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Articles from SciTech Book News (December 1, 2010)

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137; Jung, Pauli, and the pursuit of a scientific obsession. Book review 121
3D and HD broadband video networking. Book review 146
3D cell-based biosensors in drug discovery programs; microtissue engineering for high throughput screening. Book review 139
70th Conference on Glass Problems; proceedings. Brief review 159
A child of sanitariums; a memoir of tuberculosis survival and lifelong disability. Book review 121
A class of algorithms for distributed constraint optimization. Book review 130
A coast to explore; coastal geology and ecology of central California. Book review 124
A cognitive behavioural therapy program for problem gambling; therapist manual. Book review 154
A color atlas of comparative pathology of pulmonary tuberculosis. Book review 105
A complete guide to the birds of Malta. Book review 130
A complete surgical guide for correcting astigmatism; an ophthalmic manifesto, 2d ed. Book review 151
A concise introduction to pure mathematics, 3d ed. Book review 114
A disturbance in the field; essays in transference-countertransference engagement. Book review 103
A financing facility for low-carbon development. Book review 123
A history of surgical paediatrics. Book review 133
A mathematical tapestry; demonstrating the beautiful unity of mathematics. Brief article 150
A modern course in statistical physics, 3d ed. Book review 105
A population-based policy and systems change approach to prevent and control hypertension. Book review 151
A practical guide to error-control coding using MATLAB. (DVD included). Brief article 113
A practical guide Ubuntu Linux, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 156
A primer in combinatorics. Book review 116
A primer of conservation behavior. Brief article 114
A quick start guide to podcasting; creating your own audio and visual material for iPods, Blackberries, mobile phones, and websites. Book review 187
A review of the DOE plan for U.S. fusion community participation in the ITER program. Brief article 161
A sustainable future; fish processing byproducts; proceedings. Book review 173
A textbook of modern toxicology, 4th ed. Book review 160
A true tale of science and discovery. Brief article 144
AACN procedure manual for critical care, 6th ed. Book review 146
AANA advanced arthroscopy; the elbow and wrist. (CD-ROM and online access included). Book review 194
AANA advanced arthroscopy; the foot and ankle. (CD-ROM and online access included). Book review 187
AANA advanced arthroscopy; the hip. (CD-ROM and online access included). Book review 150
AANA advanced arthroscopy; the knee. (CD-ROM and online access included). Book review 169
ABC of learning and teaching in medicine, 2d ed. Book review 128
Abdominal-pelvic MRI, 3d ed.; 2v. Book review 196
Absolutely small; how quantum theory explains our everyday world. Book review 110
Accretion and ejection in AGN; a global view; proceedings. Book review 166
Acid gas injection and carbon dioxide sequestration. Book review 109
Active middle ear implants. Book review 140
Addictive disorders in medical populations. Book review 139
ADHD diagnosis and management; a practical guide for the clinic and the classroom. Book review 109
Adipose tissue development; from animal models to clinical conditions. Brief article 161
Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 on demand. Book review 110
Adobe homes for all climates; simple, affordable, and earthquake-resistant natural building techniques. Brief article 127
Advance in ecological environmental functional materials and ion industry; proceedings. Brief article 147
Advanced computational methods and experimental measurements in heat transfer 11; proceedings. Brief article 136
Advanced crime scene photography. Brief article 139
Advanced design and manufacture III; proceedings. Brief article 145
Advanced Markov chain Monte Carlo methods; learning from past samples. Book review 157
Advanced materials and processing; 3v. Book review 195
Advanced materials and systems for energy conversion; fundamentals and applications. Book review 127
Advanced mechanical engineering; proceedings; 2v. Book review 209
Advanced modern algebra, 2d ed. Brief article 155
Advanced polymer nanoparticles; synthesis and surface modifications. Book review 102
Advanced techniques in multimedia watermarking; image, video and audio applications. Book review 133
Advanced technologies in rehabilitation; empowering cognitive, physical, social, and communicative skills through virtual reality, robots, wearable systems, and brain-computer interfaces. Book review 185
Advanced train control systems. Book review 119
