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Articles from Science News (February 7, 2015)

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'Earth: A New Wild' puts people in the picture. Brookshire, Bethany Television program review 500
Allergy-related Google searches parallel pollen season. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 118
Ancient bone hand ax found in China. Bower, Bruce Brief article 231
Asthma may add to sleep apnea risk. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 214
Big data, big challenges: as researchers begin analyzing massive datasets, opportunities for chaos and errors multiply. Saey, Tina Hesman 3182
Chameleon tongue power underestimated. Milius, Susan Brief article 106
Clam flash may ward off predators: puzzling light display could be chemical-weapons warning. Milius, Susan 442
Cold noses coddle colds. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 185
Computer algorithm masters poker: you've got to know when to fold 'em against this program. Grant, Andrew 825
Contemplating the coming of the drones. Emerson, Eva Editorial 373
Drought linked to warming pause: powerful Pacific winds helped reduce rain in the Southwest. Sumner, Thomas 481
Graphene's allure can be magnetic: proximity allows carbon sheet to borrow a material's power. Grant, Andrew 324
Gustometer. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 177
High fliers: Avian acrobats teach drones some masterful maneuvers. Akpan, Nsikan 2627
Highway bridge noise can disturb fish's hearing. Milius, Susan Brief article 134
Island on Fire. Perkins, Sid Book review 350
Kepler finds 554 potential planets: data dive adds eight worlds that might be able to host life. Crockett, Christopher 489
Large rocky planets excel at building oceans. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 120
Life might like cool stars' rocky planets: atmospheric heating could evade tidal locking, aid habitability. Crockett, Christopher 477
Mercury flyby proposed. Brief article 180
Migration is a roller coaster for bar-headed geese: adjusting altitude over the Himalayas is less effort for birds than steadily flying high. Baggaley, Kate 613
More toxic chemicals found in water left over from oil and gas production. Mole, Beth Brief article 170
New antibiotic shows promise: in lab tests, bacteria did not gain resistance to compound. Seppa, Nathan 522
Odor confusion. Letter to the editor 235
Oxygen may raise lung cancer risk: incidence drops at higher elevations, where air is thin. Saey, Tina Hesman 772
Pair of black holes get ready to take the plunge. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 169
Retraction imminent for brute-force chemistry research: paper on ripping apart ring-shaped molecules to be withdrawn, but method works nevertheless. Mole, Beth 378
Stem cells stalled out. Letter to the editor 246
Sweet microbial flight. Mole, Beth Brief article 214
That's how shrimpfish roll. Milius, Susan Brief article 328
The continental divide of 2014 temperature. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 287
Warming climate will force airplanes to shed weight. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 178
Weight-loss surgery may prolong life: ten years postoperation, mortality rates were nearly cut in half. Seppa, Nathan 558

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