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Articles from Science News (August 1, 2009)

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'%&*#$!' makes you feel better: new study finds swearing like a sailor may alleviate pain. Sanders, Laura Brief article 259
2-year-olds don't talk in sentences but can still tell nouns from verbs: new brain study suggests that toddlers know basic grammar. Bower, Bruce 313
A grazing diet for duck-billed dinos. Lee, Jenny Lauren Brief article 188
A turtle's shell isn't so terribly bizarre after all: a critical fold may separate the reptile from its brethren. Milius, Susan 931
Accept it: talk about evolution needs to evolve: Eugenie Scott. Milius, Susan Interview 767
Ancient Andean civilization likely spurred by maize: farming the crop may have led to an early state society. Bower, Bruce Brief article 250
Antibody may stop leukemia early: molecular approach shows promise against blood cancer. Seppa, Nathan 385
Bookshelf. Book review 170
Climate change offsets evolution to shrink the wild sheep of St. Kilda: more lambs survive milder winters, upping food competition. Milius, Susan 525
Conservation Refugees: The Hundred-Year Conflict Between Global Conservation and Native Peoples. Zelkowitz, Rachel Book review 292
Enemy hornets suffocate within honeybees' ball: heat may boost vulnerability to carbon dioxide increase. Ehrenberg, Rachel Brief article 335
Erosion, on the down low. Perkins, Sid Brief article 185
First stars not all so lonely: simulations suggest cosmic partnerships. Cowen, Ron Brief article 307
Historic Photos of the Manhattan Project. Perkins, Sid Book review 245
Introducing ... Brief article 89
It's not a joking matter: science is complicated. Siegfried, Tom 363
Lead or poverty's later toll. DuBois, Tom Letter to the editor 140
Limb doesn't regrow from scratch. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 169
Mass mismatch leads to mystery: Omega-b-minus is detected again, but it's lighter this time. Lee, Jenny Lauren Brief article 302
Monkeys show healthier aging on low-cal diet: study suggests restricting food intake may lengthen life. Saey, Tina Hesman Brief article 295
Multiversal logic. Campbell, David Letter to the editor 237
New drug offers relief for arthritis: anti-inflammatory injections work when other meds don't. Seppa, Nathan 339
New studies link schizophrenia risk to thousands of common variants: specific chromosome regions may play role in the disease. Sanders, Laura 555
Salt turns to taffy at the nanoscale: find suggests new technique for making miniature wires. Ehrenberg, Rachel Brief article 304
Science past: from the issue of August 1, 1959. Brief article 104
Scientific observations. Brief article 95
Study sizes up extra dimensions: small, old black hole places new limit on hidden spaces. Cowen, Ron 364
The biofuel future: scientists seek ways to make green energy pay off. Ehrenberg, Rachel 3219
Warming in central Pacific Ocean may offer better cyclone predictor: find suggests shifts in activity are more reliable than El Nino. Perkins, Sid 442
When humor humiliates: for gelotophobes, even good-natured laughter can sound a lot like ridicule. Gaidos, Susan 3035

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