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Articles from Science News (October 19, 2013)

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A new look and other fruits of our digital experiments. Emerson, Eva Editorial 421
Alzheimer's disease protein structure may vary among patients. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 152
Bacterial batteries get a solid boost: harvesting energy from wastewater has a silver lining. Mole, Beth 565
Biggest volcano hulks deep. Shugart, Jessica Brief article 150
Cats' genes explain hunting success: lion, tiger and snow leopard DNA offer clues to feline evolution. Saey, Tina Hesman 589
Cometlike crashes produce building blocks of life. Shugart, Jessica Brief article 152
Curiosity gets the dirt on Mars. Mole, Beth Brief article 205
Deadliest hurricane in Western Hemisphere. Brief article 173
Deep network: real-time monitoring of the seafloor reveals unexpected links. Shugart, Jessica Cover story 3524
Dinosaur dreams dashed. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 141
Driven to distraction. Letter to the editor 322
Emissions cuts would save millions of lives. Wayman, Erin Brief article 166
Funding slide. Brief article 105
Gravity: an astronaut and a NASA expert consider the reality of the film's space dangers. Grant, Andrew 463
Home births more risky than hospital deliveries: records suggest babies born at home are more prone to unresponsiveness after five minutes. Seppa, Nathan 618
Killer cells may fend off leukemia: healthy people's immune systems recognized the cancer. Shugart, Jessica 544
Mars rover fails to find methane: lack of gas in atmosphere argues against presence of life. Wayman, Erin 442
Memory upgrade: the demands of modern computing call for a seismic shift in data storage and retrieval. Grant, Andrew 2782
MERS virus jumped several times from animals to humans. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 161
Mice lose cat fear for good after infection. Shugart, Jessica Brief article 188
Poker pros' arms betray their hands: how players move chips when betting signals their card quality. Bower, Bruce 391
Poop in termite nests foils pest control: bacteria in feces protect Formosan species against fungus. Milius, Susan 491
Positively nonsense. Letter to the editor 295
Rise of oxygen on Earth pushed back: gas was present in the planet's atmosphere 3 billion years ago. Shugart, Jessica 543
Scarcity: Why having too little means so much. Seppa, Nathan Book review 481
Scented naps can dissipate fears: people unlearned scary odor if they smelled it in their sleep. Sanders, Laura 378
Tortoise-studying teen takes top Broadcom prize. Perkins, Sid 700
Twin primes. Harris, David Brief article 173
Vampire reality check. Milius, Susan 415
Vitamin E stops static electricity: the chemical could protect computers from electrostatic shocks. Rosen, Meghan 512
Voyager's view: spacecraft's journey to interstellar space helps put the solar system in perspective. Grant, Andrew 791

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