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Articles from Science News (November 1, 2014)

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'The Theory of Everything' reveals Stephen Hawking's personal side. Grant, Andrew Movie review 479
A musician composes a solar soundtrack. Crockett, Christopher 368
Bacterial healers: microbes can redeem themselves to fight disease. Gaidos, Susan 2481
Bright caterpillars lose, regain edge: during flush of fledglings, flashy marks become risky. Milius, Susan 369
Comet-crazed, and for good reason. Emerson, Eva Editorial 386
Ebola--airborne or not? Brief article 272
Eurasians showed toolmaking skills: hominids' stone flakes may not owe origin to Africans. Rosen, Meghan 525
Even on remote islands, busy ports mean more invasives. Baggaley, Kate Brief article 161
Genes that fit. Letter to the editor 164
Hopping robot powered by explosion: soft-bodied bot could aid search-and-rescue operations. Rosen, Meghan 461
How We Got to Now. Perkins, Sid Book review 396
Hybrid robot merges flier with two snakelike machines. Rosen, Meghan Brief article 148
Mars Rover Curiosity. Crockett, Christopher Book review 383
Missing winds may foil 2014's El Nino: rainstorms needed on West Coast will probably be unimpressive. Sumner, Thomas 693
Molecule boosts number of stem cells in umbilical cord blood. Baggaley, Kate Brief article 192
Monarchs originated in North America: the butterflies' ancestors migrated, genetics study indicates. Baggaley, Kate 361
Muscles make natural antidepressant: exercise blocks brain toxin linked to stress, mouse study shows. Sanders, Laura 544
Mystery mushroomlike sea creatures. Milius, Susan Brief article 133
Mystery resolved: how stellar explosions expel high-energy light. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 167
Mystery volcano pinned to the tropics: records narrow down time and place of 19th century eruption. Mole, Beth 369
New view of big cats' energy drains. Rosen, Meghan Brief article 192
Nobel Prize winners: prize for chemistry. Brief article 181
Nobels go to maps, LEDs, microscopy: research at boundaries of disciplines garners prizes. Grant, Andrew; Mole, Beth; Rosen, Meghan; Sanders, Laura 696
North American bird update has a little good news. Milius, Susan Brief article 144
Octobot uses webbed arms to swim faster. Rosen, Meghan Brief article 204
Photons can take roundabout route: twist on two-slit experiment could detect light's loopy path. Grant, Andrew 388
Sahara may be twice as old as thought: shrinking ancient sea may have dried out North Africa. Sumner, Thomas 700
Sepsis and suppression. Brief article 177
Sleep drunkenness:\SLEEP DRUHN-kuhn-ness\n. Sanders, Laura Brief article 127
Space chemical mimics amino acids: gas cloud molecule is branched, as are protein building blocks. Mole, Beth 369
Statins may improve stroke survival: cholesterol drugs prolong life in cases caused by brain bleeding. Seppa, Nathan 442
Test foretells surgery recovery time. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 148
Tiny galaxy is home to huge black hole: massive neighbor may be responsible for ultracompact dwarf. Crockett, Christopher 572
Touchdown on a comet: Rosetta and its lander explore an ancient relic of the solar system. Yeager, Ashley Cover story 2729
When a rainbow goes full circle. Crockett, Christopher Brief article 218

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