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Articles from Science News (October 16, 2004)

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A.M. and P.M. clocks: fruit fly brain has double timekeepers. Milius, S. 440
Breakdown: how three chemists took the prize: Nobel laureates discovered how cells label proteins for destruction. Goho, A. Brief Article 453
Chance: a Guide to Gambling, Love, the Stock Market, and Just About Everything Else. Book Review 185
Change in the weather? Wind farms might affect local climates. Perkins, S. 399
Dormant cancer: lack of a protein sends tumor cells to bed. Seppa, N. 459
Drug-resistant staph causes more pneumonia. Brief Article 214
Extra rainfall may stem warming in Midwest. Brief Article 231
Fat fuels PCB damage: diet influences toxic effects leading to heart disease. Parsell, D. 438
Hearing better in the dark: blindness fuels ability to place distant sounds. Bower, B. 443
Hubble grumble. Garrity, Jim Letter to the Editor 208
Human antibody halts SARS in hamsters. Brief Article 239
Kids' vaccine guards adults too, for now. Brief Article 212
Mars rovers: new evidence of past water. Cowen, R. 480
Martian water everywhere. Brief Article 254
New bacteria linked to vaginal infections. Brief Article 198
Powerful Medicines: the Benefits, Risks, and Costs of Prescription Drugs. Book Review 174
Sin Boldly! Dr. Dave's Guide to Writing the College Paper. Book Review 148
Suicidal thoughts. Denney, Joel Letter to the Editor 102
The Geese of Beaver Bog. Book Review 153
The New Consumers: the Influence of Affluence on the Environment. Book Review 182
To freeze this liquid, add heat. Brief Article 237
Trash to treasure: junk DNA influences eggs, early embryos. Brownlee, C. 435
Verbal sighting in brains of the blind. Brief Article 202
Vitamin D: what's enough? Many people may need much more. Raloff, Janet 2063
What's wrong with this picture? Educating via analyses of science in movies and TV. Perkins, Sid 2396

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