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Articles from SciTech Book News (June 1, 2010)

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10 health questions about the Caucasus and Central Asia. Book review 185
100 most important science ideas; key concepts in genetics, physics and mathematics. Book review 123
100 questions and answers about uterine fibroids. Book review 130
21st century astronomy, 3d ed. Brief article 178
5S for healthcare. Book review 113
7.0 Tesla MRI brain atlas; in vivo atlas with cryomactrotome correlation. Book review 196
A celebration of the mathematical legacy of Raoul Bott. Brief article 110
A child in pain; what health professionals can do to help. Book review 155
A clinical trials manual from the Duke Clinical Research Institute; lessons from a horse named Jim, 2d ed. Book review 144
A CO2 emission trading scheme for German road transport; assessing the impacts using a meso economic model with multi-agent attributes. Book review 160
A designer's guide to asynchronous VLSI. Book review 133
A first course in computational physics, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 135
A fisheries management system in crisis; the EU commom fisheries policy. Book review 159
A general introduction to traditional Chinese medicine. Book review 133
A guide to integral psychotherapy; complexity, integration, and spirituality in practice. Book review 123
A key for the identification of domestic bird bones in Europe; galliformes and columbiformes. (CD-ROM included). Book review 177
A key for the identification of domestic bird bones in Europe; preliminary determination. (CD-ROM included). Book review 169
A lab of my own. Book review 150
A long-run collaboration on long-run games. Book review 146
A multiple self theory of personality. Book review 176
A practical guide to assay development and high-throughput screening in drug discovery. Brief article 170
A practical guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, 5th ed. (DVD included). Book review 142
A practical guide to fetal echocardiography; normal and abnormal hearts, 2d ed. Brief article 140
A practical manual of thyroid and parathyroid disease. Book review 106
A practitioner's guide to common ano-rectal diseases. Book review 139
A resource-based habitat view for conservation; butterflies in the British landscape. Book review 123
A revolution down on the farm; the transformation of American agriculture since 1929. (reprint, 2008). Brief article 154
A shock-fitting primer. (CD-ROM included). Book review 207
A tracer aided study on silicon chemistry in biological systems. Book review 146
ABC of imaging in trauma. Book review 137
Abrahams visual guide to clinical anatomy. DVD. Video recording review 102
Accelerating the education sector response to HIV; five years of experience from Sub-Saharan Africa. Book review 141
Achieving service excellence; strategies for healthcare; 2d ed. Book review 175
Acoustic wave and electromechanical resonators; concept to key applications. Brief article 120
Acquisitions in the new information universe; core competencies and ethical practices. Book review 214
Adapting to climate change in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Book review 145
Adaptive image processing; a computational intelligence perspective, 2d ed. Book review 134
Adaptive signal processing; next generation solutions. Brief article 154
Addiction; a reference encyclopedia. Brief article 145
Adobe Flash CS4 Professional; classroom in a book. (CD-ROM included). Book review 128
Advanced applications and structures in XML processing; label streams, semantics utilization and data query technologies. Book review 131
Advanced engineering thermodynamics, 3d ed. Book review 181
Advanced mechatronics; monitoring and control of spatially distributed systems. Brief article 119
Advanced protocols in oxidative stress II. Book review 151
Advances in chromatography; v.48. Book review 127
Advances in food biochemistry. Book review 113
Advances in Friedel-Crafts acylation reactions; catalytic and green processes. Brief article 153
Advances in geosciences and the built environment. Book review 127
Advances in network management. Brief article 106
Advances in p-adic and non-Archimedean analysis; proceedings. Book review 106
Advances in psychology research; v.64. Book review 164
Advances in stainless steels. Book review 150
Advances in the neuroscience of addiction. Book review 163
Advances in web technologies and applications; proceedings. Brief article 150
Agriculture in ante-bellum Mississippi. (reprint, 1958). Brief article 155
Aircraft design. Brief article 132
AKARI, a light to illuminate the misty universe; proceedings. Book review 164
