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Articles from SciTech Book News (December 1, 2010)

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Configuration management best practices; practical methods that work in the real world. Book review 111
Congestive heart failure; symptoms, causes and treatment. Book review 122
Congress of Chinese mathematicians; proceedings. Book review 133
Consciousness, awareness, and anesthesia. Book review 150
Conservation research in Uganda's savannas; a review of park history, applied research, and application of research to park management. Book review 135
Consulting the genius of the place; an ecological approach to a new agriculture. Book review 116
Contaminated water supplies at Camp Lejeune; assessing potential health effects. Brief review 148
Contemporary directions in psychopathology; scientific foundations of the DSM-V and ICD-11. Book review 148
Contemporary nursing; issues, trends, and management, 5th ed. (online access included). Brief article 219
Continental tectonics and mountain building; the legacy of Peach and Horne. Brief article 116
Control loop foundation; batch and continuous processes. Book review 111
Control systems safety evaluation and reliability, 3d ed. Book review 136
Controversies in spine surgery; best evidence recommendations. Book review 146
Cooking for geeks; real science, great hacks, and good food. Book review 106
Cool power; natural ventilation systems in historic buildings. Book review 135
Coping in large groups; proceedings. Book review 155
Core clinical competencies in anesthesiology; a case-based approach. Book review 131
Core competencies in counseling and psychotherapy; becoming a highly competent and effective therapist. Book review 129
Core curriculum for maternal-newborn nursing, 4th ed. Book review 180
CorelDRAW X5; the official guide. Book review 144
Corn crop production growth, fertilization and yield. Book review 170
Corporate environmental management information systems; advancements and trends. Brief article 172
Correas; Australian plants for waterwise gardens. Book review 112
Corrosion, processes and advanced materials in industry; proceedings. Book review 142
Cosmetic surgery for the oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Brief article 120
Cosmetic surgery. Book review 131
Cosmopolitics I. Book review 182
Cranial nerves; function and dysfunction, 3d ed. Brief article 132
CRC handbook of chemistry and physics, 91st ed, 2010-2011. Book review 214
Creative optical & digital filter techniques. Book review 133
Crucial issues in climate change and the Kyoto Protocol; Asia and the world. Brief article 164
CUDA by example; an introduction to general-purpose GPU programming. Book review 118
Cultural competence in sports medicine. Book review 206
Cultural heritage microbiology; fundamental studies in conservation science. Book review 194
Culture of animal cells; a manual of basic technique and specialized applications, 6th ed. Book review 171
Curbside consultation in oculoplastics; 49 clincial questions. Brief article 165
Current application of polymers and nano materials. Book review 150
Current experimental study for treatment of cleft lip and palate. Book review 168
Current management of polycystic ovary syndrome. Brief article 127
Cyberethics; morality and law in cyberspace, 4th ed. Book review 180
Cystic fibrosis; etiology, diagnosis and treatments. Book review 129
Darwin meets Einstein; on the meaning of science. Book review 125
Data analysis in vegetation ecology. Book review 122
Data mining in public and private sectors; organizational and government applications. Book review 149
Database and expert systems applications; proceedings. Book review 167
Davis's Q&A for the NCLEX-RN(r) examination. (CD-ROM included). Book review 170
Death in a small package; a short history of anthrax. Book review 139
Decision support systems in agriculture, food and the environment; trends, applications and advances. Book review 169
Deep freeze; the United States, the International Geophysical Year, and the origins of Antarctica's age of science. (reprint, 2006). Book review 123
Deforestation and climate change; reducing carbon emissions from deforestation and forest degradation. Book review 159
Delusions of gender; how our minds, society, and neurosexism create difference. Book review 107
Demolition; practices, technology, and management. Book review 109
Depression and the soul; a guide to spiritually integrated treatment. Book review 114
Depression. Book review 122
Depression; the NICE guideline on the treatment and managment of depression in adults, rev. ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 152
