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Articles from SciTech Book News (March 1, 2010)

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100 questions and answers about pancreatic cancer, 2d ed. Brief article 163
101 things I wish I'd known when I started using hypnosis. Brief article 152
101 ways to score higher on your NCLEX; what you need to know about the National Council Licensure Examination explained simply. Brief article 179
2030, the coming tumult; unlimited growth on a finite planet. Brief article 125
50 years of polymer testing. Brief article 120
6LoWPAN; the wireless embedded internet. Brief article 142
8 keys to safe trauma recovery; take-charge strategies to empower your healing. Brief article 150
A bird-finding guide to Costa Rica. Brief article 107
A brief guide to the U.S. health care delivery system; facts, definitions, and statistics, 2d ed. Brief article 103
A brilliant darkness; the extraordinary life and disappearance of Ettore Majorana, the troubled genius of the nuclear age. Brief article 258
A companion to health and medical geography. Brief article 142
A concise introduction to additives for thermoplastic polymers. Book review 123
A forest on the sea; environmental expertise in Renaissance Venice. Brief article 207
A guide to public health research needs. Book review 117
A modern introduction to linear algebra. Brief article 105
A practical guide to Linux commands, editors, and shell programming, 2d ed. Brief article 166
A practical guide to scientific data analysis. Brief article 126
A rare botanical legacy; the contributions of Ruby and Arthur Van Deventer. Brief article 136
A spectrum of light; inspirational interviews with families affected by autism. Brief article 132
A spring without bees; how colony collapse disorder has endangered our food supply. Brief article 153
A student guide to climate and weather; 5v. Brief article 174
A workbook for differential equations. Brief article 115
AACN procedure manual for pediatric acute and critical care. Book review 196
ABC of one to seven, 5th ed. Brief article 157
ABC of practical procedures. Brief article 156
ABC of sepsis. Brief article 83
ABC of spinal disorders. Brief article 93
Acquired speech and language disorders; a neuroanatomical and functional neurological approach, 2d ed. Book review 130
ACT made simple; an easy-to-read primer on acceptance and commitment therapy. Brief article 151
Active polymers; proceedings. Brief article 126
Acute cardiac care; a practical guide for nurses. Book review 131
Acute pain; causes, effects, and treatment. Brief article 139
Adipose tissue and inflammation. Brief article 156
Adobe Captivate 4; the definitive guide. Brief article 132
Adobe Photoshop CS4 how-tos; 100 essential techniques. Brief article 129
Advanced cardiac life support; a guide for nurses, 2d ed. Brief article 126
Advanced computational infrastructures for parallel and distributed adaptive applications. Brief article 175
Advanced engineering mathematics, 4th ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 159
Advanced environmental exercise physiology. Brief article 135
Advanced methods for conducting online behavioral research. Brief article 171
Advanced numeracy test workbook; review key quantative operations and practise for accounting and business tests, 2d ed. Brief article 149
Advanced performance improvement in health care; principles and methods. Brief article 150
Advanced regulatory control; applications and techniques. Book review 132
Advances in chromatographic techniques for therapeutic drug monitoring. Brief article 168
Advances in collaborative civil aeronautical multidisciplinary design optimization. Brief article 161
Advances in disease epidemiology. Brief article 151
Advances in electrochemical techniques for corrosion monitoring and measurement. Brief article 161
Advances in nonlinear analysis; theory methods and applications. Book review 175
Advances in polymer latex technology. Brief article 109
Advances in psychology research; v.60. Brief article 163
Aerosols; chemistry, environmental impact and health effects. Brief article 102
After the ice; life, death, and geopolitics in the new Arctic. Brief article 115
Agile coaching. Brief article 99
Air pollution and turbulence; modeling and applications. Brief article 128
Airborne particulates. Brief article 119
Aircraft inspection and repair; acceptable methods, techniques, and practices. Book review 119
Alcoholic beverage consumption and health. Brief article 146
Alcoholism. Brief article 108
Algebraic aspects of digital communications. Book review 165
Algorithms and theory of computation handbook; general concepts and techniques, 2d ed. Brief article 159
