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Articles from Science News (October 22, 2011)

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A More Perfect Heaven: How Copernicus Revolutionized the Cosmos. Drake, Nadia Book review 276
A shadowed past: understanding of moon's earliest days gets even murkier. Drake, Nadia 1287
Anti-aging proteins are no font of longevity. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 117
Back story: a theory's birth and death. Brief article 219
Bookshelf. Book review 170
Brain may subvert efforts to diet: in obese, hunger signals can persist even after a meal. Raloff, Janet 482
Cats engineered to resist disease: genetic tweak may foster immunity to HIV- like virus. Saey, Tina Hesman 483
Cave fish follows its own rhythm: odd biological clock counts a 47-hour day, cues to grub. Saey, Tina Hesman 423
Count on crows to know. Sage, Larry; Harmer, Ann; Utter, Fred Letter to the editor 306
Don't stop presses yet for faster-than-light neutrinos. Siegfried, Tom 395
Empire of the Beetle: How Human Folly and a Tiny Bug Are Killing North America's Great Forests. Perkins, Sid Book review 273
Explosive goes boom, not too soon: mixing with TNT makes powerful substance relatively stable. Ehrenberg, Rachel 373
Fossil finds give new details on ancient relative: species proposed to have given rise to first humans. Bower, Bruce 666
Frogs make do with dew. Milius, Susan Brief article 171
Hints of a flaw in special relativity: neutrinos exceed speed of light, but physicists stay skeptical. Powell, Devin 335
How bizarre. Carlisle, Camille M. Brief article 113
If that's a TV, this is the den: to the brain, a scene may be just the sum of its objects. Sanders, Laura Brief article 327
Mathematicians think of everything as rubber. Brief article 300
Nature's crystal palace. Powell, Devin Brief article 148
Planet hunt finds lots of little ones: odds improve for detecting a plethora of Earthlike orbs. Drake, Nadia Brief article 291
Reviving a tired heart: with a bit of encouragement, the life-giving muscle may renew itself. Beil, Laura 2261
Say what? Carlisle, Camille M. Brief article 133
Science gets details on DEET: repellent appears to deter insects by confusing them. Ehrenberg, Rachel 312
Science past: from the issue of October 21, 1961. Brief article 129
Shocking discoveries dominate the 2011 Nobel science prizes: awards recognize findings that went against the grain. Seppa, Nathan; Powell, Devin; Ehrenberg, Rachel 709
Study debunks chronic fatigue's virus connection: new analyses indicate that XMRV was a lab contaminant. Sanders, Laura 1014
Surf-zone study wins top prize for young scientist: awards announced for first Broadcom MASTERS contest. Powell, Devin 650
The ultimate clock: keeping precise time on the universe's scale. Petit, Charles Cover story 2734
Topology tackles Konigsberg and the entire universe. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 278
Twin peaks reveal what lies beneath: Pacific island chemistry hints at variations in plume source. Witze, Alexandra 397
When one face looks like a crowd: multiple photos of a stranger's mug ID'd as different people. Bower, Bruce 316

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