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Articles from Science News (April 7, 2012)

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A Boy Scout's salute. Kotila, Matthew Letter to the editor 176
A new phase for hydrogen found: high-pressure studies reveal sign of possible fourth form. Witze, Alexandra Brief article 254
Adult women might replenish eggs: stem cells found in ovaries produce precursors to gametes. Saey, Tina Hesman 613
Ancient oddballs in Indonesia. Quill, Elizabeth 366
Bits of reality: not just for codes and computers, quantum information holds clues to the nature of the physical universe. Siegfried, Tom 2058
Cancer research wins top prize in science contest: gala honors 40 finalists in Intel Science Talent Search. Powell, Devin 677
Erase a memory, use some energy: lab experiment confirms link between information and heat. Witze, Alexandra 546
Erasing any doubt that information is physical. Siegfried, Tom Editorial 395
Fault's twists may raise risk: San Andreas geometry could dictate future temblors. Powell, Devin Brief article 321
Furry friends forever: humans aren't the only animals who benefit from having someone to count on. Gaidos, Susan Report 2717
How bizarre. Witze, Alexandra Brief article 141
Icy isolation may have led to new human species: cold-climate refuges possibly influenced Homo evolution. Bower, Bruce 1036
Jordanian huts date to Stone Age: Hunter-gatherers built shelters before rise of farming villages. Bower, Bruce 366
Measure your giant carefully and his size will shrink. Brief article 229
Neutrino speed blamed on cable: evidence mounts against faster-than-light finding in Italy. Powell, Devin Brief article 242
Pi master relates secrets of recall: record holder turned digits to images for use in stories. Bower, Bruce 330
Plant grown from an ancient fruit: squirrel's stash spent 30 millennia in Siberia's permafrost. Powell, Devin Brief article 296
Ray-finned fish can regrow limbs: vertebrate ancestors may have had similar capability. Milius, Susan Brief article 258
Reflected glow lights up past: Visible echoes make sense of explosion from long ago. Drake, Nadia 341
Sawfishes don't live up to name: spiked snouts used mostly for sensing, slashing prey. Milius, Susan 348
Say what? Witze, Alexandra 111
Sea ice decline increases snow: Arctic melting linked to severe Northern Hemisphere winters. Powell, Devin Brief article 289
Sleeplessness agitates the brain: boost in electrical activity may explain why we need shut-eye. Sanders, Laura Brief article 282
Some corals live on after a breakup: after rough waters shatter embryos, cells grow as clones. Milius, Susan 432
Taste of fructose revs metabolism: pancreas cells pump more insulin in response to sugar. Ehrenberg, Rachel Report 408
That's Disgusting. Engelhaupt, Erika Book review 302
The Forever Fix: Gene Therapy and the Boy Who Saved It. Witze, Alexandra Book review 299
Visions for all: people who report vivid religious experience may hold clues to nonpsychotic hallucinations. Bower, Bruce 2596
Which came first, lung or bladder. Lumney, Kevin Letter to the editor 163

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