Algorithms and theory of computation handbook; special topics and techniques, 2d ed. Book review 138
Algorithms in bioinformatics; a practical introduction. Book review 161
Alpine perspectives on algebraic topology; proceedings. Book review 139
America's energy future; technology and transformation, summary ed. Brief article 133
America's most vulnerable coastal communities. Brief article 166
America's natural places; 5v. Brief article 204
American drug index 2010, 54th ed. Brief article 121
Amorphous materials; research, technology and applications. Book review 106
An environmental history of the world; humankind's changing role in the community of life, 2d ed. Brief article 180
An introduction to bioethics, 4th ed. Book review 123
An introduction to human disease; pathology and pathophysiology correlations, 8th ed. Brief article 165
An introduction to microscopy. Brief article 132
An introduction to modeling of transport processes; applications to biomedical systems. Brief article 137
An introduction to particle physics and the standard model. Brief article 152
An introduction to pharmacovigilance. Brief article 136
An introduction to process modeling for designers. Brief article 133
An introduction to science and technology studies, 2d ed. Brief article 81
Anaesthesia for veterinary nurses, 2d ed. Brief article 124
Analysis of radome-enclosed antennas, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 168
Analytic functions of several complex variables. (reprint, 1965). Brief article 132
Ancient building technology; v.3: Construction; 2v. Brief article 171
Animals in schools; processes and strategies in human-animal education. Brief article 209
Annual book of ASTM standards 2009; section 2: Nonferrous metal products; v.02.04: Nonferrous metals--nickel, cobalt, lead, tin, zinc, cadmium, precious, reactive, refractory metals and alloys, materials... Brief article 128
Annual review of cell and developmental biology; v.25, 2009. Brief article 175
Annual review of ecology, evolution and systematics; v.40, 2009. Brief article 184
Annual review of entomology; v.55, 2010. Brief article 148
Annual review of environment and resources; v.34, 2009. Brief article 135
Annual review of genetics; v.43, 2009. Book review 219
Annual review of genomics and human genetics; v.10, 2009. Brief article 157
Annual review of nuclear and particle science; v.59, 2009. Brief article 131
Annual review of phytopathology; v.47, 2009. Brief article 157
Antibody phage display; methods and protocols, 2d ed. Brief article 139
APA ethics code commentary and case illustrations. Brief article 158
Apoptosis methods and protocols, 2d ed. Brief article 154
AppleScript; a beginner's guide. Book review 101
Applications of pressure-sensitive products. Brief article 139
Applied biomedical microbiology; a biofilms approach. Brief article 121
Applied biostatistics for the health sciences. Book review 147
Applied equine nutrition and training; proceedings. Brief article 190
Applied hydroaeromechanics in oil and gas drilling. Brief article 152
Applied integer programming; modeling and simulation. Brief article 197
Applied mechanics of solids. Book review 187
Applied Oracle security; developing secure database and middleware environments. Brief article 100
Applied physics for radiation oncology, rev.ed. Brief article 172
Applied shape optimization for fluids, 2d ed. Brief article 121
Aqua shock; the water crisis in America. Brief article 107
Aquatic macrophyte risk assessment for pesticides. Brief article 155
Architecting resilient systems; accident avoidance and survival and recovery from disruptions. Brief article 141
Architecture and principles of systems engineering. Book review 147
Arctic scientist; gulag survivor, the biography of Mikhail Mikhailovich Ermolaev; 1905-1991. Brief article 164
Arguments and analysis in bioethics. Brief article 143
Arid environments and wind erosion. Brief article 173
Art therapy with students at risk; fostering resilience and growth through self-expression, 2d ed. Brief article 173
Arthroscopic techniques of the hip; a visual guide. Brief article 137
Artificial intelligence research and development; proceedings. Book review 166
Artificial intelligence; proceedings. Brief article 158
Artificially induced grain alignment in thin films; proceedings. Brief article 172
Asia-Pacific software engineering conference; proceedings. Brief article 102
Asian language processing; proceedings. Book review 153
Ask Dr. Marie; straight talk and reassuring answers to your most private questions. Book review 128
Assessment and treatment of muscle imbalance; the Janda approach. Brief article 176
