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Articles from Science News (January 29, 2011)

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A new twist to rules of chemistry: quantum insight explains quirk in aromatic Mobius molecules. Cevallos, Marissa Brief article 222
An ammonite's last supper. Brief article 247
An odd place for life's ingredients: asteroid may have made amino acids with water-free recipe. Cowen, Ron Brief article 260
Ancient farmers spread swiftly: agricultural villages sprouted in Croatia 8,000 years ago. Bower, Bruce 331
Ancient sea life faced toxic brew: lots of sulfur, little oxygen stalled burst of biodiversity. Witze, Alexandra 373
As aspens die, deer mice go viral: decline of trees in U.S. West swells rodents' infection rate. Milius, Susan 372
Better coverage with second shot: giving chicken pox vaccine twice increases protection. Seppa, Nathan 344
Big molecules, from bottom up: chemists use templates to build precise ring structures. Ehrenberg, Rachel 443
Bookshelf. Book review 172
BP spill's methane goes missing: researchers claim bacteria gobbled it all up--and fast. Raloff, Janet 539
Chemistry by committee. Brief article 309
Chemists want you to know that atomic weights aren't constant: revisions reflect variations in abundances of isotopes. Ehrenberg, Rachel 798
For spiders, sex play has its pluses: mock-mating seems to yield later benefits for young arachnids. Milius, Susan 353
Making nuanced memories: new nerve cells help the brain tell similar experiences apart. Beil, Laura 2262
Massive: The Missing Particle That Sparked the Greatest Hunt in Science. Cevallos, Marissa Book review 309
Measuring atoms' weights gave science grip on reality. Siegfried, Tom Editorial 393
Meet the growbots: social robots take baby steps toward humanlike smarts. Bower, Bruce Cover story 2668
Neuroscience exposes pernicious effects of poverty. Neville, Helen 731
Over time, it gets complicated. Turner, O. Frank Letter to the editor 132
Possible relief for an irritable bowel: local-acting antibiotic beats placebo in two clinical trials. Seppa, Nathan 433
Prescient Editor in Chief? Beard, Gerry Brief article 130
Robins reject blushing caterpillars: parasitic worms redden their hosts to avoid being devoured. Milius, Susan 403
Science past: from the issue of January 28,1961. Brief article 124
Scientific observations. Wolfram, Conrad Brief article 148
Solar conundrum may be cracked: observations could reveal why sun's corona is so hot. Cowen, Ron 448
Sticky and all lit up. Taylor, David; Cevallos, Marissa Letter to the editor 178
The (-est). Brief article 117
The Tell-Tale Brain. Emerson, Eva Book review 260
This is your brain going shopping: research locates neurons involved in valuing objects. Sanders, Laura 341
Uncontrolled epilepsy can be fatal: study finds more deaths in adults whose seizures persist. Seppa, Nathan 404
Women's tears douse men's desire: diminished sexual allure hints at influence of pheromones. Bower, Bruce 379
Worming your way to better health: to battle autoimmune disease and allergy, scientists tune in to the tricks of parasites. Seppa, Nathan 2981

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