brief article 280
Common campfire build confirmed as best. Mole, Beth Brief article 204
Dazzling dots: tiny quantum particles illuminate the body's innermost workings. Witze, Alexandra 2676
E-cigarette reports provide science that society craves. Emerson, Eva 384
Earth to Mars in 229 days. Brief article 181
Evolution may favor limited life span: dying prematurely could reduce competition with descendants. Grant, Andrew 757
Female's nose can block male odors: during infertile periods, mice are oblivious to possible mates. Sanders, Laura Brief article 306
Food for thought. Letter to the editor 243
Grand Canyon's age revised, again. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 194
How injection wells start quakes: fluid disposal initiates slow slip, indirectly causes tremors. Sumner, Thomas 459
How mantis shrimps spar. Milius, Susan Brief article 141
Human face laugh lines traced to apes: chimps' expressions signal silent communication evolved early. Bower, Bruce 329
Irreproducible research is expensive. Brief article 187
Most DNA tags cut from germ cells: some epigenetic markers survive, might pass on disease risks. Rosen, Meghan 487
New cancer drugs can wake up sleeping killer T cells: frontline immune system fighters, often evaded by tumors, might now resume the attack. Seppa, Nathan 1512
Pluto's moons probably born in crash: one satellite may be remnant of rock that hit the dwarf planet. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 337
Protein variant guards against prions: natural selection yields cure for fatal, infectious brain disease. Saey, Tina Hesman 444
Rogue waves may have warning sign: analyses find signals that precede some mystery swells. Grant, Andrew 371
Saturn's widest ring measured. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 109
Some solar magnetic fields act like forests. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 269
The dangers of vaping: teens are falling for flavored e-cigs, but the vapors they inhale may be toxic. Raloff, Janet 2873
The moon bouncer. Rosen, Julia 428
Tiny frogs that live on islands in the sky. Zielinski, Sarah Brief article 186
To edit or not. Letter to the editor 170
Trackers decipher ancient footprints: hunters help reconstruct behavior of early Europeans. Bower, Bruce 1049
TV show inspires entertaining book. Rosen, Meghan Book review 403
Why caterpillars whistle. Milius, Susan Brief article 146

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