Assistive technology from adapted equipment to inclusive environments; proceedings. Brief article 149
Astronomical data analysis software and systems; proceedings. Book review 125
Atlas of clinical sleep medicine. Brief article 142
Atlas of general surgery. Brief article 145
Atlas of procedures in surgical oncology with critical, evidence-based commentary notes. (DVD-ROM included). Brief article 120
Atlas of sectional anatomy; the musculoskeletal system. Brief article 122
Atlas of urinary cytopathology with histopathologic correlations. Brief article 155
Atmosphere, weather, and climate, 9th ed. Brief article 166
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Brief article 109
Auricular acupuncture diagnosis. Brief article 133
AutoCAD 2010 essentials. (CD-ROM included). Book review 100
Automated image detection of retinal pathology. Brief article 168
Aviation and the environment. Brief article 111
Basic guide to medical emergencies in the dental practice. Brief article 101
Batch effects and noise in microarray experiments, sources and solutions. Brief article 149
Bayesian analysis for population ecology. Brief article 138
Bayesian missing data problems; EM, data augmentation and noniterative computation. Book review 145
Beginner's guide to minerals and rocks. Brief article 155
Behavioral neurology; an international journal with an emphasis on lesion and imaging studies that explore abnormal human cognition and behaviour; v.21, 2009. Brief article 174
Behavioral theories and interventions for autism. Brief article 132
Behaviour monitoring and interpretation -- BMI; smart environments. Brief article 147
Beneficiation of phosphates; technology advance and adoption. Brief article 140
Best practices in school neuropsychology; guidelines for effective practice, assessment, and evidence-based intervention. Brief article 185
Beyond the crisis of masculinity: a transtheoretical model for male-friendly therapy. Book review 136
Bioceramics; properties, preparation and applications. Book review 117
Biochemical engineering. Brief article 137
Bioethanol; production, benefits and economics. Brief article 103
Biofloc technology; a practical guide book. Book review 102
Biofouling. Brief article 158
Bioinformatics for glycobiology and glycomics; an introduction. Brief article 153
Biological sequence analysis using the SeqAn C++ library. Brief article 127
Biology and management of dogfish sharks. Book review 154
Biology of stem cells and the molecular basis of the stem state. Brief article 131
Biology, management, and conservation of lampreys in North America; proceedings. Book review 214
Bioluminescence methods and protocols, 2d ed. Brief article 168
Biomarkers in drug development; a handbook of practice, application, and strategy. Brief article 162
Biomass and alternate fuel systems; an engineering and economic guide. Brief article 164
Biomass gasification; chemistry, processes and applications. Brief article 140
Biomaterials in orthopaedic surgery. Brief article 133
Biomedical engineering for global health. Brief article 198
Biomedical informatics. Brief article 136
Biomicrofabrication and biomicrofluidics. Book review 152
Biomolecular crystallography; principles, practice, and application to structural biology. Brief article 131
Biopharmaceuticals in plants; toward the next century of medicine. Brief article 155
Bioremediation; methods and protocols. Brief article 177
Biosensors; properties, materials and applications. Brief article 154
Bird. Brief article 117
Black plants. Brief article 91
Bodies out of control; rethinking science texts. Book review 163
Body temperature regulation. Brief article 135
Bone densitometry in clinical practice; application and interpretation, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 160
Borderline personality disorder; treatment and management. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 175
Brain tumors. Brief article 130
Brain-compatible activities for mathematics; grades K-1. Brief article 117
Breast cancer; a multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis and management. Brief article 167
Bretz's flood; the remarkable story of a rebel geologist and the world's greatest flood. Book review 151
Bridginess; more of the civil engineering life. Brief article 97
Bristol Lodekka. Brief article 98
Brook's clinical pediatric endocrinology, 6th ed. Book review 155
Build a better photograph; a disciplined approach to creativity. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 139
Building green; a complete how-to guide to alternate building methods--earth plaster, straw bale, cordwood, cob, living roofs, 2d ed. Brief article 143
