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Articles from SciTech Book News (September 1, 2010)

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"Is this thing on?"; a computer handbook for late bloomers, technophobes, and the kicking & screaming. Brief article 102
100 questions and answers about sports nutrition and exercise. Book review 108
100 questions and answers about your daughter's sexual wellness and development. Brief article 143
101 theory drive; a neuroscientist's quest for memory. Brief article 133
3D tissue engineering. Book review 176
45 new force and motion assessment probes. Book review 160
A century of British naval aviation, 1909-2009. Book review 140
A color atlas of photosynthetic euglenoids. Brief article 149
A compartmental analysis of the kinetics of iron uptake by two Antarctic diatoms. Book review 217
A cubic mile of oil; realities and options for averting the looming global energy crisis. Brief article 140
A dictionary of hallucinations. Book review 117
A guide to claims-based identity and access control; authentication and authorization for services and the web. Book review 103
A guide to humanistic studies in aging; what does it mean to grow old?. Book review 123
A mathematical medley; fifty easy pieces on mathematics. Book review 117
A practical approach to pharmaceutical policy. Book review 184
A practical guide to distributed Scrum. Book review 134
A practical handbook on the pharmacovigilance of antiretroviral medicines. Brief article 171
A psychotherapy of love; psychosynthesis in practice. Brief article 164
A rich bioethics; public policy, biotechnology, and the Kass Council. Brief article 147
A short course in differential geometry and topology. Book review 122
A sociological look at biofuels; understanding the past/prospects for the future. Book review 230
A study of ion cluster theory of molten silicates and some inorganic substances. Book review 186
A Victorian guide to healthy living. Book review 132
A view from Washington; federal policy in relation to allied health over two decades. Brief article 131
AALIANCE ambient assisted living roadmap. Brief article 136
AANA advanced arthroscopy; the shoulder. (DVD and online access included). Brief article 156
AC motor control and electrical vehicle applications. Brief article 161
ACL surgery; how to get it right the first time and what to do if it fails. Book review 141
Acute blood purification. Brief article 145
Acute neuronal injury; the role of excitotoxic programmed cell death mechanisms. Brief article 166
Adaptive stream mining; pattern learning and mining from evolving data streams. Brief article 202
Adhesion molecules. Brief article 208
Adobe After Effects CS4; studio techniques. (DVD-ROM included). Brief article 135
Adobe Creative Suite 4 design premium. (CD-ROM included). Book review 160
Adobe Flash animation; creative storytelling for the web and TV. (DVD included). Book review 169
Adobe Flash professional CS5 on demand. Book review 116
Adobe Illustrator CS5 on demand. Brief article 129
Adobe InDesign CS5 on demand. Book review 170
Adobe Photoshop CS5 on demand. Book review 175
Adolescence, 9th ed. Book review 115
Advanced design and manufacture II; proceedings. Book review 180
Advanced health assessment of women; clinical skills and procedures, 2d ed. Book review 133
Advanced materials; proceedings. Book review 145
Advanced mathematics for engineers with applications in stochastic processes. Book review 157
Advanced measurement and test; proceedings; 2v. Brief article 187
Advanced quantum mechanics the classical-quantum connection. Book review 126
Advances in fracture and damage mechanics VIII; proceedings. Brief article 199
Advances in laser and optics research; v.3. Brief article 139
Advances in materials manufacturing science and technology; proceedings; 2v. Brief article 215
Advances in materials processing; proceedings. Book review 116
Advances in nanotechnology; v.1. Book review 146
Advances in psychology research; v.66. Book review 144
Advances in psychology research; v.69. Book review 163
Advances in psychology research; v.70. Book review 163
Advances on hot extrusion and simulation of light alloys. Book review 119
Aesthetic breast surgery. (DVD included). Book review 133
Aesthetic plastic surgery. (DVD-ROM included). Brief article 164
Aesthetics and functionality in ear reconstruction. Brief article 132
Agile game development with Scrum. Book review 162
Agile software development with distributed teams; staying agile in a global world. Brief article 128
AIDS; science and society, 6th ed. Book review 136
Air pollution XVIII; proceedings. Brief article 228