Alcohol fuel; a guide to small-scale ethanol; making and using ethanol as a renewable fuel. Book review 133
All-in-one manual of industrial piping practice and maintenance; on-the-job solutions, tips and insights. Book review 110
Allogeneic stem cell transplantation, 2d ed. Book review 151
Alternative energy. Book review 194
Altruistic armadillos, zenlike zebras; understanding the world's most intriguing animals. Book review 121
Amazonia; landscape and species evolution; a look into the past. Brief article 155
Amber; tears of the gods. Brief article 154
Ambient intelligence perspectives; proceedings. Brief article 153
America's fires; a historical context for policy and practice, rev. ed. Book review 113
American missile defense; a guide to the issues. Book review 143
An introduction to statistics in early phase trials. Book review 151
An introduction to the work of a medical examiner; from death scene to autopsy suite. Brief article 168
Analysis and evaluation of sampled imaging systems. (CD-ROM included). Book review 187
Analysis and synthesis of fuzzy control systems; a model-based approach. Book review 137
Anatomy; a regional atlas of the human body, 6th ed. (includes online acces). Brief article 117
Ancient orogens and modern analogues. Book review 157
Anesthesia for veterinary technicians. Book review 113
Anesthesia; a comprehensive review, 4th ed. (online access included). Book review 174
Animal lectins; a functional view. (CD-ROM included). Book review 196
Annual review of fluid mechanics; v.42, 2010. Book review 189
Annual review of immunology; v.28, 2010. Brief review 166
Annual review of marine science; v.2, 2010. Book review 150
Annual review of medicine; v.61, 2010. Book review 143
Annual review of pathology; mechanisms of disease; v.5, 2010. Book review 114
Annual review of pharmacology and toxicology; v.50, 2010. Book review 112
Annual review of physiology; v.72, 2010. Brief article 191
Annual review of psychology; v.61, 2010. Book review 164
Annual review of public health; v.31, 2010. Book review 188
Antennas; parameters, models and applications. Book review 113
Antimicrobial resistance; beyond the breakpoint. Book review 169
Antisocial personality disorder; treatment, management and prevention. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 183
Antiterrorist emergency ventilation; system, strategy, and decision-making. Book review 175
Antithrombotic drug therapy in cardiovascular disease. Book review 143
Appetite and nutritional assessment. Book review 161
AppleScript 1-2-3. Brief article 114
Applied and computational fluid mechanics. (DVD included). Book review 102
Applied and industrial mathematics in Italy III; proceedings. Book review 132
Applied aspects of optical communication and LIDAR. Book review 111
Applied functional analysis, 2d ed. Brief article 111
Applied metal forming; including FEM analysis. Book review 174
Applied pharmacology for the dental hygienist, 6th ed. Book review 147
Applied software product line engineering. Book review 154
Applied statistical inference with MINITAB. (CD- ROM included). Book review 184
Approaches to the conformational analysis of biopharmaceuticals. Book review 132
Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian and fluid-structure interactions; numerical simulation. Book review 117
Architectural acoustics; principles and practice, 2d ed. Book review 128
Arctic circle; birth and rebirth in the land of the caribou. Book review 155
Armitage's vines and climbers; a gardener's guide to the best vertical plants. Book review 137
Aromatase inhibitors; types, mode of action, and indications. Book review 148
Arthritis sourcebook; basic consumer health information about the risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment...., 3d ed. Book review 156
Artificial higher order neural networks for computer science and engineering; trends for emerging applications. Book review 125
Artificial intelligence in manufacturing research. Book review 133
Arts biomechanics; an infant science; its challenges and future. Book review 106
Asbestos; risks, environment, and impact. Book review 149
Asleep; the forgotten epidemic that remains one of medicine's greatest mysteries. Book review 146
ASM handbook; v.22A: Fundamentals of modeling for metals processing. Book review 136
Asphaltenes; chemical transformation during hydroprocessing of heavy oils. Brief article 194
Assessing financing, education, management and policy context for strategic planning of human resources for health. Book review 158
Assessing middle and high school mathematics and science; differentiating formative assessment. Book review 142
Assessment in technical and professional communication. Brief article 143
Assessment tools for recreational therapy and related fields, 4th ed. Brief article 154
