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Articles from Science News (March 14, 2009)

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'Green gas' vs. greenhouse gases: clearing tropical forests to grow biofuel crops doesn't add up. Ehrenberg, Rachel 513
A better test for prostate cancer: high concentrations of sarcosine signal aggressive cases. Seppa, Nathan 577
About-face: the farside exposed: mission provides gravity map of moon's hidden half. Cowen, Ron 353
Arctic haze: From Russia, with soot: smoke from forest fires, agricultural burning blankets north. Perkins, Sid Brief article 254
Bookshelf. Book review 81
Bullies' brains empathize, sort of. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 192
Census goes to the poles. Milius, Susan Brief article 159
Cold panacea: two researchers proclaimed 20 years ago that they'd achieved cold fusion, the ultimate energy solution. The workwent nowhere, but the hope remains. Petit, Charles 2271
Cold versus warm dino roost. Campbell, Bruce Letter to the editor 95
Coupons help evaluate game of Go. Sanders, Laura Brief article 243
Despite some detractors, Darwin deserves his lauds. Siegfried, Tom 409
Diabetes, junk food and sleep. Verber, Gordon M.; Glick, Millie; Hoenke, Karl Letter to the editor 575
Fatal fallout from financial failure: economic woes in Asia heralded increases in suicide rates. Bower, Bruce 336
For gamblers, almost counts: near-misses activate the same brain circuitry as wins. Sanders, Laura Brief article 179
Genome duplications may separate humans from other great apes; copying and rearranging of DNA led to structural differences. Saey, Tina Hesman 693
Hungry penguins march. Raloff, Janet Brief article 150
Incentives boost tobacco quit rate; smokers who receive cash more likely to kick the habit. Seppa, Nathan 416
Jumping genes provide diversity; DNA elements shape human genomes in unexpected ways. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 220
Kids' gestures foretell better vocabularies: language acquisition may begin before children talk. Sanders, Laura Brief article 206
Lice-laced salmon are easy dinner: parasites from fish farms slow down juveniles in the wild. Ehrenberg, Rachel 447
MRSA has its day in the sun. Sanders, Laura Brief article 169
Noseguard for dolphins. Harris, Joanne Letter to the editor 115
Physics can unite phytoplankton: ocean's version of wind shear disorients marine microbes. Perkins, Sid 435
Recurring anomaly. Ruppert, Douglas Letter to the editor 98
Rush Holt: U.S. science remains far from 'its rightful place'. Sanders, Laura Interview 789
Science on the Air: Popularizers and Personalities on Radio and Early Television. Ehrenberg, Rachel Book review 237
Science past: from the issue of March 14, 1959. Brief article 122
Science stimulus: researchers look to the new administration to bring fresh perspectives to health, energy, climate policy and science funding. Raloff, Janet Cover story 3303
Scientific observations. Rendall, Drew Quotation 118
Sponge's secret weapon revealed; chemical restores bacteria's vulnerability to antibiotics. Sanders, Laura 363
Stress makes plants nutritious. Raloff, Janet Brief article 151
Stress may help keep cells young: aging-related protein SIRT1 aids heat shock response. Barazesh, Solmaz 362
Team decodes Neandertal DNA: genome draft may reveal secrets of human evolution. Saey, Tina Hesman 1168
The (-est). Brief article 85
Two satellites collide in Earth orbit; impact generated more debris than any other in recent years. Cowen, Ron Brief article 206

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