Air pollution; health and environmental impacts. Book review 158
Air; our planet's ailing atmosphere. Brief article 171
Alcamo's fundamentals of microbiology, 9th ed. (online access included). Book review 203
Alexander's care of the patient in surgery, 14th ed. Brief article 157
All out!; an autobiography. Book review 114
Allergies and autism. Brief article 120
Allgemeine und anorganische Chemie, 10th ed. (periodical table included). Brief article 117
Alternative technologies to animal testing. Book review 120
Aluminium cast house technology; productivity, quality, safety, and environment; proceedings. Brief article 160
Ambient intelligence perspectives; proceedings. Brief article 148
American nursing; a history of knowledge, authority, and the meaning of work. Brief article 129
An introduction to art therapy research. Book review 169
An introductory course on mathematical game theory. Brief article 132
Anaerobic parasitic protozoa; genomics and molecular biology. Book review 162
Analgesia; methods and protocols. Brief article 149
Anatomy and physiology for psychotherapists; connecting body and soul. Brief article 229
Andreoli and Carpenter's Cecil essentials of medicine, 8th ed. (online access included). Book review 160
Animal models for retinal diseases. Brief article 143
Annual review of biochemistry; v.79, 2010. Brief article 168
Annual review of biophysics; v.39, 2010. Book review 166
Annual review of clinical psychology; v.6. Book review 212
Annual review of cybertherapy and telemedicine 2010; advanced technologies in behavioral, social and neurosciences. Book review 148
Annual review of earth and planetary sciences; v.38, 2010. Brief article 148
Annual review of food science and technology; v.1. Brief article 147
Annual review of physical chemistry; v.61, 2010. Book review 154
Annual review of plant biology; v.61, 2010. Book review 156
Ant colony optimization and constraint programming. Book review 167
Ant ecology. Brief article 178
Antennas for ubiquitous radio services in a wireless information society; proceedings. Book review 152
Antibiotic resistance; methods and protocols, 2d ed. Book review 170
Antimalarial drugs; costs, safety, and efficacy. Book review 110
Application of concurrency to system design (ACSD 2010); proccedings. Brief article 148
Application of uncertainty analysis to ecological risk of pesticides. Book review 123
Applied Bayesian hierarchical methods. Book review 140
Applying lean in healthcare; a collection of international case studies. Book review 179
Arthritis and arthroplasty; the foot and ankle. (DVD and online access included). Brief article 143
Arthritis and arthroplasty; the hand, wrist, and elbow. (DVD and online access included). Brief article 126
Arthritis and arthroplasty; the spine. (DVD and online access included). Book review 143
Ashcraft's pediatric surgery, 5th ed. (online access included). Brief article 195
ASHRAE pocket guide for air conditioning, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, I-P ed., 7th ed. Book review 150
ASHRAE pocket guide for air conditioning, heating, ventilation, refrigeration, SI ed., 7th ed. Book review 124
Asian ceramic science for electronics III/Electroceramics in Japan XII; proceedings. Book review 185
ASTM standard in building codes, 47th ed.; 4v. Brief article 136
Asymptomatic atherosclerosis; pathophysiology, detection and treatment. Book review 186
Asynchronous circuits and systems; proceedings. Brief article 127
Atlas of breast surgical techniques. (online access included). Brief article 173
Atlas of diagnostic oncology, 4th ed. (online access included). Brief article 156
Atlas of endocrine surgical techniques. (online access included). Book review 171
Atlas of fetal and neonatal brain MR. Book review 129
Atlas of general surgical techniques. (online access included). Book review 183
Atlas of human anatomy, professional ed., 5th ed. (online access included). Brief article 142
Atlas of immunology, 3d ed. Book review 123
Atlas of surgical techniques for the upper gastrointestinal tract and small bowel. (Online access included). Book review 147
Atlas of temporal bone surgery. Brief article 124
Atlas of ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia. (online access included). Book review 106
Auditory-verbal practice; toward a family-centered approach. Book review 133
Augmentation mammaplasty; redefining the patient and surgeon experience. (DVDs included). Book review 200
Australian software engineering conference; proceedings. Brief article 143
Autism spectrum disorders; a reference handbook. Brief article 159
Automated EEG-based diagnosis of neurological disorders; inventing the future of neurology. Book review 168
