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Articles from Science News (February 28, 2009)

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Animal ancestor probably survived ancient ice age: chemical fossils date back to at least 635 million years ago. Ehrenberg, Rachel 492
Astronomers discover the smallest known transiting extrasolar planet: finding could provide clues to composition and structure. Cowen, Ron Brief article 322
Boron's stable form. Barry, Patrick Brief article 149
Cosmic mystery: high-energy invaders from space could signal a nearby pulsar, or perhaps dark matter. Gaidos, Susan 1999
Early whales gave birth on land: Fossils fill gaps in story of land-to-water transition. Perkins, Sid Report 1009
Fingerprints filter vibrations: ridges may help make touch sensation efficient. Sanders, Laura 404
First wave: the presidents of two island nations draft escape plans, anticipating sea level rise. Russell, Cristine 2737
Galaxy bulges in its middle: new evidence suggests growth from the inside out. Cowen, Ron Brief article 290
Galaxy clusters slide. Slotter, Arden Letter to the editor 142
Hormonal cues for baby cuteness: women on oral contraceptives know when a face is adorable. Bower, Bruce Brief article 257
Hot chocolate, with foam please: cacao beverages appeared early in the U.S. Southwest. Ehrenberg, Rachel 407
Kidney donation OK in long term: end-stage renal disease risk is lower among organ donors. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 297
Mitochondria gone bad: problems in the cell's energy factories power new ideas on disease and aging. Beil, Laura 2252
Nation needs recovery plan for science faculty jobs. Spergel, David 777
Nighttime thoughts see light of day: people interpret dreams in ways that affect their waking lives. Bower, Bruce Brief article 291
Sand: The Never-Ending Story. Perkins, Sid Brief article 298
Science past: February 28, 1959. Brief article 125
Science's status trumps winning Super Bowl rings. Siegfried, Tom 417
Scientific observations. Coyne, Jerry A. Brief article 107
Serotonin turns loner locusts into swarming, gregarious cereal killers: smells, sights, tickles boost levels of the neurotransmitter. Milius, Susan 561
Superconductors escape Flatland: iron-based materials allow electric current to flow in 3-D. Barry, Patrick 436
Tests identify the immune proteins that defend against West Nile virus: mice without the proteins are more susceptible to pathogen. Seppa, Nathan 532
The nocebo effect. Learned, Kerry Letter to the editor 208
The Pluto Files: The Rise and Fall of America's Favorite Planet. Yeager, Ashley Brief article 275
Treating itch with acupuncture. Blinder, Ted Letter to the editor 181
What's in a name. Simmons, Dick; Antonucci, R. Letter to the editor 314
Wolves borrow coat color. Sanders, Laura Brief article 140

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