Advances in aeroacoustics; in honor of Professor Geoffrey M. Lilley; proceedings. Brief article 151
Advances in experimental mechanics VII; proceedings. Brief article 157
Advances in face image analysis; techniques and technologies. Book review 121
Advances in Hellenic astronomy during the IYA09; proceedings. Book review 183
Advances in interpretation of geological processes; refinement of multi-scale data and integration in numerical modelling. Book review 168
Advances in liquid crystals. Book review 150
Advances in materials and processing technologies; proceedings; 2v. Book review 163
Advances in medical physics; 2010, v.3. Book review 124
Advances in precision engineering; proceedings. Brief article 121
Advances in the canine cranial cruciate ligament. Book review 119
Advances in the state of the art of fire testing. Book review 118
Advances in vehicular ad-hoc networks; developments and challenges. Brief article 118
Aerothermodynamics of turbomachinery; analysis and design. Book review 178
After the first full moon in April; a sourcebook of herbal medicine from a California Indian elder. Book review 128
Ageing management for nuclear power plants. Book review 108
Agent-directed simulation and systems engineering. Brief article 220
Aggregation of therapeutic proteins. Book review 171
Aggressive breast cancer. Book review 171
Agile 2010; proceedings. Book review 143
Aging, but never old; the realities, myths, and misrepresentations of the anti-aging movement. Book review 159
Agricultural survey methods. Book review 186
Airline operations and scheduling, 2d ed. Book review 127
Alaskan native villages threatened by erosion. Book review 179
Alchemical medicine for the 21st century; spagyrics for detox, healing, and longevity. Book review 102
Alcohol and injuries; emergency department studies in an international perspective. Book review 151
Algae; source to treatment. Book review 164
Algebraic and arithmetic structures of moduli spaces; proceedings. Book review 137
Algebraic methods in statistics and probability; proceedings. Book review 137
Algorithms, architectures and information systems security. Brief article 163
Allergen management in the food industry. Book review 148
Am I a monkey?; answers about evolution. Brief article 102
American public opinion and health care. Book review 137
American women of science since 1900; 2v. Book review 146
Amyloidosis; diagnosis and treatment. Book review 136
An A-Z of genetic factors in autism; a handbook for parents and carers. Book review 139
An engineer's guide to automated testing of high-speed interfaces. Brief article 112
An in vitro approach to evaluate and develop potential 117mSn-based bone-seeking radiopharmaceuticals. Book review 161
An international psychology of men; theoretical advances, cases studies, and clinical innovations. Book review 156
An introduction to applied statistical thermodynamics. Book review 138
An introduction to stata for health researchers, 3d ed. Brief article 119
Analytical methods in combinatorial chemistry, 2d ed. Brief article 150
Ancient Babylonian medicine; theory and practice. Brief article 162
Ancient mines and quarries; a trans-Atlantic perspective. Brief article 161
Android apps marketing; secrets to selling your Android apps. Book review 110
Animal breeding, welfare and society. Book review 129
Annual book of ASTM standards 2010; section 14: General methods and instrumentation; v.14.02; general test methods, forensic psychophysiology, forensic sciences, terminology, conformity assessment... Book review 136
Annual review of analytical chemistry; v.3, 2010. Brief review 129
Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics; v.48, 2010. Brief review 166
Annual review of biomedical engineering; v.12, 2010. Book review 134
Annual review of chemical and biomolecular engineering; v.1, 2010. Book review 138
Annual review of condensed matter physics; v.1, 2010. Book review 134
Annual review of genomics and human genetics; v.11, 2010. Book review 160
Annual review of nutrition; v.30, 2010. Book review 188
Annual review of phytopathology; v.48, 2010. Book review 128
Anticoagulants, antiplatelets, and thrombolytics, 2d ed. Book review 109
Applications of flow cytometry in stem cell research and tissue regeneration. Book review 149
Applied biophysics of activated water; the physical properties, biological effects and medical applications of MRET activated water. Book review 173
Applied gas dynamics. Book review 153
Applied prismatic and reflective optics. Book review 146
Appropriate use of FDG-PET for the management of cancer patients. Book review 109
Arguments for protected areas; multiple benefits for conservation and use. Book review 189
Artificial intelligence and computational intelligence; proceedings; 3v. (CD-ROMs included). Book review 175