Desalination technology; health and environmental impacts. Book review 150
Design and nature V; comparing design in nature with science and engineering; proceedings. Book review 197
Design of experiments; an introduction based on linear models. Book review 112
Design-build subsurface projects, 2d ed. Book review 151
Deterministic safety analysis for nuclear power plants; specific safety guide. Book review 121
Developing advanced web services through P2P computing and autonomous agents; trends and innovations. Book review 131
Development and application of level 1 probabilistic safety assessment for nuclear power plants; specific safety guide. Book review 138
Developmental genetics of plant-microbe symbioses. Book review 145
Developments in esystems engineering; proceedings. Book review 150
Developments in healthcare information systems and technologies; models and methods. Book review 155
Diagnosis in acute medicine. Book review 169
Diagnostic radiology and ultrasonography of the dog and cat, 5th ed. Book review 134
Dialogues with pain; internal body conversations that resolve suffering. (CD-ROM included). Book review 158
Dictionary for managing trees in urban environments. Brief article 179
Did time begin? will time end? Brief article 108
Diet quality of American school-age children. Brief article 181
Dietary fiber, fruit and vegetable consumption, and health. Book review 158
Differentiable measures and the Malliavin calculus. Book review 108
Differential and integral calculus, v.1. (reprint, 1930). Book review 168
Differential and integral calculus, v.2. (reprint, 1930). Book review 164
Differential geometry of curves and surfaces. Book review 104
Differential geometry of manifolds. Book review 126
Differential pricing of pharmaceuticals inside Europe; exploring compulsory licenses and exhaustion for access to patented essential medicines. Book review 185
Digital signal processing using MATLAB and wavelets, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 114
Digital system design; architectures, methods, and tools; proceedings. Book review 172
Discover entropy and the second law of thermodynamics; a playful way of discovering a law of nature. Book review 158
Discovering evolution equations with applications; v.1: Deterministic equations. Brief article 229
Diversity, phylogeny, and evolution in the monocotyledons; proceedings. Book review 157
Documenting software architectures; views and beyond, 2d ed. Book review 172
Dolphins; anatomy, behavior and threats. Book review 146
Drug interdiction; partnerships, legal principles, and investigative methodologies for law enforcement, 2d ed. Book review 179
Drug management of prostate cancer. Book review 110
Dry mouth; the malevolent symptom, a clinical guide. Brief article 142
Dunn and Haimann's healthcare management, 9th ed. Book review 145
Dye-sensitized solar cells. Brief article 123
Dynamic echocardiography. (online access included). Book review 181
Dynamic programming; foundations and principles, 2d ed. Brief review 157
Dynamic reconfigurable network-on-chip design; innovations for computational processing and communication. Book review 145
Dynamical modeling and analysis of epidemics. Book review 209
Dynamics in animal nutrition. Book review 111
Dynamics in engineering practice, 10th ed. Brief review 191
Dynamics on the Riemann sphere; a Bodil Branner festschrift. Book review 130
Dyslexia in the foreign language classroom. Brief article 107
Early diagnosis and treatment of cancer; 5v. (online access included). Book review 171
Earth and science; proceedings. (CD-ROM). Book review 247
Earth retention conference 3; proceedings. Brief article 186
Eclipse Rich Client Platform, 2d ed. Book review 126
Ecological approaches to health; interactions between humans and their environment. Book review 152
Effective experimentation for scientists and technologists. Book review 159
Effective people; leadership and organisation development in healthcare, 2d ed. Book review 142
Effects of urbanization on groundwater; an engineering case-based approach for sustainable development. Book review 164
Electric and hybrid vehicles; design fundamentals, 2d ed. Book review 120
Electric power principles; sources, conversion, distribution, and use. Book review 138
Electrical fire analysis, 3d ed. Book review 129
Electronics for radiation detection. Book review 116
Electronics, robotics and automotive mechanics; proceedings. Book review 176
Emergence of Pico- and nanosatellites for astmospheric research and technology testing. Brief article 173
Emerging infections 9. Book review 173
Emerging infectious diseases in india. Book review 135
Energy and innovation; structural change and policy implications. Book review 170