Asthma information for teens; health tips about managing asthma and related concerns including facts about asthma causes, triggers and symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment, 2d ed. Book review 123
ASTM glass and glazing standards for the building industry. Book review 107
ASTM standards and technical material for dimension stone. Book review 171
Astrodynamics 2009; proceedings; 3v. (CD-ROM included). Book review 151
ASVAB, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 117
At the helm; leading your laboratory, 2d ed. Book review 134
At the roots of Christian bioethics; critical essays on the thought of H. Tristram Engelhardt, Jr. Book review 128
Atlantic and Indian Oceans; new oceanographic research. Book review 195
Atlas of cardiovascular computed tomography; an imaging companion to Braunwald's heart disease. (online access included). Book review 134
Atlas of cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging; an imaging companion to Braunwald's heart disease. (online access included). Book review 128
Atlas of EEG in critical care. Book review 127
Atlas of Italian amphibians and reptiles, 2d ed. Book review 180
Atlas of oral and extraoral bone harvesting. Brief article 124
Atlas of small animal wound management and reconstructive surgery, 3d ed. Brief article 119
Atlas of vascular surgery, 2d ed. (reprint, 2005). Book review 146
Atmospheric turbulence, meteorological modeling and aerodynamics. Book review 139
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in adults. Brief article 188
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder handbook; a physician's guide to ADHD, 2d ed. Book review 162
Autism; oxidative stress, inflammation, and immune abnormalities. Brief article 141
Automotive antenna design and applications. Book review 138
Baboquivari mountain plants; identification, ecology, and ethnobotany. Book review 144
Basic audiometry learning manual. Book review 104
Basic guide to dental materials. Book review 155
Basic immunology; functions and disorders of the immune system, 3d ed. (online access included). Book review 140
Basic nursing; essentials for practice, 7th ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 166
Basic steps in planning nursing research; from question to proposal, 7th ed. Book review 129
Basics of biomedical ultrasound for engineers. Book review 172
Bayesian methods for structural dynamics and civil engineering. Book review 179
Beginner's guide to minerals and rocks. Brief article 155
Behavioral activation for depression; a clinician's guide. Brief article 122
Beliefs and attitudes in mathematics education; new research results. Brief article 153
Berne and Levy physiology, 6th ed. (online access included). Book review 127
Bernstein functions; theory and applications. Book review 142
Bethesda handbook of clinical oncology, 3d ed. Book review 167
Beyond the age of oil; the myths, realities, and future of fossil fuels and their alternatives. Book review 166
Bioarchaeological science; what we have learned from human skeletal remains. Book review 113
Biocomputation and biomedical informatics; case studies and applications. Book review 116
Biodiversity and protected areas; a common concern of humankind. (CD-ROM included). Book review 171
Bioenergy development; issues and impacts for poverty and natural resource management. Book review 157
Biofouling; types, impact, and anti-fouling. Book review 132
Biofuels; methods and protocols. Book review 127
Bioinformatics and biomarker discovery; "omic" data analysis for personalized medicine. Book review 205
Bioinformatics methods in clinical research. Book review 122
Biological and biomedical infared spectroscopy. Book review 143
Biological psychology; an introduction to behavioral, cognitive, and clinical neuroscience, 6th ed. Book review 145
Biologism--the consequence of an illusion. Book review 159
Biology is technology; the promise, peril, and business of engineering life. Book review 188
Biomacromolecular mass spectrometry yearbook; v.1. Book review 140
Biomass to biofuels; strategies for global industries. Book review 145
Biomass to renewable energy processes. Book review 133
Biomaterials in blood-contacting devices; complications and solutions. Book review 135
Biomechanics; principles, trends and applications. Book review 125
Biomedical image analysis and machine learning technologies; applications and techniques. Brief article 174
Biosignal and medical image processing, 2d ed. Book review 140
Bisexual perspectives on the life and work of Alfred C. Kinsey. Book review 180
Bite-size science; everything you need to know about science in small, easily-digestible portions. Book review 191
Black & white pipeline; converting digital color into striking grayscale images. Book review 141