Aviation visual perception; research, misperception and mishaps. Book review 159
Backyard guide to the night sky. Book review 107
Basic control volume finite element methods for fluids and solids. Book review 120
Basic engineering for medics and biologists; an ESEM primer. Brief article 130
Basic GIS coordinates, 2d ed. Book review 126
Basic, advanced, and robotic laparoscopic surgery. (DVD included). Brief article 171
Basics in medical education, 2d ed. Brief article 167
Bayesian model selection and statistical modeling. Book review 118
Beating drug tests and defending positive results; a toxicologist's perspective. Book review 189
Begin the adventure; how to break the light barrier by A. D. 2079, 3d ed. Brief article 184
Beginning spatial with SQL Server 2008. Book review 144
Behaviour and medicine, 5th ed. Book review 148
Benchmarking best practices in maintenance management, 2d ed. Book review 136
Bering Glacier; interdisciplinary studies of earth's largest temperate surging glacier. Book review 146
Beyond expectation; lesbian/bi/queer women and assisted conception. Book review 152
Beyond naturalness; rethinking park and wilderness stewardship in an era of rapid change. Book review 159
Big Ben; the great clock and the bells at the Palace of Westminster. Brief article 158
Binocular vision; development, depth perception, and disorders. Book review 134
Bioastronomy 2007; molecules, microbes, and extraterrestrial life; proceedings. Brief article 157
Biodegradation of cellulose fibers. Book review 122
Biodiversity hotspots. Book review 127
Bioenergy and biofuel from biowastes and biomass. Brief article 151
Biological barriers to cellulosic ethanol. Brief article 127
Biological clocks; effects on behavior, health, and outlook. Brief article 182
Biology, evolution, and conservation of river dolphins within South America and Asia. Book review 154
Biomaterials for bone regenerative medicine. Brief article 125
Biomaterials; a nano approach. Book review 177
Biopharmaceutics and drug hypersensitivity. Book review 113
Biotechnology in functional foods and nutraceuticals. Book review 147
Bioterrorism; threats and deterrents. Book review 151
Black holes and galaxy formation. Brief article 138
Blackwell's five-minute veterinary consult clinical companion; small animal emergency and critical care. Brief article 140
Blocks and beyond; strengthening early math and science skills through spatial learning. Brief article 133
Blood and circulatory disorders sourcebook; basic consumer health information about blood and circulatory system disorders, such as anemia, leukemia, lymphoma, rh disease, hemophilia, thrombophilia..., 3d ed. Book review 166
Body in mind; a new look at the somatosensory cortices. Book review 113
Bone and soft tissue pathology. (online access included). Book review 156
Bone regeneration; growth factors, augmentation procedures and tissue engineering applications. Book review 127
Botulinum toxin; therapeutic clinical practice and science. (online access included). Brief article 150
Boundaries; a casebook in environmental ethics, 2d ed. Book review 163
Brains; how they seem to work. Book review 113
Breadline USA; the hidden scandal of American hunger and how to fix it. Book review 114
Bridging the socio-technical gap in decision support systems; challenges for the next decade. Book review 187
Brief dynamic therapy. Book review 118
Bringing psychotherapy research to life; understanding change through the work of leading clinical researchers. Book review 131
British herbal compendium; v.2: A handbook of scientific information on widely used plant drugs; companion to the British herbal pharmacopoeia. Brief article 124
Broadband power-line communication systems; theory and applications. Book review 152
Broadening the dementia debate; towards social citizenship. Book review 125
Brocklehurst's textbook of geriatric medicine and gerontology, 7th ed. (online access included). Brief article 166
Building on early gains in Afghanistan's health, nutrition, and population sector; challenges and options. Brief article 214
Building web reputation systems. Brief article 152
Bulk materials; research, technology and applications. Brief article 149
Business analysis; Microsoft Excel 2010. Book review 116
Business information systems; concepts, methodologies, tools, and applications; 4v. Brief article 226
CAD for interiors; beyond the basics. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 108
Calcium measurement methods. Brief article 117
Caliciviruses; molecular and cellular virology. Book review 128
Cancer and IgE; introducing the concept of AllergoOncology. Book review 178