Energy and protein metabolism and nutrition; proceedings. Book review 156
Energy law in Finland. Book review 156
Energy myths and realities; bringing science to the energy policy debate. Book review 110
Engineering heat transfer, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 159
Engineering mega-systems; the challenge of systems engineering in the information age. Book review 146
Engineering money; financial fundamentals for engineers. Book review 119
Engineering of computer-based systems; proceedings. Book review 167
Engineering optimization; an introduction with metaheuristic applications. Brief article 107
Engineering the system of healthcare delivery. Book review 140
Enterprise systems engineering; advances in the theory and practice. Book review 179
Environment materials and environment management; proceedings; 3v. Book review 248
Environmental bioengineering. Brief article 176
Environmental geomechanics. Book review 132
Environmental issues, global perspectives; 5v. Book review 194
Environmental microbiology; current technology and water applications. Brief article 171
Environmentally-friendly production of pulp and paper. Book review 128
Enzyme technologies; metagenomics, evolution, biocatalysis, and biosynthesis. Book review 151
Epilepsy; mechanisms, models, and translational perspectives. Brief article 153
Equine nutrition and feeding, 4th ed. Brief article 111
Equipment mangement workbook; key to equipment reliability and productivity in mining. Brief article 143
Ernest Thompson Seton; the legacy of an artist and conservationist. Book review 192
Ernst Mach's Graz (1864-1867); where much science and philosophy were developed. Book review 160
Ernst Mach's Prague 1867-1895 as a human adventure. Brief article 115
Error-correcting codes, finite geometries, and cryptography; proceedings. Brief article 148
Escaping the ivory tower; a guide to making your science matter. Book review 134
Essential applications of musculoskeletal ultrasound in rheumatology. (online access included). Book review 181
Essential emergency trauma. Book review 159
Essential GWT; building for the web with Google Web toolkit 2. Book review 106
Essential radiology for sports medicine. Book review 144
Essentials of emergency medicine, 2d ed. Book review 127
Essentials of operative dentistry. (CD-ROM included). Book review 120
Essentials of orthognathic surgery, 2d ed. Brief article 150
Essentials of psychiatry, 3d ed. Brief review 151
Essentials of strategic planning in healthcare. Book review 105
Estimating species trees; practical and theoretical aspects. Book review 116
Estuaries; types, movement patterns and climatical impacts. Book review 189
Estuarine and coastal modeling; proceedings. Book review 173
Eternal inflation. Book review 104
Ethical issues of human genetic databases; a challenge to classical health research ethics? Brief article 199
Ethnobotany in the new Europe; people, health, and wild plant resources. Brief article 163
Evaluating research articles from start to finish, 3d ed. Book review 151
Evaluation of biomarkers and surrogate endpoints in chronic disease. Book review 123
Evidence-based management of hypertension. Book review 117
Evidence-based management of lipid disorders. Book review 156
Evidence-based practice in suicidology; a source book. Book review 261
Evidence-based practice of critical care. (online access included). Book review 135
Evolution after gene duplication. Book review 135
Evolution of island mammals; adaptation and extinction of placental mammals on islands. Brief article 183
Evolution since Darwin; the first 150 years. Book review 145
Evolvable designs of experiments; applications for circuits. Book review 128
Excitonic and vibrational dynamics in nanotechnology; quantum dots vs. nanotubes. Brief article 105
Experimental electrochemistry; a laboratory textbook. Book review 108
Experimental leukemia; history, biology and genetics. Book review 107
Expert .NET Micro Framework, 2d ed. Brief article 106
Expert Oracle database architecture; Oracle database 9i, 10g, and 11g programming techniques and solutions, 2d ed. Book review 109
Extemporaneous formulations for pediatric, geriatric, and special needs patients, 2d ed. Book review 164
Extracting the science; a century of mining research; proceedings. Book review 196
Fam's musculoskeletal examination and joint injection techniques, 2d ed. (online access included). Brief article 106
Family therapy; models and techniques. Brief article 143
FAO/WHO expert meeting on the application of nanotechnologies in the Food and Agriculture sectors; potential food safety implications; meeting report. Brief article 136
