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Articles from Science News (January 3, 2009)

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2008 Science News of the year. Quill, Elizabeth Cover story 229
A better way. Daly, Michael Letter to the editor 93
An exoplanet with some fizz: C[O.sub.2] detection bolsters search for signs of life. Cowen, Ron 351
Arctic freeze triggers big squeeze: methane release linked to wetlands covering permafrost. Perkins, Sid 249
Atom & cosmos. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 332
Body & brain. Quill, Elizabeth 591
Counting down 2008's science news favorites. Siegfried, Tom 415
Data from galaxy clusters suggest dark energy is constant over time: density value may resemble Einstein's cosmological constant. Cowen, Ron 547
Demand for circumcision exceeds availability in sub-Saharan Africa: procedure catches on among men as a way to prevent HIV. Seppa, Nathan 602
Dogs strike over unfair treatment: canines are first nonprimates to show aversion to inequity. Milius, Susan Brief article 190
Dolphins wield tools of the sea: sponges utensils of choice for 'workaholics' of ocean realm. Bower, Bruce 389
Earth. Quill, Elizabeth 421
Environment. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 290
Evidence builds against chemical found in plastics. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 203
Evidence included: zircons hint at early tectonic activity, life. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 241
Fermi finds gamma-ray pulsars. Cowen, Ron Brief article 102
Fine-scale shape confers fertility: study identifies structure of protein on mouse egg. Sanders, Laura Brief article 163
Food advice could be peanuts: early exposure seems to lessen the risk of nut allergy. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 148
Gene connects lack of shut-eye with diabetes: studies reveal how sleep can influence blood sugar levels. Sanders, Laura 1108
Genes & cells. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 337
Good degradation. Etzler, Paul; Perkins, Sid Letter to the editor 105
Grasping numbers without words: studies challenge theories that link language and thought. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 226
Humans. Quill, Elizabeth 522
It's the thought that counts--not the money--when it comes to gifts: givers often don't shift their perspective to that of the receiver. Bower, Bruce 409
Life. Quill, Elizabeth 489
Malaria vaccine closer to reality: vaccine shows partial protection, paving the way for final trial. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 265
Math success doesn't add up for U.S. girls: environment may play important role. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 160
Matter & energy. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 233
Measures for cancer prevention. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 86
Molecules. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 289
Monkey brain moves arm: technology could lead to better prostheses. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 204
Numbers. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 286
Nutrition. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 319
On and off for the LHC: protons take trip around the accelerator. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 244
Physicists slow, cool jittering molecules: laser's tickle unlocks ultracold realms. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 165
Planets, planets everywhere: extrasolar planetary system makes its pictorial debut. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 216
Plate tectonics may have had an early start: ancient zircon crystals imply activity during Hadean eon. Perkins, Sid 396
Polar bears listed as threatened: climate disruption cited as main threat to Arctic creature. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 101
R. K. Pachauri: Obama administration should lead energy transition. Raloff, Janet Interview 805
Science & society. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 317
Science past: January 3, 1959. Brief article 118
Science stats: state of cancer. Statistical table 89
Scientific observations. Zuk, Marlene Brief article 103
Six-Legged Soldiers: Using Insects as Weapons of War. Perkins, Sid Book review 223
Sizing up the galaxy's black hole. Cowen, Ron Brief article 114
Spanish exiles left genes behind: inquisition couldn't quash Moorish, Jewish presence. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 276
Species in trouble: many mammals, corals face extinction. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 138
Stairways to climate stability. Cowen, Ron Brief article 165
Stem cell efforts take steps: resetting no longer requires DNA-altering viruses. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 224
Technology. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 293
The element of choice. Tinelli, Gene Letter to the editor 117
The Lightness of Being: Mass, Ether, and the Unification of Forces. Quill, Elizabeth Book review 289
The sleep, diabetes link: pancreatic cells have melatonin receptor. Quill, Elizabeth Brief article 190

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