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Articles from Science News (November 29, 2014)

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'Mass Extinction' vivifies the science of die-offs. Wayman, Erin Television program review 534
2014 Year in Review. 461
A charming subatomic particle. Grant, Andrew Brief article 190
A comet touchdown. Yeager, Ashley Brief article 218
A still mysterious solar system. Emerson, Eva Editorial 399
Ancient jellyfish suffered strange, sandy death. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 122
Asian fungus threatens salamanders: lethal pathogen is spreading through the global pet trade. Milius, Susan 742
Atom breaks limit of lost electrons. Mole, Beth Brief article 160
Brits may lack Anglo-Saxon ancestry: DNA from ancient skeletons forces rethink of British history. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 215
Broadcom MASTERS 2014 top winner announced! 544
Daylight saving time tied to more exercise in children. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 159
E-cigarettes may inflame lungs as much as regular cigarettes do. Raloff, Janet Brief article 184
Early animals couldn't catch a breath: low oxygen levels may have hindered evolution of complex life. Ehrenberg, Rachel 476
Easter Islanders sailed to America: sea crossings occurred well before European contact. Bower, Bruce 443
Elephant's big nose wins most powerful sniffer. Akpan, Nsikan Brief article 148
Engineered plants demolish waste: modified vegetation could clean up toxic pollution. Mole, Beth 505
Extreme teams: who has the right mental stuff for a years' long mission to Mars? Bower, Bruce 3262
Fracking not linked to contamination: in an Ohio county, gas in groundwater came from bacteria. Sumner, Thomas 591
Friendly bacteria counter a culprit: related microbe inhibits C. difficile, mouse study shows. Baggaley, Kate 436
Heavy milk drinking may double women's mortality rates: consumption of the drink coincided with higher chances of death due to cancer, heart disease. Seppa, Nathan 754
How science saved the Eiffel Tower. Cowen, Ron Brief article 113
Ice Age hunter-gatherers lived at extreme altitudes. Baggaley, Kate Brief article 108
Jet lag disrupts microbes in the gut: mice with time-shifted bacteria develop metabolic problems. Saey, Tina Hesman 375
Magnetic imager scans single proton: MRI-like technique could map individual biological molecules. Grant, Andrew 376
New space goal--Mars. Brief article 170
Not-so-sweet sweeteners. Letter to the editor 261
Oil from BP spill sits on seafloor. Mole, Beth Brief article 170
Oldest known human DNA analyzed: genome narrows down time of mating with Neandertals. Bower, Bruce 574
Online retailers personalize search results to try to maximize profits: websites alter results depending on whether consumers use smartphones or particular web browsers. Ehrenberg, Rachel 720
Planets stake their claim around infant star. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 316
Rover doesn't spook penguins. Baggaley, Kate Brief article 210
Shadow planet: strange orbits in the Kuiper belt revive talk of a Planet X in the solar system. Crockett, Christopher 2847
Society for Science & the Public. Ajmera, Maya 458
Some trilobites sported dual digestive systems. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 115
Sorting out tools and stones. Letter to the editor 134
Speculation about a sail. Letter to the editor 233
Star-eating star spotted. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 224
Stegosaurus landed low blow. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 177
Supporting the Society. List 3738
Tiny human intestines grown in mice: gut tissue could help researchers tailor disease treatments. Rosen, Meghan 533
When sweet little bees go to war. Milius, Susan 421
Why tree-hugger koalas are cool. Milius, Susan Brief article 178
Y chromosome linked to cancer: chromosome loss in blood cells may cut men's life span. Saey, Tina Hesman 484

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