Building maintenance. Book review 134
Building OpenSocial apps; a field guide to working with the MySpace platform. Brief article 129
Business and professional skills for massage therapists. Book review 104
Business aspects of optometry, 3d ed. Book review 181
Business performance excellence through total quality management, 2d ed. Brief article 119
Calorimetry in food processing; analysis and design of food systems. Brief article 151
Camera; a history of photography from daguerreotype to digital. Brief article 137
Campylobacter; a practical approach to the organism and its control in foods. Brief article 124
Camtasia studio 6; the definitive guide. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 170
Canadian environmental resource guide, 2009/10, 14th ed. Brief article 135
Cancer in children and adolescents. Brief article 150
Cancer stem cells; methods and protocols. Brief article 222
Cancer; basic science and clinical aspects. Brief article 205
Capacity and transport in contrast composite structures; asymptotic analysis and applications. Brief article 179
Capturing time and motion; the dynamic language of digital photography. Book review 129
Carbon sinks and climate change; forests in the fight against global warming. Book review 167
Carbon-centered free radicals and radical cations; structures, reactivity, and dynamics. Brief article 144
Carbons for electrochemical energy storage and conversion systems. Brief article 143
Cardiac biomarkers in clinical practice. Brief article 120
Cardiac rehabilitation; a workbook for use with group programmes. Book review 146
Cardiac surgery in the adult, 3d ed. (DVD included). Book review 190
Cardiovascular disease in racial and ethnic minorities. Book review 163
Cardiovascular genomics; methods and protocols. Brief article 148
Care of the dying and deceased patient; a practical guide for nurses. Brief article 150
Career development for health professionals; success in school and on the job, 3d ed. Brief article 157
Cases on semantic interoperability for information systems integration; practices and applications. Brief article 170
Casting design and performance. Brief article 98
Catalysis for sustainable energy production. Brief article 155
CATIA V6 essentials. Brief article 115
CCNA security course booklet, version 1.0. Book review 92
CCNA security lab manual. Book review 84
Cell movement; new research trends. Brief article 104
Cell-based biosensors; principles and applications. Brief article 158
Cellular mechanotransduction; diverse perspectives from molecules to tissues. Brief article 175
Challenges in adolescent health; an Australian perspective. Brief article 142
Changing frontiers in the science of psychotherapy. (reprint, 1972). Brief article 132
Channel codes; classical and modern. Brief article 186
Checkpoint controls and targets in cancer therapy. Brief article 153
Chemical and biological microsensors; applications in fluid media. Brief article 114
Chemical biology; learning through case studies. Brief article 163
Chemical mineralogy, smelting, and metallization. Brief article 140
Chemistry was their life; pioneering British women chemists, 1880-1949. Book review 145
Chemistry; the impure science. (reprint, 2008). Brief article 181
Chemogenomics; methods and applications. Brief article 127
Chemometric methods in capillary electrophoresis. Brief article 124
Chinese and related North American herbs; phytopharmacology and therapeutic values, 2d ed. Brief article 172
Chinese herbal formulas; treatment principles and composition strategies. Brief article 159
Chinese medicine in fertility disorders. Book review 144
Chromatin immunoprecipitation assays; methods and protocols. Book review 141
Circuit simulation. Brief article 205
Citrus growing in Florida, 5th ed. Brief article 142
Civil engineering formulas, 2d ed. Brief article 182
Click chemistry for biotechnology and materials science. Book review 133
Climate change and agriculture; an economic analysis of global impacts, adaptation and distributional effects. Brief article 160
Climate change policy in the United States; the science, the politics, and the prospects for change. Book review 186
Climate change science and policy. Book review 192
Clinical canine and feline reproduction; evidence-based answers. Brief article 158
Clinical coach for nursing excellence. Brief article 105
Clinical dosimetry measurements in radiotherapy; proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Book review 171
Clinical immunology and serology; a laboratory perspective, 3d ed. Brief article 131
Clinical information systems; overcoming adverse consequences. Brief article 195