Artificial intelligence special session on advances in artificial intelligence and applications; proceedings. Brief article 169
Artistic web design using Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop; an introduction. (CD-ROM included). Book review 193
Assessing medical preparedness to respond to a terrorist nuclear event; workshop report. Brief article 174
Asset data integrity is serious business. Brief article 111
ASSH manual of hand surgery. Book review 150
Astrobiology; physical origin, biological evolution, and spatial distribution. Book review 158
Asymmetric synthesis of nitrogen heterocycles. Book review 138
At the speed of light?; electricity interconnections for Europe. Book review 112
Atlantic salmon ecology. Book review 163
Atlas of acoustic neurinoma microsurgery, 2d ed. Book review 186
Atlas of pulmonary vascular imaging. Book review 119
Atlas of regional anesthesia, 4th ed. (online access included). Brief article 150
Audio production and postproduction. (CD-ROM included). Book review 135
Audiology answers for otolaryngologists. Book review 111
Augmentation fillers. Book review 179
AutoCAD 2010 3D modeling essentials. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 114
AutoCAD 2011 essentials, comprehensive ed. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 105
AutoCAD and its applications, comprehensive 2011, 18th ed. Book review 108
Automotive electronics reliability; v.2. Book review 129
Autotools; a practitioner's guide to GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool. Book review 119
Avian influenza; science, policy and politics. Brief article 179
Bacteriophages in the control of food- and waterborne pathogens. Book review 182
Barron's E-Z calculus, 5th ed. Book review 115
Basic guide to orthodontic dental nursing. Book review 101
Basic statistical physics. Book review 163
Battery management systems for large lithium-ion battery packs. Book review 111
Battlespace technologies; network-enabled information dominance. Book review 132
Bayesian adaptive methods for clinical trials. Book review 128
Bayesian ideas and data analysis; an introduction for scientists and statisticians. Book review 134
Bayesian modeling in bioinformatics. Book review 110
Beastly natures; animals, humans, and the study of history. Book review 135
Bees, wasps, and ants; the indispensable role of Hymenoptera in gardens. Book review 105
Beginning XNA 3.0 game programming; from novice to professional. Book review 114
Behavior of exotic pets. Brief article 136
Behcet's syndrome. Book review 156
Being geek; the software developer's career handbook. Book review 117
Bias and causation; models and judgment for valid comparisons. Book review 131
Bifidobacteria; genomics and molecular aspects. Book review 133
Bio-psycho-social perspectives on interpersonal violence. Book review 134
Bioactive compounds and cancer. Book review 146
Bioactive peptides; applications for improving nutrition and health. Book review 142
Bioactive proteins and peptides as functional foods and nutraceuticals. Brief article 141
Biochemistry of plant secondary metabolism, 2d ed. Book review 118
Bioelectronic vision; retina models, evaluation metrics, and system design. Book review 138
Bioethics. Book review 165
Bioinformatics; high performance parallel computer architectures. Book review 129
Biological and environmental applications of gas discharge plasmas. Book review 132
Biological clock in fish. Brief article 112
Biological psychiatry, 3d ed. Book review 145
Biology of subterranean fishes. Book review 203
Biomarkers for antioxidant defense and oxidative damage; principles and practical applications. Book review 168
Biomarkers; in medicine, drug discovery, and environmental health. Book review 155
Biomechanics of human motion; basics and beyond for the health professions. Book review 140
Biomedical engineering and information systems; technologies, tools, and applications. Brief article 128
Biomedical microsystems. Book review 113
Biometals; molecular structures, binding properties and applications. Book review 133
Biophysical chemistry of biointerfaces. Book review 142
Biotech funding trends; insights from entrepreneurs and investors. Book review 131
Bipolar disorder; clinical and neurobiological foundations. Brief article 150
Birds of Ontario; habitat requirements, limiting factors, and status. Book review 111
Birds of prey; predators, reapers and America's newest UVAs in combat. Book review 123
Black women's health; challenges and opportunities. Book review 127
Body composition and aging. Book review 172
Bones of the tiger; protecting the man-eaters of Nepal. Book review 126
Borate-tellurate glasses; an alternative of immobilization of the hazardous wastes. Book review 115
