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Articles from Science News (August 14, 2010)

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A mind for music. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 302
Almost Chimpanzee: Searching for What Makes Us Human, in Rainforests, Labs, Sanctuaries, and Zoos. Bower, Bruce Book review 251
Among stars, heavyweight champ: stellar record-holder weighs in at 265 times mass of sun. Cowen, Ron Brief article 268
Animal sperm all related. Dickey, Gwyneth Brief article 117
Antiviral gel promising against HIV: topical treatment cuts infection rates in South African women. Dickey, Gwyneth Report 406
Birth of the beat: music's roots may lie in melodic exchanges between mothers and babies. Bower, Bruce 2893
Celebrated frogs advance science: athletic amphibians leap easily into the record books. Milius, Susan Brief article 285
Erasing wrinkles, without injection: studies reveal nature's tricks for smoothing deformations. Witze, Alexandra Brief article 286
Evidence of ancient roots. Quill, Elizabeth 355
Gene variants double-edged: sleeping sickness protection, but a risk of kidney disease. Seppa, Nathan 548
Getting the shot without the jab: vaccine patch could make for ouchless immunizations. Sanders, Laura Brief article 312
Hanging on to molecular memories: reprogrammed stem cells may not be quite as good as new. Saey, Tina Hesman 555
Ian Cross: whatever music is, it's a basic part of being human. Bower, Bruce Interview 729
Many curious scientists have music on their minds. Siegfried, Tom Editorial 365
Mmm, you smell like Cheez Whiz: rodents check each other's breath to learn what to eat. Ehrenberg, Rachel 454
Moody tunes. Brief article 201
More than a feeling: emotionally evocative, yes, but music goes much deeper. Gaidos, Susan 2421
Movie time. Brief article 197
Music of the hemispheres: playing instruments gives brains a boost. Ehrenberg, Rachel 2251
New species in spill zone. Milius, Susan Brief article 163
Not just a pleasant sound. Quill, Elizabeth 794
Primates' evolutionary clock reset: fossil find moves split between apes and Old World monkeys. Bower, Bruce 410
Rare rayed crater found in Sahara: meteor impact site was first detected on Google Earth. Perkins, Sid Brief article 316
Real hype over artificial life. Kusnick, Gregory Letter to the editor 137
Science past: from the issue of August 13, 1960. Brief article 140
Scientific observations. Friedman, Richard A. Brief article 154
Search for Higgs is hot, not heavy: new data indicate lower mass is probable for elusive particle. Cowen, Ron 479
Seeking a definition. Quill, Elizabeth 458
Songs from the stone age. Bower, Bruce 337
Study IDs triggers in celiac disease: separating wheat from chaff in an immune reaction to gluten. Seppa, Nathan Report 279
Take two stanzas and call me in the morning. Ehrenberg, Rachel 316
Time for a new law? Frank, Harry; Smith, Charles R. Letter to the editor 117
Time travel gets more plausible, yet weirder too: physicists avoid paradoxes by forbidding the forbidden. Sanders, Laura Report 925
Time's arrow. Feinberg, Joshua; deLaubenfels, P.M.; Baum, Bobby; Erickson, Ron Letter to the editor 647
Tool gives odds for IVF success: algorithm could help patients considering a second round. Seppa, Nathan Report 492
Triple slits don't add interference: pillar of quantum mechanics stands up to new experiment. Sanders, Laura 418
Your brain on music. 415

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