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Articles from Science News (December 18, 2010)

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A brief history of antimatter. Brief article 104
A year on the job, she takes pride in disaster response. Witze, Alexandra 848
Alcohol a benefit following bypass: in men, two to three drinks a day limited heart problems. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 227
Amphibian species debut. Ehrenberg, Rachel Brief article 162
Ancient horns played eerie tunes. Cevallos, Marissa Brief article 132
Antimatter exemplifies mathematics' prescience. Siegfried, Tom Editorial 372
At CERN, atoms of antihydrogen that stick around: physicists trap antiparticles almost long enough to study. Witze, Alexandra 1044
Black holes in the bathtub: scientists observe Hawking radiation in unexpected materials. Cevallos, Marissa 1471
Borneo's orangs have rocky past: endangered today, the apes have been to the brink before. Millus, Susan 395
Combat helmet should cover face: current model lets blast forces into brain, simulations show. Ehrenberg, Rachel 370
Continental hearts: ancient expanses called cratons pose a geological puzzle. Petit, Charles 2941
Cosmic radiation analysis hints at series of universal reincarnations: circular patterns suggest latest Big Bang was one of many. Cowen, Ron 681
Drug helps in mild heart failure. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 147
Genetic dark matter: searching for new sources to explain human variation. Saey, Tina Hesman Cover story 2771
HIV drugs offer barrier to virus: antiretrovirals limit infection rate among men at high risk. Seppa, Nathan 330
How bizarre. Brief article 103
It came from another galaxy: extrasolar planet's origin traced to beyond Milky Way. Cowen, Ron Brief article 347
Mining fat tissue for cardiac repair: stem cells from abdomen may boost recovery after attack. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 251
New drug boosts good cholesterol and lessens bad: Anacetrapib may be potent tool against heart disease. Seppa, Nathan 763
Radar images reveal Egypt's great lost lake: drainage pattern analyses find ancient Saharan oasis. Witze, Alexandra 350
Receipt of BPA risk news. Seedorf, Maggie; Masters, Terry Letter to the editor 317
RNA harnessed to control cells: genetic devices could thwart cancer and signal infections. Saey, Tina Hesman 400
Science past: from the issue of December 17, 1960. Brief article 116
Scientific observations. Seung, Sebastian Brief article 140
Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat: Why It's So Hard to Think Straight About Animals. Milius, Susan Book review 351
Studies see 4 degrees of warming: disruptive effects possible by 2060s, new analysis suggests. Raloff, Janet Brief article 306
Talking alike cements relationships: similar speaking styles augur romantic success, studies find. Bower, Bruce 347
Theory trampled: doubt cast on Lucy tool use. Bower, Bruce Brief article 107
Tunicate genome found out of order: scrambled genes suggest that arrangement may not matter. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 282
Using pulsars to find a Starbucks: cosmic GPS would employ pulsing stars instead of satellites. Cevallos, Marissa 392

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