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Articles from Science News (February 21, 2015)

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A cacophony of sounds on a summer's day. Milius, Susan 340
A mineral by any other name. 250
A river runs free. Brief article 101
Asteroids generated long-lasting magnetism. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 217
Bacteria-killing viruses linked to inflammatory bowel disease. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 181
Bag of chips effect\BAG uhv CHIHPS ih-fekt\n. Baggaley, Kate Brief article 130
Brain's protective barrier disintegrates as people age: Accelerated deterioration of blood-brain wall may play role in memory loss, learning problems. Yeager, Ashley 742
Carbon traces changes. Brief article 151
Cone snails deploy insulin to slow speedy prey. Milius, Susan Brief article 190
Disconnected: adults with autism are left alone to navigate a jarring world. Carpenter, Siri 3498
Earth's magnetic field guides sea turtles home. Rosen, Julia Brief article 169
Elderly solar system detected: small rocky worlds formed throughout universe's history. Crockett, Christopher 524
Environment steers immune system: genes play lesser role in influencing variations in immunity. Saey, Tina Hesman 357
Examining mob math. 173
Fairly bad pitcher traps triumph in the end. Milius, Susan 386
Finalists chosen to compete in the 2015 Intel Science Talent Search. Perkins, Sid 816
Finding joy and inspiration in the pursuit of knowledge. Emerson, Eva Editorial 383
Fossil recasts history of first Europeans. Bower, Bruce Brief article 246
Gravitational wave claim bites dust: spacetime ripples might exist, but search will need to continue. Grant, Andrew Brief article 314
Hush, humans: we're trying to survive here: prey and predators have their issues with noisy humankind. Milius, Susan 3346
Making methane in the city. 166
Memories of fear shift in the brain: newfound neural circuit may shed light on anxiety disorders. Yeager, Ashley 759
Murals unveil Maya literary practices: discoveries peg ritual specialists as central to making books. Bower, Bruce 586
New way to corral modified microbes: engineered bacteria rely on human-made molecules to survive. Baggaley, Kate 515
Rosetta reveals a complicated comet: simple 'ice-and-dust' model dashed by images of diverse terrain. Crockett, Christopher 765
Scans push back origins of tool use: ancient fossils contain inner signs of humanlike hands. Bower, Bruce 344
Snakes crawled among Jurassic dinos: fossils indicate flexible skulls evolved before legless bodies. Baggaley, Kate 550
Speed of light not so constant after all: structure of pulses can slow down photons, even in a vacuum. Grant, Andrew 498
Spikes explain alkali explosions: before a blast in water, metals bristle and electrons escape. Mole, Beth 459
The Cultural Lives of Whales and Dolphins. Baggaley, Kate Book review 434
To Explain the World. Siegfried, Tom Book review 423
U.S. research workforce lags by some measures. Brief article 160
When entering black hole, fasten seat belt. Grant, Andrew Brief article 218

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