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Articles from Science News (October 4, 2014)

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Another pyramid solution proposed: stones could have been rolled on wooden dowels, physicists say. Rosen, Meghan 655
Archerfish mouth reveals spit secret: shooting gobs of water at prey requires rapid oral acrobatics. Milius, Susan 556
Bats hunt frogs by echolocation. Akpan, Nsikan Brief article 183
Brazil nut effect \BRUH-zil nuht ih-fekt\ n. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 133
DNA illuminates Siberian immigration: first North American Arctic culture vanished, study suggests. Bower, Bruce 676
Electrical pulses to the brain may bring memory gains. Sanders, Laura Brief article 190
Fish reared out of water give clues to land transition: terrestrial environment altered animals' development. Milius, Susan 612
Forecast: Cloudy, 100% chance of ash. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 261
Gut bacteria curb food allergies. Rosen, Meghan Brief article 159
High-dose flu shot benefits elderly. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 140
Human impressions. Letter to the editor 103
Laser light rewrites memories in mice: nerve cells in the hippocampus help modify recollections. Sanders, Laura 706
Low-tech bacteria battle: to fight antibiotic resistance, doctors need to change the way they prescribe. Seppa, Nathan 3427
Magnets diagnose malaria in minutes: tabletop device detects metallic excrement of blood parasites. Akpan, Nsikan 366
Milky Way's place in space mapped. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 190
Nature-inspired camouflage. Mole, Beth Brief article 189
Nose cells offer knee cartilage fix: patches grown from nasal tissue perform well in goats. Seppa, Nathan 524
Plasma corkscrews produce new twist: latest observation extends debate over solar eruptions. Sumner, Thomas 518
Plate tectonics spotted on Europa: shifting landscape on Jupiter's moon is first outside Earth. Sumner, Thomas 657
Rabies hijacks cell transport system: scientists get first good look at how virus races up neurons. Rosen, Meghan 440
Sea trash defies ocean boundaries: plastic garbage swirls around globe, obscuring its sources. Mole, Beth 438
Sneaky little giraffe weevils beat big rivals. Milius, Susan 425
Taking stock of stress. Letter to the editor 150
The Fantastic Laboratory of Dr. Weigl. Kaiser, Laura Fisher Book review 481
The great asteroid grab. Letter to the editor 318
Thoughtful approach to antibiotic resistance. Emerson, Eva Editorial 366
Treatment may aid babies with autism: changing how parents interact with children shows promise. Sanders, Laura 380
Virtually there: paleontologists are using 3-D scanning to resurrect ancient animals on-screen and learn how they lived. Witze, Alexandra 2914
Where Do Camels Belong? Bohac, Allison Book review 338

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