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Articles from Science News (July 19, 2008)

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Amnesia dreams. Magathan, Wallace; Gaidos, Susan Letter to the editor 121
At the LHC, physics will collide with reality. Siegfried, Tom 423
Brazil's Piraha grasp numbers without words: study challenges theories linking language, thought. Bower, Bruce 1197
Chimp noises suit audience: females' sex sounds depend on eavesdroppers. Milius, Susan Brief article 317
DNA packaging runs in families: epigenetic shifts also continue throughout life. Saey, Tina Hesman 333
E (14 trillion electron-volts) = m (?) [c (close to the speed light).sup.2]: this fall, the massive Large Hadron Collider beneath France and Switzerland will switch on. Protons moving at almost the speed of light will collide with energies high enough, physicists hope, to solve matter's biggest mysteries. Cowen, Ron Cover story 2828
Earthworms keep house: these ecosystem engineers collect and plant ragweed. Ehrenberg, Rachel 440
Energy deficit interrupts periods: athletic girls face hormone imbalance from too few calories. Seppa, Nathan 317
Environment drives fashion sense: lady damselflies aren't just mimicking the male color. Milius, Susan Brief article 188
For the record. De Heer, Walt; Clemenger, Keith; Saunders, Winston A. Letter to the editor 262
Girls could give preschool boys learning boost: proportion of boys in the class doesn't affect girls. Bower, Bruce Brief article 273
How bizarre. Brief article 105
Impact may have scarred Mars. Yeager, Ashley Brief article 197
Lander hints at water, nutrients on Red Planet: Phoenix continues to dig and analyze soil samples. Cowen, Ron 422
Math trek. Brief article 96
One-way gate mimics 'demon' to trap atoms: barrier could cool gases to very low temperatures. Castelvecchi, Davide 690
School teacher spots green blob: mystery object appears to be a starless dwarf galaxy. Raloff, Janet 422
Science past: 50 years ago: from Science News Letter, July 19, 1958. 141
Scientific observations. Wilson, Edward O. Quotation 89
Scientists find molecular key to paradoxical pain: study pinpoints trigger of burning by anesthetics. Yeager, Ashley 468
Seeding liberal arts courses with science parables. Herschbach, Dudley 781
Sick and down: to fight off an infection or illness, the body shifts into a slow-down mode that mirrors some symptoms of depression. In fact, scientists now think the immune response itself may even cause the mood disorder. Maxmen, Amy 2340
Stranded: a whale of a mystery: scientists generally agree that sonar can trigger strandings of certain whales, but no one really knows what leads these deep divers to the beach. Ehrenberg, Rachel 2400
Testing for sound bones. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 91
The Score: How the Quest for Sex Has Shaped the Modern Man. Ghose, Tia Brief article 255
Vanilla's genetic flavor is bland: low diversity suggests difficulty in fighting off pests. Ehrenberg, Rachel Brief article 299
Vessel rescue. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 80
Where funny faces come from: looking afraid once served a different purpose. Maxmen, Amy 344
Wishful thinking. Seppa, Nathan Brief article 89

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