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Articles from Science News (November 4, 2006)

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A Beautiful Math: John Nash, Game Theory, and the Modern Quest for a Code of Nature. Book review 158
A swarm of umbrellas vs. global warming: astronomer thinks small to save Earth. Cowen, R. 446
A Year in the Life of the Universe: A Seasonal Guide to Viewing the Cosmos. Book review 158
Abated breath: serotonin problems may contribute to SIDS. Rehmeyer, J. 439
Ballot roulette: computer scientists and mathematicians look for better ways to vote. Weiss, Peter 2282
Dark secrets. Simpson, Shawn Letter to the editor 80
Dribble quibble: experiments find that new basketball gets slick. Weiss, P. Brief article 471
First teleportation between light and matter. Brief article 307
Flow west, young river: ancient Amazon ran opposite today's route. Perkins, S. 423
Galactic spider. Brief article 194
Helping hands: brief rehab method aids arm activity after stroke. Bower, B. 487
Insulin can protect diabetic brains. Brief article 271
Jovian storm grows stormier. Brief article 215
L'Chaim: wine compound lengthens mouse lives. Brownlee, C. 500
Mom's caffeine harms pups' brain cells. Brief article 212
Nicotine during rat youth primes brain for harder drugs. Brief article 279
Pain follows cycle. Brief article 229
Passionate Minds. Book review 161
Rejuvenating observatory: green light given for space telescope repairs. Cowen, R. Brief article 193
Shakespeare on the clock. Guneratne, Anthony Letter to the editor 117
Skin: A Natural History. Book review 187
The cancer of Dorian Gray: is growing old an inescapable cost of averting malignancy? Harder, Ben 1964
The Cosmic Landscape: String Theory and the Illusion of Intelligent Design. Book review 141
Twisted logic? Cowen, R. Letter to the editor 98
Unnatural success. Brief article 190
Worthless waters: by midcentury, seas' value may be drained. Harder, B. 507

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