Borehole disposal facilities for radioactive waste. Book review 105
Botany for gardeners, 3d ed. Book review 125
Boundary elements and other mesh reduction methods; proceedings. Book review 212
Brain disorders sourcebook; basic consumer health information about acquired and traumatic brain injuries, brain tumors, cerebral palsy and other . . . , 3d ed. Book review 164
Brain storm; the flaws in the science of sex differences. Brief article 124
Brain-based communication disorders. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 114
Breast cancer. (online access included). Book review 157
Breast cancer; causes, diagnosis, and treatment. Book review 120
Breast. (CD-ROM included). Book review 165
Breastfeeding; methods, benefits to the infant and mother, and difficulties. Book review 124
Breed predispositions to disease in dogs and cats, 2d ed. Book review 123
Brewing with wheat; the "wit' and weizen" of world wheat beer styles. Brief article 116
Bridging East-West psychology and counselling; exploring the work of Pittu Laungani. Brief article 161
Build your own wicked Wordpress themes. Book review 119
Building code compliance for contractors & inspectors; based on the 2009 International Residential Code. Book review 120
Building core competencies in pharmacy informatics. Book review 132
Building the P-51 Mustang; the story of manufacturing North American's legendary World War II fighter in original photos. Book review 126
Bulk metallic glasses. Book review 112
Burning Rivers; revival of four urban-industrial rivers that caught on fire. Book review 124
Business data communications and networking, 10th ed. Book review 131
C# 4.0; the complete reference. Book review 113
Caesarean birth; the work of Francois Rousset in Renaissance France: A new treatise on hysterotomotokie or Caesarian childbirth. Brief article 177
Calculus, 9th ed. Brief article 125
California rocks!; a guide to geologic sites in the Golden State. Book review 111
Cancer genetics. Book review 113
Cancer pain; assessment and management, 2d ed. Book review 190
Cancer pain; from molecules to suffering. Book review 175
Cancer risk assessment; chemical carcinogenesis, hazard evaluation, and risk quantification. Book review 178
Cancer sourcebook for women; basic consumer health information about gynecologic cancers and other cancers of special concern to women, 4th ed. Book review 143
Cancer; principles & practice of oncology. Brief article 252
Canine and feline nutrition; a resource for companion animal professionals, 3d ed. Brief article 143
Carbon based nanomaterials. Book review 157
Carbon capture and greenhouse gases. Book review 142
Carbon footprints and food systems; do current accounting methodologies disadvantage developing countries? Brief article 132
Carbonate systems during the Oligocene-Miocene climatic transition. Book review 183
Cardiac CT, PET, and MR, 2d ed. Book review 136
Cardiac pacemakers and resynchronization step by step; an illustrated guide, 2d ed. (online access included). Book review 152
Cardiac rhythm devices; a case-based approach to management. Book review 140
Cardiovascular signals in diabetes mellitus; a new tool to detect autonomic neuropathy. Book review 110
Career opportunities in clinical drug research. Book review 110
Case review; pediatric imaging, 2d ed. Brief article 172
Cellular automata and complex systems; methods for modeling biological phenomena. Book review 139
Cellular technologies for emerging markets; 2G, 3G, and beyond. Book review 114
Cellulose allomorphs; structure, accessibility, and reactivity. Book review 102
Challenging depression; the go-to guide for clinicians and patients. Book review 156
Chaos-fractals theories and applications; proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 137
Character theory of finite groups; proceedings. Brief article 135
Characterization and behavior of interfaces; proceedings. Brief article 105
Check dams, morphological adjustments and erosion control in torrential streams. Book review 143
Chemical elements, 2d ed.; 3v. Book review 153
Chemical reactor analysis and design, 3d ed. Book review 185
Chemical synthesis of hormones, pheromones, and other bioregulators. Book review 138
Chemistry of biomolecules. Book review 106
Chemistry of natural products; a unified approach, 2d ed. Book review 130
Chemoinformatics and advanced machine learning perspectives; complex computational methods and collaborative techniques. Book review 202
Chernobyl; consequences of the catastrophe for people and the environment. Book review 124
Child and adolescent mental health services; an operational handbook, 2d ed. Book review 165
Chilean Computer Science Society; proceedings. Brief article 142