Black dogs and blue words; depression and gender in the age of self-care. Book review 131
Bladder cancer; diagnosis, therapeutics, and management. Book review 187
Bloom's best perennials and grasses; expert plant choices and dramatic combinations for the year-round gardens. Book review 127
BlyS ligands and receptors. Book review 122
Bodies and language; health, ailments, disabilities. Book review 129
Body contouring. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 166
Bone marrow pathology, 4th ed. Book review 160
Bonica's management of pain, 4th ed. (includes online access). Book review 228
Born southern; childbirth, motherhood, and social networks in the old South. Book review 141
Borrelia; molecular biology, host interaction and pathogenesis. Book review 180
Bostwick's plastic & reconstructive breast surgery, 3d ed.; 2v. (DVDs included). Book review 182
Brain injury survivors; narratives of rehabilitation and healing. Book review 151
Breast cancer epidemiology. Book review 124
Breastfeeding older children. Brief article 126
Bridge and highway structure rehabilitation and repair. Book review 134
Bridging boundaries; making scale choices in multi-actor policy analysis on water management. Book review 165
Bright boys. Book review 126
Bruxism; theory and practice. Book review 134
Building bioinformatics solutions; with Perl, R, and MySQL. Book review 165
C# 4.0 in a nutshell, 4th ed. Book review 155
CAD and GIS integration. Brief article 155
Canadian essentials of nursing research, 3d ed. Book review 146
Canadian health policy failures; what's wrong? Who gets hurt? Why nothing changes. Book review 163
Cancer and its management, 6th ed. Brief article 120
Cancer biology; an updated global overview. Book review 137
Cancer genome and tumor microenvironment. Book review 105
Capital investment for health; case studies from Europe. Book review 171
Capture and reuse of project knowledge in construction. Book review 175
Carbon sequestration; methods, modeling and impacts. Brief article 112
Cardiac imaging casebase. (Online access included). Book review 124
Cardiac MRI; guide book on the go. Book review 111
Cardiac resynchronization therapy in heart failure. Book review 168
Cardiology, 3d ed. (online access included). Book review 168
Cardiovascular imaging for clinical practice. Book review 148
Carotenoids; physical, chemical, and biological functions and properties. Brief article 163
Cases in health services management, 5th ed. Book review 111
Cases on health outcomes and clinical data mining; studies and frameworks. Book review 132
Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera; v.6: Chrysomeloidae. Book review 244
CCNA discovery course booklet. Designing and supporting computer networks, version 4.0. Book review 121
CCNA discovery course booklet; introducing routing and switching in the enterprise, version 4.0. Brief article 144
CCNA exploration course booklet; accessing the WAN, version 4.0. Book review 153
CCNA exploration course booklet; LAN switching and wireless, version 4.0. Book review 128
CCNA exploration course booklet; network fundamentals, version 4.0. Book review 184
CCNA exploration course booklet; routing protocols and concepts, version 4.0. Brief article 137
Cell death. Book review 132
Cell determination during hematopoiesis. Book review 120
Cell mechanics; from single scale-based models to multiscale modeling. Book review 187
Cell-cell junctions. Book review 142
Cell-free protein production; methods and protocols. Book review 139
Cellular and molecular biology of filamentous fungi. Book review 189
CFD modeling and analysis of different novel designs of air-breathing PEM fuel cell. Book review 151
Challenges in environmental science and computer engineering; proceedings; 2v. Book review 169
Change in psychotherapy; a unifying paradigm. Book review 122
Changing minds in therapy; emotion, attachment, trauma, and neurobiology. Book review 155
Chemistry and biology of ellagitannins; an underestimated class of bioactive plant polyphenols. Book review 125
Chemistry; an introduction to organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry, 4th ed. (online access included). Book review 170
Chemotaxis; methods and protocols. Book review 176
Children and adolescents in trauma; creative therapeutic approaches. Book review 172
Children and pain. Book review 144
Children with high-functioning autism; a parent's guide. Book review 193
Chinese economic development and the environment. Book review 133
Chiral separations by capillary electrophoresis. Book review 153
Choosing Web 2.0 tools for learning and teaching in a digital world. Book review 119
CISSP; exam guide, 5th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 104
