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Articles from Science News (August 27, 2011)

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'Wave of death' not a last gasp: rat brain activity seen nearly a minute after decapitation. Sanders, Laura 419
Antimatter pops from Dirac math. Quill, Elizabeth 258
Bookshelf. Brief article 176
C'mon radio, let's do the twist: innovation might dramatically increase wireless bandwidth. Powell, Devin 323
Collider finds heavy particle: theory predicted existence of neutral Xi-sub-b baryon. Powell, Devin 435
DNA switches tied to blood cancers: histone-modifying genes altered in non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Saey, Tina Hesman 328
Dolphin can sense electric fields: ability may help species track prey in murky waters. Drake, Nadia 653
Genes, sightings retrace path of cougar's journey: biologists track cat from the Black Hills to Connecticut. Drake, Nadia 980
Good mother rattlesnake. Milius, Susan Brief article 108
How bizarre. Ravindran, Sandeep Brief article 126
Kids share the loot, chimps hoard it: group foraging legacy may prod humans to divvy up spoils. Bower, Bruce 442
Material objects seen as holes in space by British scientist. Brief article 258
NASA sets sights on Martian crater: rover Curiosity to begin exploring rocky basin in 2012. Drake, Nadia Brief article 315
New World Island roots. Bower, Bruce Brief article 103
No new physics for Tevatron ... yet: world's largest collider KO's unusual findings from rival. Powell, Devin Brief article 286
Objects hidden in plain light: new invisibility cloaks work at visible wavelengths. Powell, Devin 385
Other primates' brains don't shrink: study suggests withering with age is a uniquely human trait. Sanders, Laura Brief article 263
Rock, paper, copycat. Bower, Bruce Brief article 107
Say what? Carlisle, Camille M. Brief article 150
Science past: from the issue of August 26, 1961. Brief article 117
Sleep interruptions erode memory: storing information requires a continuous supply of Z's. Saey, Tina Hesman 413
Sparing the rare earths: potential shortages of useful metals inspire scientists to seek alternatives for magnet technologies. Powell, Devin 2366
Swedish names signify elements of rare value. Siegfried, Tom Editorial 397
The color of controversy: link between food dyes, childhood hyperactivity gets renewed attention. Beil, Laura 3104
The Man of Numbers: Fibonacci's Arithmetic Revolution. Powell, Devin Book review 287
The New Universe and the Human Future. Cowen, Ron Book review 278
Treatment cuts organ rejection: filtering kidney recipients' blood may boost transplants. Seppa, Nathan 318
Wasps have a mind for mugs: like humans, insect has a special gift for learning faces. Milius, Susan 413
When birds go to town: urban settings offer enterprising critters new opportunities--if they can cope with the challenges. Milius, Susan 2833

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