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Articles from Science News (December 31, 2011)

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2011 Science news of the year. Crenson, Matt Editorial 304
A history of regrowth. Brief article 131
American and Dutch physicists reach new low temperature. Brief article 302
Arctic warming signs. Raloff, Janet Brief article 197
Asia takes a bow. Bower, Bruce Brief article 219
Atom & cosmos. 614
Averting chikungunya virus. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 114
Bacteria in bondage. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 156
Biology's big bang had a long fuse: animals started evolving long before showing up as fossils. Milius, Susan 704
Body & brain. 1031
Bookshelf. Brief article 171
Boons and busts via gut microbes. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 237
Coffee delivers jolt deep in brain: caffeine strengthens electrical signals in rats' hippocampus. Sanders, Laura 341
Dead Sea once turned to dust: Holy Land's salt lake ran out of water during warm spell. Powell, Devin Brief article 255
Dengue vaccine tests advance. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 114
Diamonds are forever (entangled). Witze, Alexandra Brief article 103
Earth. 453
Eggs have own biological clock: aging mechanisms in worm reproductive cells are distinct. Saey, Tina Hesman 452
Empathic rats show that science has a lot to learn. Siegfried, Tom Editorial 415
Environment. 433
Epidermal electronics. Sanders, Laura Brief article 170
Extrasolar orb occupies just right spot for life: Planet hunters add more than 1,000 new candidates. Drake, Nadia 690
Following earthquake and tsunami, radiation is Japan's true aftershock. Brief article 220
Genes & cells. 587
He's not a rat, he's my brother: rodents exhibit empathy by setting trapped friends free. Sanders, Laura 477
How water chills out. Powell, Devin Brief article 111
Humans. 446
Inbreeding helps bedbugs' success: pests have also grown resistant to common insecticides. Seppa, Nathan 444
Kilauea's explosive past. Witze, Alexandra Brief article 153
LHC finds tantalizing hint of Higgs: teams report 'inconclusive' evidence for long-sought particle. Powell, Devin 496
Life. 541
Matter & energy. Brief article 281
Metal crust, superconductor filling: material could harbor particle that's its own antimatter twin. Powell, Devin 471
Microbes act as deep-sea battery: organisms feed on hydrogen sulfide at hydrothermal vents. Powell, Devin 326
Molecular muscle does the job. Ehrenberg, Rachel Brief article 240
Molecules. 411
Multicellular life from a test tube. Milius, Susan Brief article 180
Not so fast, neutrinos. Powell, Devin Brief article 186
Nutrition. Brief article 311
Physicists keep going lower. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 293
Pituitary gland grown in a dish: hormone-producing organ produced from stem cells. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 276
Quantum theory gets physical. Powell, Devin Brief article 204
Relics: Travels in Nature's Time Machine. Bohac, Allison Brief article 190
Say what? Bohac, Allison Brief article 113
Science & society. 533
Science past: December 30, 1961. Brief article 123
Sifting through autism's tangled web. Sanders, Laura Brief article 229
Storm slithers around Saturn. Drake, Nadia Brief article 148
Technology. Brief article 271
The value of vitamin D. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 174
Thinking probabilistically. Glanz, Filson; Baum, Bobby Letter to the editor 199
Time Travel and Warp Drives. Witze, Alexandra Book review 355
Tiny voltage grows eyes in strange places: fine-tuning electrical charge produces eye in frog's gut. Saey, Tina Hesman 880
Warming slowdown. Witze, Alexandra Brief article 183
Weather affects geologic activity: rain, snow can influence timing of earthquakes, eruptions. Powell, Devin; Witze, Alexandra 514

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