Farmer Jane; women who are changing the way we eat. Book review 149
Fatal airs; the deadly history and apocalyptic future of lethal gases that threaten our world. Book review 143
Fault diagnosis and tolerance in cryptography; proceedings. Brief article 145
Fermented foods and beverages of the world. Brief article 130
Ferri's clinical advisor 2011; 5 books in 1. (Online access included). Book review 167
Ferromagnetic shape memory alloys II; proceedings. Book review 164
Figs; the genus Ficus. Book review 133
Filmer's spiders; an identification guide for southern Africa, 2d ed. Brief article 117
Fire bombers in action. (DVD included). Brief article 108
Fish canning handbook. Book review 124
Fitness illustrated. Book review 110
Five easy pieces; how fishing impacts marine ecosystems. Book review 199
Five lectures in complex analysis; proceedings. Book review 143
Flood recovery, innovation and response; proceedings. Brief article 215
Flotation technology. Book review 167
Folksonomies; indexing and retrieval in Web 2.0. Brief article 108
Food science and security. Book review 150
Foot ulcers; causes, diagnosis and treatments. Brief article 112
Forensic psychology; concepts, debates and practice, 2d ed. Book review 129
Formal ontology in information systems; proceedings. Book review 194
Fossil behavior compendium. Book review 140
Foundations of airline finance; methodology and practice. Book review 137
Foundations of computer science; proceedings. Brief article 129
Foundations of quantum chromodynamics; an introduction to perturbative methods in gauge theories, 3d ed. Book review 127
Fourier series and numerical methods for partial differential equations. Book review 135
Fracture mechanics; proceedings. Book review 157
Frailty models in survival analysis. Book review 129
Free energy computations; a mathematical perspective. Brief article 142
Freeze-drying of pharmaceutical and food products. Brief article 121
Friction, wear and wear protection; proceedings. Book review 198
Fuel cell science; theory, fundamentals, and biocatalysis. Book review 157
Functional family therapy in clinical practice; an evidence-based treatment model for working with troubled adolescents. Brief article 146
Functional manufacturing technologies and Ceeusro I; proceedings. Brief article 156
Functional oxides. Book review 130
Functionalized and sensing materials; proceedings. Brief article 187
Fundamental orthopedic management for the physical therapist assistant, 3d ed. Book review 175
Fundamentals of aircraft and airship design; v.1: Aircraft design. Book review 130
Fundamentals of matrix computations, 3d ed. Book review 176
Fundamentals of tool design, 6th ed. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 132
Fundamentals of tree-ring research. Book review 144
Fundamentals of wireless sensor networks; theory and practice. Book review 145
Future directions for the national healthcare quality and disparities reports. Book review 182
Future ethics; climate change and apocalyptic imagination. Brief article 159
Future trends in microelectronics; from nanophotonics to sensors and energy. Book review 154
Galaxies in isolation; exploring nature versus nurture; proceedings. Brief article 204
Game physics pearls. Book review 142
Genetic counseling; ethical challenges and consequences. (reprint, 1993). Book review 122
Genetics, genomics and breeding in soybean. Book review 140
Geoenvironmental engineering and geotechnics; progress in modeling and applications; proceedings. Book review 160
Geological disposal of radioactive waste; technological implications for retrievability. Book review 127
Geological field techniques. Book review 130
Geology and tectonic evolution of the central-southern Apennines, Italy. (CD-ROM included). Book review 187
Geometrisation of 3-manifolds. Brief article 132
Geomorphology; processes, taxonomy and applications. Book review 147
Geotechnical engineering handbook. Book review 104
German development of the swept wing; 1935-1945. Book review 137
Getting started as a pharmacy faculty member. Book review 105
Getting started with IBM Websphere sMash. Book review 121
Getting started with InfiniBand on System Z10 and System Z9, 2d ed. Book review 131
Getting started with Microsoft Office starter 2010 (Word & Excel). Book review 134
Getting your research paper published; a surgical perspective. Brief article 125
Giant molecules; from nylon to nanotubes. Book review 119
Glitch; the hidden impact of faulty software. Book review 134
Global birding; traveling the world in search of birds. Book review 154
Global environmental health; research gaps and barriers for providing sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene services; workshop summary. Book review 180
