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Articles from Science News (June 19, 2010)

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'Ball lightning' may be hallucinatory: magnetic fields in real bolts might trigger brain's visual area. Witze, Alexandra 421
Argonaut casing offers lift. Milius, Susan Brief article 162
Black hole found a little off-center: displacement could provide clue to history of galaxy M87. Cowen, Ron 466
Bookshelf. Buyers guide 163
Call for caution. Alexander, Lesley Letter to the editor 149
Cell phone--cancer study an enigma: researchers remain uncertain about safety of mobile devices. Raloff, Janet 369
Chaos makes a scream seem real: researchers dissect movies to learn what fear sounds like. Ehrenberg, Rachel 279
Cheating the thermodynamic laws: quantum effect could boost maximum efficiency of solar cells. Sanders, Laura 252
Cracking the code. Brief article 182
Deceptive cads of the savanna: male topi antelopes will lie to keep ladies from leaving. Ehrenberg, Rachel 481
Dementia care may boost risk: those who tend sick spouses more vulnerable themselves. Seppa, Nathan 358
Experts debate hominid habitat: discoverers dispute claim that Ardi roamed savannas. Bower, Bruce 418
For source of time's arrow, consult a good dictionary. Siegfried, Tom 421
From Eternity to Here: The Quest for the Ultimate Theory of Time. Siegfried, Tom Book review 305
Gene exacerbates harm of bullying: dual dose of short genetic variant linked to emotional woes. Bower, Bruce 321
Genome from a bottle turns one bacterium into another: wholesale DNA swap marks synthetic biology milestone. Sanders, Laura 921
Glenn McGee: in synthetic life, the can is as important as the Coke. Sanders, Laura Interview 843
Healing slowed by bacteria talk: blocking microbial signaling might help close skin wounds. Emerson, Eva 434
Honeybee death suspects spotted: colony collapse disorder linked to virus-fungus conspiracy. Emerson, Eva Brief article 318
Law & disorder: physicists keep trying to explain why time flows one way. Siegfried, Tom Essay 2167
Melting at the microscale: studying sea ice close-up may improve climate models. Witze, Alexandra 2271
Muons offer clue to why universe isn't just space: matter-antimatter imbalance hints at need for new physics. Cowen, Ron 552
Not just a high: scientists test medicinal marijuana against ms, inflammation and cancer. Seppa, Nathan 3039
Science past: from the issue of June 18, 1960. Brief article 111
Scientific observations. Gilbey, John Brief article 132
The Whale: In Search of the Giants of the Sea. Perkins, Sid Book review 252
Twins not immune to differences. Bankers-Fulbright, Jennifer L. Letter to the editor 182
WISE craft probes Heart and Soul. Cowen, Ron Brief article 224
Young kids can't face up to disgust: until age 5, ability to interpret facial expressions is limited. Bower, Bruce 422

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