Cancer gene profiling; methods and protocols. Brief article 146
Cancer nanotechnology; methods and protocols. Brief article 136
Cancer systems biology. Book review 176
Canton area railroads. Brief article 122
Capacity development for improved water management. Book review 180
Caplan's stroke; a clinical approach, 4th ed. Brief article 144
Capsule endoscopy simplified. (DVD included). Brief article 187
Carbon capture and storage including coal-fired power plants. Brief article 176
Carbon nanotubes; methods and protocols. Brief article 124
Cardiac rehabilitation. Book review 109
Cardiac surgery essentials for critical care nursing. Book review 176
Cardiology drug guide, 2010. (CD-ROM included). Book review 106
Cardiovascular disorders sourcebook; basic consumer health information about heart and blood vessel diseases and disorders, 4th ed. Brief article 146
Cardiovascular magnetic resonance, 2d ed. Brief article 154
Cardiovascular pharmacotherapy; a point-of-care guide. Book review 176
Career paths for programmers; skills in senior software roles. Brief article 182
Carpentier's reconstructive valve surgery; from value analysis to value reconstruction. Brief article 110
Carrier; untangling the danger in my DNA. Book review 116
Cases in adult congenital heart disease. (online access included). Brief article 154
Cases in health care marketing. Book review 151
Catalysis for energy; fundamental science and long-term impacts of the U.S. Department of Energy Basic Energy Sciences Catalysis Science Program. Brief article 196
CCNP Route 642-902 official certification guide. (CD-ROM included). Book review 137
CCNP ROUTE portable command guide. Brief article 127
CCNP SWITCH 642-813 official certification guide. Book review 128
CCNP Switch portable command guide. Book review 182
Cellular and molecular biology of metals. Book review 142
Cellular programming and reprogramming; methods and protocols. Brief article 123
Cellulose; structure and properties, derivatives and industrial uses. Book review 145
Cenozoic mammals of Africa. Brief article 232
Cereal grains; properties, processing, and nutritional attributes. Brief article 148
Cerebral ischemia in young adults; pathogenic and clinical perspectives. Brief article 150
Chance action therapy; the playful way of changing. Book review 119
Characterizing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Middle East and North Africa; time for strategic action. Book review 148
Chasing polio in Pakistan; why the world's largest public health initiative may fail. Book review 139
Child anthropometry for improved vehicle occupant safety. Brief article 152
Childhood disorders, 2d ed. Book review 158
Children with cancer; a reference guide for parents, rev. ed. Brief article 121
ChinaGrid; proceedings. Brief article 155
Chinese ceramics communications; proceedings. Book review 145
Chiral recognition in the gas phase. Book review 140
Chocolate, fast foods, and sweeteners; consumption and health. Brief article 149
Chronic pain in small animal medicine. Book review 151
Cisco ASA; all-in-one firewall, IPS, Anti-X, and VPN adaptive security appliance, 2d ed. Book review 167
Cisco router configuration handbook, 2d ed. Brief article 139
Cisco Unified Presence fundamentals. Brief article 133
Cleaning validation manual; a comprehensive guide for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. (CD included). Brief article 209
Clinical coach for effective pain management. Book review 107
Clinical coach for nurse practitioners. Book review 132
Clinical endocrinology of dogs and cats; an illustrated text; 2d ed. Brief article 139
Clinical hypnosis for pain control. Brief article 114
Clinical immunology of the dog and cat, 2d ed. Brief article 166
Clinical manual for management of PTSD. Brief article 104
Clinical manual of emergency psychiatry. Book review 111
Clinical manual of psychopharmacology in the medically ill. Book review 143
Clinical neurotoxicology; syndromes, substances, environments. (online access included). Brief article 188
Clinical nuclear cardiology; state of the art and future directions, 4th ed. (online access included). Book review 209
Clinical pathology for the veterinary team. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 123
Clinical topics in cultural psychiatry. Brief article 133
Cloud computing; technologies and strategies of the ubiquitous data center. Brief article 120
Coastal fishes of the Pacific Northwest, rev. ed. Book review 108
Cocoa and Objective-C; up and running. Book review 117
Cocoa programming; a quick-start guide for developers. Book review 128