Chiropractic technique; principles and procedures, 3d ed. (online access included). Book review 154
Chitin, chitosan, oligosaccharides and their derivatives; biological activities and applications. Book review 161
Choice-based conjoint analysis; models and designs. Book review 108
Chromatography; a science of discovery. Brief article 175
Chronic graft versus host disease; interdisciplinary management. Book review 176
CISSP practice exams. Book review 117
Classical and quantum dynamics of constrained Hamiltonian systems. Brief article 204
Clean coal. Book review 122
Climate change and crop production. Book review 168
Climate change impacts on freshwater ecosystems. Brief article 152
Climate change; the science, impacts and solutions, 2d ed. Book review 183
Clinical casebook of couple therapy. Book review 143
Clinical cases in prosthodontics. Book review 123
Clinical cases in restorative & reconstructive dentistry. Book review 109
Clinical data mining for physician decision making and investigating health outcomes; methods for prediction and analysis. Book review 210
Clinical governance; a guide to implementation for healthcare professionals, 3d ed. Book review 109
Clinical handbook of insomnia, 2d ed. Brief article 133
Clinical magnetoencephalography and magnetic source imaging. Brief article 172
Clinical manual of adolescent substance abuse treatment. Book review 126
Clinical nutrition in practice. Book review 121
Clinical psychology; science, practice, and culture, 2d ed. Book review 193
Clinical translation of radiolabelled monoclonal antibodies and peptides. Book review 135
Clinical trial methodology. Book review 136
Clinician's thesaurus; the guide to conducting interviews and writing psychological reports, 7th ed. Book review 140
Clostridium difficile; methods and protocols. Brief review 151
Cloud computing and software services; theory and techniques. Book review 136
Cloud computing strategies. Book review 106
CMOS; circuit design, layout, and simulation, 3d ed. Book review 193
CNC programming using Fanuc custom B macro. Book review 146
Co2 capture; technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Book review 143
Coal preparation; proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Book review 145
Coastal lagoons; critical habitats of environmental change. Book review 145
Code of medical ethics of the American Medical Association; current opinions with annotations, 2010-2011 ed. Book review 200
Cognitive fatigue; multidisciplinary perspectives on current research and future applications. Book review 158
Collected papers in building acoustics; room acoustics and environmental noise. Book review 148
Color atlas of forensic tool mark identification. Book review 119
Colorectal cancer. (online access included). Book review 172
Combinatorics of spreads and parallelisms. Book review 107
Commercial vehicle accident reconstruction and investigation, 2d ed. Book review 117
Communication systems, 5th ed. Book review 113
Community ecology of stream fishes; concepts, approaches, and techniques. Book review 176
Comparing clinical measurement methods; a practical guide. Book review 139
Complex analysis with applications to flows and fields. Book review 127
Composites for automotive, truck and mass transit; materials, design, manufacturing. Book review 110
Comprehensive clinical audits of diagnostic radiology practices; a tool for quality improvement, quality assurance audit for diagnostic radiology improvement and learning (QUAADRIL). (CD-ROM included). Book review 145
Comprehensive lactation consultant exam review, 3d ed. (online access included). Book review 107
CompTIA Network+ (N10-004) cert guide. (CD-ROM included). Book review 108
Computation and interpretation of biological statistics of fish populations. (reprint, 1975). Brief article 166
Computational aspects of social networks; proceedings. Book review 141
Computational electronics; semi-classical and quantum device modeling and simulation. Book review 160
Computational hydrodynamics of capsules and biological cells. Brief article 162
Computational methods in plasma physics. Book review 101
Computational science and its applications; proceedings. Book review 145
Computational technology for effective health care; immediate steps and strategic directions. Brief article 175
Computer and information science; proceedings. Book review 157
Computer graphics through OpenGL; from theory to experiments. Brief article 192
Computer graphics, imaging and visualization; proceedings. Book review 116
Computers in railways XII; computer system design and operation in railways and other transit systems. Book review 214
Confectionery and chocolate engineering; principles and applications. Book review 149

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