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Articles from Science News (July 16, 2011)

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A dose of reality for quantum math: Canadian team devises direct way to measure wave function. Powell, Devin 395
A new spin on lengthy nanowires: kilometer-long fibers are millionths of a millimeter across. Ehrenberg, Rachel Brief article 237
A Planet of Viruses. Saey, Tina Hesman Book review 292
Back story: how it went down. Brief article 201
Better putting with geometry: physicist golfer offers advice on getting ball into the hole. Powell, Devin Brief article 300
Blue light to treat diabetes. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 142
Bookshelf. Brief article 212
Cardiac tissue can regenerate: with motivation, stem cells step in after heart attack. Saey, Tina Hesman 414
Climate for divorce. Milius, Susan Brief article 118
Collapsing coastlines: how Arctic shores are pulled a-sea. Strain, Daniel 2763
Corrections. Correction notice 133
Crash landing ends up mission accomplished: wrecked probe yields data about the early solar system. Witze, Alexandra 881
Dinosaurs died of rickets. MacDill, Marjorie Brief article 233
Engineered cells alive and lasing: coherent light generated with green fluorescent protein. Powell, Devin 441
Female infidelity may be inherited: hints of 'cheating gene' passed down by philandering dads. Milius, Susan Brief article 292
For daily use. Brief article 112
Friction science gets an update: studies analyze nuances in earthquake stresses, slips. Powell, Devin Brief article 235
Human-like body temps for dinos: dental analysis reveals how warm sauropod blood was. Witze, Alexandra 313
Incognito: The Secret Lives of the Brain. Sanders, Laura Book review 264
Jury still out on vitamin D, without court to report to. Siegfried, Tom Editorial 393
Ketamine depression effect found: in mice, the anesthetic quickly boosts levels of a key protein. Sanders, Laura 484
Link between virus and chronic fatigue syndrome nixed. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 119
Loophole in traffic laws challenges current understanding of genetics: RNA wrinkle causes cell's machinery to run through stop signs. Saey, Tina Hesman 632
Marsh sediment analysis reveals fastest sea level rise in 2,000 years: core samples show rapid increase starting in 19th century. Raloff, Janet 400
Mercury's messages. Cowen, Ron Brief article 136
Multicellular life arises in a test tube: evolution experiment pushes one-celled yeast to go multiple. Milius, Susan 495
Next solar cycle may be a no-show: studies suggest sun may be headed for decades of dormancy. Cowen, Ron 466
Olive oil versus stroke. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 123
Rutherford tribute. Hansen, Don; Rhoads, John E. Letter to the editor 151
Say what? Brief article 119
Science past: from the issue of July 15, 1961. Brief article 106
Scrub jay funerals. Milius, Susan Brief article 113
Soft tissue may have been dino's: study supports claims of 80 million-year-old collagen. Ehrenberg, Rachel 427
The power of D: sunshine vitamin's potential health benefits stir up, split scientists. Seppa, Nathan Cover story 3464
Throw theory a (malformed) bone. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 314
Traveling salesman solved, slowly. Nemeth, Joseph C. Letter to the editor 121
Yawn and open your ears. Gorkin, Robert; Lacey, Louise Letter to the editor 272

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