Cognitive and neuroscientific aspects of human love; a guide for marriage and couples counseling. Book review 203
Cognitive behavioural therapy for child trauma and abuse; a step-by-step approach. Book review 153
Cognitive behavioural therapy in mental health care, 2d ed. Book review 112
Cognitive behavioural therapy with older people; interventions for those with and without dementia. Book review 132
Cognitive disability and its challenge to moral philosophy. Book review 200
Cognitive radar; the knowledge-aided fully adaptive approach. Brief article 159
Cognitive radio networks; architectures, protocols, and standards. Book review 151
Color atlas of human anatomy; v.3: Nervous system and sensory organs, 6th ed. (online access included). Brief article 163
Communication and swallowing changes in healthy aging adults. Brief article 117
Communication disorders in Turkish. Brief article 159
Communication for nurses; how to prevent harmful events and promote patient safety. Book review 115
Communication from the inside out; strategies for the engaged professional. Book review 162
Compaction grouting consensus guide. Brief article 165
Companion to Peripheral neuropathy; illustrated cases and new developments. (online access included). Book review 162
Complementary and alternative medicine sourcebook; basic consumer health information about ayurveda, acupuncture, aromatherapy..., 4th ed. Brief article 157
Complications of urologic surgery; prevention and management, 4th ed. Brief article 148
Computational complexity; proceedings. Brief article 124
Computational methods for reliability and risk analysis. Brief article 115
Computational models of the auditory system. Brief article 156
Computational sciences and optimization; proceedings; 2v. Brief article 170
Computer science; proceedings. Brief article 138
Computing, control & industrial engineering; proceedings; 2v. Book review 121
Concepts in cereal chemistry. Brief article 144
Concrete construction. Brief article 107
Conditional and preferential logics; proof methods and theorem proving. Book review 169
Conformal dimension; theory and application. Brief article 143
Conservation research in Uganda's forests; a review of site history, resarch, and use of research in Uganda's forest parks and Budongo forest reserve. Book review 168
Construction research congress 2010; innovation for reshaping construction practice; proceedings; 2v. Brief article 214
Continuous improvement in the mathematics classroom. Book review 164
Controversies in pediatric neurosurgery. Book review 172
Cosmic dust--near and far; proceedings. Brief article 214
Cost-affordable titanium; proceedings. Brief article 107
Cram's introduction to surface electromyography, 2d ed. Brief article 167
Craniofacial embryogenetics and development, 2d ed. Book review 157
Create stunning HTML email that just works!. Book review 109
Creating, connecting and collaborating through computing; proceedings. Brief article 157
Cross-cultural scientific exchanges in the eastern Mediterranean, 1560-1660. Brief article 147
CT colonography; principles and practice of virtual colonoscopy. (DVD included). Brief article 160
Cummings otolaryngology--head & neck surgery, 5th ed. (online access included). Brief article 182
Curbside consultation in cornea and external disease; 49 clinical questions. Brief article 115
Current indications for growth hormone therapy, 2d ed. Book review 137
Current issues in nursing, 8th ed. Brief article 172
Curriculum development for medical education; a six-step approach. 2d ed. Book review 192
Cyclooxygenases; methods and protocols. Book review 163
Damselfly genera of the new world; an illustrated and annotated key to the Zygoptera. Book review 178
Dance anatomy. Book review 104
Data-handling in biomedical science. Book review 116
Daughters of Artemis; the huntress in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Brief article 224
Decision making in plastic surgery. Brief article 137
Deep and underground excavations; proceedings. Book review 130
Deep foundations and geotechnical in situ testing; proceedings. Book review 188
Defects and diffusion in ceramics; an annual retrospective XI. Brief article 174
Defects and diffusion in metals; an annual retrospective XI. Brief article 138
Deja review; pharmacology, 2d ed. Brief article 110
Dementia beyond drugs; changing the culture of care. Book review 148
Dental implant complications; etiology, prevention, and treatment. Book review 148
Dental implantation and technology. Brief article 112
Dermatopathology. (online access included). Brief article 153
Design against fracture and failure. Book review 154

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