Clinical manual for treatment of alcoholism and addictions. Brief article 160
Clinical medicine of the dog and cat; 2d ed. Brief article 171
Clinical pearls of wisdom; 21 leading therapists offer their key insights. Brief article 127
Clinical pharmacy in the United States; transformation of a profession. Brief article 178
Clinical pocket companion for maternal-child nursing care. Brief article 122
Clinical prediction rules; a physical therapy reference manual. Brief article 143
Clinical procedures in emergency medicine, 5th ed. Brief article 135
Clinical psychology in practice. Brief article 125
Clinical research coordinator handbook, 4th ed. Book review 175
Clinical trials in psychopharmacology; a better brain, 2d ed. Brief article 206
Clinical update on inflammatory disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. Brief article 168
Clinical voice pathology; theory and management, 4th ed. Brief article 167
Clinics in human lactation; history and assessment; it's all in the details. Brief article 130
Clustering challenges in biological networks. Book review 123
CMYK 2.0; a cooperative workflow for photographers, designers, and printers. Brief article 129
CNA certified nursing assistant exam cram. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 86
Coal country; rising up against mountaintop removal mining. Brief article 125
Coal trains; the history of railroading and coal in the United States. Brief article 96
Cochlear implants and hearing preservation. Brief article 162
Code of practice for project management for construction and development, 4th ed. Brief article 110
Cognitive therapy of anxiety disorders; science and practice. Brief article 141
Cognitive-behavioral therapy with couples and families; a comprehensive guide for clinicians. Book review 162
Color atlas of ENT diagnosis, 5th ed. Brief article 133
Color atlas of ophthalmology; the quick-reference manual for diagnosis and treatment, 2d ed. Brief article 122
Color atlas of pathophysiology, 2d ed. Brief article 151
Color atlas of physiology, 6th ed. Brief article 89
Combinatorial aspects of commutative algebra; proceedings. Book review 136
Common factors in couple and family therapy; the overlooked foundation for effective practice. Brief article 125
Common interior Alaska cryptogams; fungi, lichenicolous fungi, lichenized fungi, slime molds, mosses, and liverworts, 2d ed. Brief article 122
Common medical conditions; a guide for the dental team. Brief article 145
Communicating embedded systems; software and design; formal methods. Brief article 137
Communicating process architectures 2009; proceedings. Brief article 150
Communication sciences and disorders; from science to clinical practice, 2d ed. Book review 122
Communication skills for conservation professionals, 2d ed. Brief article 139
Complete math review for the pharmacy technician, 3d ed. Brief article 160
Complex surveys; a guide to analysis using R. Brief article 121
Complications in cardiothoracic surgery; avoidance and treatment, 2d ed. Brief article 144
Component reliability for electronic systems. Brief article 116
Composting: processing, materials and approaches. Brief article 129
Compound semiconductors for energy applications and environmental sustainability; proceedings. Brief article 172
Comprehensive organic name reactions and reagents; 3v. Book review 161
CompTIA A+ 2009 in depth. Brief article 84
CompTIA A+ Cert guide. (DVD included). Brief article 138
CompTIA A+ practice questions; exam cram, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 117
CompTIA security+ SY0-201 practice questions exam cram; Exam SY0-201, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 118
Computational advancements in end-user technologies; emerging models and frameworks. Brief article 133
Computational biology; new research. Brief article 119
Computational intelligence and design; proceedings; 2v. Brief article 174
Computational materials. Brief article 84
Computational models, software engineering, and advanced technologies in air transportation; next generation applications. Book review 149
Computational science and engineering; proceedings; 2v. Brief article 163
Computational topology; an introduction. Brief article 86
Computed tomography; principles, design, artifacts, and recent advances, 2d ed. Brief article 144
Computer and communications security; proceedings. Book review 144
Computer and electrical engineering; proceedings; 2v. Brief article 167
Computer arithmetic and Verilog HDL fundamentals. Brief article 119
Computer modeling and simulation; proceedings; 4v. Brief article 170

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