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Articles from Science News (June 30, 2012)

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10 genes for poppy potion. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 154
A mind from math: Alan Turing foresaw machines' potential to mimic brains. Siegfried, Tom 2096
Animals on the move: a warming climate means shifting ranges and mixed-up relationships for a lot of species. Ross-Flanigan, Nancy 3574
Back story: a step forward. Sanders, Laura Brief article 137
Bacterial trick keeps robots dancing in sync: broadcasting data allows machines to coordinate. Ehrenberg, Rachel 408
Bad timing for hummingbirds: warming reduces time for males to find breeding spots. Milius, Susan 429
Bookshelf. Brief article 182
Changing seasons inspire science. Perkins, Sid 343
DNA stores data in rewritable form: genetically encoded memory allows computing inside cells. Witze, Alexandra 552
Drinking coffee gives jolt to life span: java linked to slightly increased longevity, reduced disease. Seppa, Nathan 370
Experiment Eleven. Bohac, Allison Book review 283
Hurt blocker: the next big pain drug may soothe sensory firestorms without side effects. Ehrenberg, Rachel 2803
Introducing: You say tomato, I say A, G, C, T ... Powell, Devin Brief article 141
Linking magma to quakes. Witze, Alexandra Brief article 146
Long-acting contraceptives best: implants, IUDs outperform pill and other birth control options. Seppa, Nathan 438
Meet flerovium and livermorium: group confers official names on two superheavy elements. Witze, Alexandra Brief article 220
Mr. Hornaday's War. Raloff, Janet Book review 267
Primed for priming. Eagan, J. Roger Letter to the editor 116
Quantum teleportation takes leap: two teams improve long-distance information transmission. Witze, Alexandra 490
Say what? Bohac, Allison Brief article 108
Science past: from the issue of June 30, 1962. Brief article 125
Second planet takes spotlight: astronomers watch Venus pass across face of the sun. Drake, Nadia Brief article 287
Severe apnea tied to cancer: study finds oxygen loss from sleep disruption raises risk. Seppa, Nathan 301
Stone Age artists produced movies: cave paintings, artifacts create illusion of animals in motion. Bower, Bruce 329
Supervolcanoes evolve superfast: magma chambers form in less time than previously thought. Witze, Alexandra 401
Thou just can't help but covet: wanting what others have may be hardwired in brain. Sanders, Laura Brief article 324
Treatment helps paralyzed rats walk, run, climb: drugs, shocks and therapy trigger new nerve growth. Sanders, Laura 816
Trickle-down ecology. Milius, Susan Brief article 156
Turing's idea still inspires advances in computing. Siegfried, Tom Editorial 404
Youngsters can sniff out elderly: evaluators describe scent as 'earthy' and 'mild'. Ehrenberg, Rachel 359

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