Cleanroom technology; fundamentals of design, testing and operation, 2d ed. Book review 114
Client education; theory and practice, 2d ed. Book review 127
Clinical anatomy; applied anatomy for students and junior doctors, 12th ed. Book review 146
Clinical applications of mass spectrometry; methods and protocols. Book review 147
Clinical biochemistry, 8th ed. Book review 137
Clinical dermatology; a color guide to diagnosis and theory, 5th ed. (online access included). Brief article 135
Clinical guide to the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, 2d ed. Brief article 145
Clinical hypnosis textbook; a guide for practical intervention, 2d ed. Book review 102
Clinical imaging; an atlas of differential diagnosis, 5th ed. (includes online access). Brief article 152
Clinical management of thyroid disease. Book review 132
Clinical manifestations and assessment of respiratory disease, 6th ed. Book review 142
Clinical manual of couples and family therapy. (DVD included). Brief article 153
Clinical manual of electroconvulsive therapy. Book review 161
Clinical oral medicine and pathology. Book review 200
Clinical research in oral health. Book review 247
CMOS analog design using all-region MOSFET modelling. Book review 165
CNC control setup for milling and turning; mastering CNC control systems. Book review 128
Coastal processes; concepts in coastal engineering and their applications to multifarious environments, rev. ed. Book review 129
Cognitive impairment; causes, diagnosis and treatments. Book review 132
Cognitive psychology; a student's handbook, 6th ed. Book review 150
Coherent behavior in neuronal networks. Book review 150
Collaborative computer security and trust management. Book review 131
Collision and collapse at the Africa-Arabia-Eurasia subduction zone. Book review 190
Colloid science; principles, methods and applications, 2d ed. Brief article 124
Colloids in drug delivery. Book review 134
Color atlas of clinical hematology, 4th ed. (online access included). Book review 181
Color atlas of forensic medicine and pathology. Book review 177
Color essentials; color and quality for the graphic arts and sciences; v.3. Book review 126
COMLEX level 2 PE review guide. Book review 178
Command and control; the sociotechnical perspective. Brief article 179
Communicable disease epidemiology and control; a global perspective, 3d ed. Book review 167
Communication software and networks; proceedings. Brief article 134
Communications and mobile computing; proceedings; 3v. (3 CD-ROMs included). Book review 175
Compact cabins; simple living in 1,000 square feet or less. Book review 109
Comparative high pressure biology. Book review 113
Complex and dusty plasmas; from laboratory to space. Book review 164
Composite materials technology; neural network applications. Book review 132
Comprehensive vascular and endovascular surgery, 2d ed. (online access included). Brief article 166
Comprehensive wound management, 2d ed. Book review 123
Compression for multimedia. Book review 160
Computational group theory and the theory of groups, II; proceedings. Brief article 147
Computational intelligence paradigms; theory & applications using MATLAB. Book review 104
Computer and network technology; proceedings. Book review 136
Computer engineering and applications; 2v. Brief article 122
Computer research and development; proceedings. Brief article 150
Computer synthesized speech technologies; tools for aiding impairment. Book review 117
Computer-aided forensic facial comparison; scientific and technical aspects. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 120
Concise history of science & invention; an illustrated time line. Brief article 154
Conifers of the world; the complete reference. Book review 177
Conn's current therapy; 2010 (online access included). Book review 169
Conservation and management of transnational tuna fisheries. Book review 178
Conservation capital in the Americas; exemplary conservation finance initiatives. Book review 167
Construction planning, equipment, and methods, 8th ed. Book review 136
Constructive modeling of structural turbulence and hydrodynamic instabilities. Brief article 108
Contagious diseases sourcebook; basic consumer health information about diseases spread from person to person...., 2d ed. Brief article 165
Contaminated sediments; sustainable management and remediation. Book review 135
Continuous time Markov processes; an introduction. Book review 121
Controlling accidents and insurers' risks in construction; a fuzzy knowledge-based approach. Book review 128
Convex optimization in signal processing and communications. Book review 122
Core engineering concepts for students and professionals. Book review 158
Cornea handbook. Book review 114

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