Global software engineering; proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Book review 144
Glyphosate resistance in crops and weeds; history, development, and management. Book review 145
GNSS for vehicle control. Book review 122
Gold nanoparticles as an antigen carrier and an adjuvant. Book review 112
Google analytics. Book review 109
Governance for the environment; a comparative analysis of environmental policy integration. Book review 129
GPCR molecular pharmacology and drug targeting; shifting paradigms and new directions. Book review 155
GPU Pro; advanced rendering techniques. Book review 141
Granular computing; proceedings. Brief article 145
Grassland biodiversity; habitat types, ecological processes and environmental impacts. Book review 176
Graves' orbitopathy; a multidisciplinary approach; questions and answers, 2d ed. Book review 157
Great British weather disasters. (reprint, 2008). Book review 118
Green chemistry for environmental sustainability. Book review 200
Green nanotechnology; solutions for sustainability and energy in the built environment. Brief article 122
Greenhouse governance; addressing climate change in America. Book review 119
Grid technologies for e-Health; applications for telemedicine services and delivery. Book review 146
Ground improvement and geosynthetics; proceedings. Book review 171
Group exercise for adolescents; a manual for therapists, school counselors, and spiritual leaders, 3d ed. Book review 169
Group theory and Hopf algebra; lectures for physicists. Book review 140
Guided optics; optical fibers and all-fiber components. Book review 148
Guided reflection; a narrative approach to advancing professional practice, 2d ed. Book review 164
Guidelines for pulmonary rehabilitation programs, 4th ed. Book review 105
Hacking exposed wireless; wireless security secrets and solutions, 2d ed. Brief article 124
Hall's manual of skin as a marker of underlying disease. Book review 149
Handbook of assessment and treatment planning for psychological disorders, 2d ed. Book review 139
Handbook of child and adolescent psychopathy. Brief article 135
Handbook of compressible aerodynamics. Brief article 128
Handbook of ecological indicators for assessment of ecosystem health, 2d ed. Book review 139
Handbook of engineering and specialty thermoplastics; v.1: Polyolefins and styrenics. Book review 143
Handbook of fruit and vegetable flavors. Book review 152
Handbook of health psychology and behavioral medicine. Book review 142
Handbook of implicit cognition; measurement, theory, and applications. Book review 190
Handbook of material science research. Book review 130
Handbook of occupational health psychology, 2d ed. Book review 115
Handbook of office-based buprenorphine treatment of opioid dependence. Book review 139
Handbook of otolaryngology; head and neck surgery. Book review 122
Handbook of pattern recognition and computer vision, 4th ed. Book review 195
Handbook of photocatalysts; preparation, structure, and applications. Brief article 113
Handbook of pseudo-Riemannian geometry and supersymmetry. Brief review 125
Handbook of research on culturally-aware information technology; perspectives and models. Book review 177
Handbook of sample preparation. Book review 102
Handbook of seafood quality, safety, and health applications. Brief article 152
Handbook of treatment planning in radiation oncology. Book review 170
Handbook of vitamin C research; daily requirements, dietary sources, and adverse effects. Book review 117
Hands-on guide to clinical pharmacology, 3d ed. Book review 112
Head and neck reconstruction. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 111
Head and neck. (CD-ROM included). Book review 143
Health care emergency management; principles and practice. Book review 121
Health care reform through practical clinical guidelines; ear, nose, throat. Book review 185
Health education; challenges, issues, and impact. Book review 146
Health issues in Chinese contexts; v.3. Book review 149
Health-care careers directory, 2010-2011, 38th ed. Book review 120
Healthgrid applications and core technologies; proceedings. Book review 145
Healthy foods; fact versus fiction. Book review 171
Heart failure; bench to bedside. Book review 145
Heat conduction using Green's function, 2d ed. Book review 222
Helicobacter pylori in the 21st century. Book review 123
Helicopter crash litigation. Brief article 117
Hello Android; introducing Google's mobile development platform, 3d ed. Book review 124
Herbal principles in cosmetics; properties and mechanisms of action. Brief article 122

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