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Articles from Science News (August 9, 2014)

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An app to track firefly flashings. Brookshire, Bethany Brief article 209
Bones offer insight into Clovis origins: signs of gomphothere hunting found in northwestern Mexico. Bower, Bruce 537
Boot camp bug. Akpan, Nsikan Brief article 118
Clues to life's origin. Brief article 191
Crops and climate change. Brief article 169
Diamonds under pressure impersonate exoplanet cores. Sumner, Thomas 160
Duck-billed dinosaurs roamed the Arctic in herds. Rosen, Meghan Brief article 151
Dust helped build up the Bahamas: windblown nutrients may fertilize island-erecting bacteria. Sumner, Thomas 379
Early birth linked to prepregnancy diet: consuming junk food before conception may harm baby-to-be. Seppa, Nathan 357
Electrode turns consciousness on and off: woman lost awareness, though appeared awake, when part of her brain was stimulated. Sanders, Laura 680
Evaluating the self-absorbed. Letter to the editor 153
Frequent marijuana use may affect dopamine response. Sanders, Laura Brief article 158
Gecko adhesion takes electric turn: study challenges explanation for lizards' supersticky feet. Akpan, Nsikan 676
Gravity variations foretell flood risk months in advance. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 154
Habitable planets' reality questioned: star's magnetic activity could have led to false detections. Grant, Andrew 702
HIV reemerges in 'cured' child: girl deemed free of infection in 2013 found to have the virus. Akpan, Nsikan Brief article 295
Lab tests mystery of lithium levels: experiment supports theory of Big Bang element production. Grant, Andrew 458
Largest airborne bird. Bohac, Allison Brief article 200
Listening in on cosmic messages. Emerson, Eva Editorial 357
Microplastics lodge in crab gills, guts: creatures absorb particles through food and via respiration. Akpan, Nsikan 403
Parchment worms are best pinched in the dark. Milius, Susan 390
Passenger pigeon had ups, downs: DNA from specimens of extinct bird reveals lean times. Milius, Susan 728
People find solitude distressing: study participants chose electric shocks over quiet thinking. Bower, Bruce 494
Pesticide threatens bug-eating birds: neonicotinoids' collateral damage may extend beyond bees. Mole, Beth 482
Plastic goes missing at sea: survey of oceans finds far less trash than expected. Lemonick, Sam 336
Quakes tied to wastewater wells: fluid injection might have sparked Oklahoma tremors. Rosen, Meghan 633
Rare planet circles just one of a pair of stars: odd trio may help test ideas about planet formation. Crockett, Christopher 644
Scrutinizing screening. Letter to the editor 323
Searching for distant signals: a handful of brief radio bursts have astronomers puzzling over their origin--and looking for more. Crockett, Christopher 3311
Stuff Matters: Exploring the Marvelous Materials that Shape our Man-Made World. Bohac, Allison Brief article 317
Supercold organs stay viable longer: rats survived after receiving 3-day-old transplant livers. Akpan, Nsikan 382
Tablet devices help kids with autism speak up: iPads show promise in helping largely nonverbal children talk. Bower, Bruce 405
Tibetan high life aided by old DNA: extinct hominid passed on extreme-elevation adaptation. Saey, Tina Hesman 720
Two genes clear up confusion over psoriasis and eczema. Akpan, Nsikan Brief article 140
Voyaging in Strange Seas: The Great Revolution in Science. Siegfried, Tom Brief article 333
Wonders of the northern lights. Sumner, Thomas Brief article 182

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