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Articles from SciTech Book News (September 1, 2009)

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1,3-butadiene, ethylene oxide and vinyl halides (vinyl fluoride, vinyl chloride and vinyl bromide). Book review 224
100 key clinical trials; diabetes and cardiovascular disease. (reprint, 2007). Book review 93
2008 water and wastewater rate survey. Book review 130
31 days before your CCNA exam, 2d ed. Book review 122
40 inquiry exercises for the college biology lab. Brief article 204
50 plus foot challenges; assessment and evidence-based management, 2d ed. Book review 121
A (terse) introduction to Lebesgue integration. Brief article 114
A computable general equilibrium model for environment policy analysis; the case of deforestation in the Philippines. Book review 169
A contemporary approach to substance abuse and addiction counseling; a counselor's guide to application and understanding. Brief article 155
A cop doc's guide to public-safety complex trauma syndrome; using five police personality styles. Book review 118
A cruel wind; pandemic flu in America, 1918-1920. Book review 128
A dictionary of the space age. Brief article 101
A first course in Sobolev spaces. Brief article 137
A foundation for neonatal care; a multi-disciplinary guide. Book review 120
A guide to Florida grasses. Brief article 186
A guide to mathematics coaching; processes for increasing student achievement. Brief article 104
A laboratory course in biomaterials. Book review 106
A materia medica for Chinese medicine; plants, minerals, and animal products. Book review 154
A mathematician's lament. Brief article 143
A practical field guide for ISO 9001:2008. Brief article 120
A practical guide to autism; what every parent, family member, and teacher needs to know. Book review 125
A practical handbook on the pharmacovigilance of antimalarial medicines. Brief article 113
A primer of ecology, 4th ed. Book review 96
A primer on the calculus of variations and optimal control theory. Book review 162
A return to healing; radical health care reform and the future of medicine. Book review 217
A student handbook for writing in biology, 3d ed. Book review 210
A system architecture approach to the brain; from neurons to consciousness. Brief article 130
Abnormal psychology; new research. Book review 132
Accident prevention manual for business & industry; administration and programs, 13th ed. Book review 184
Accident prevention manual for business and industry; engineering and technology, 13th ed. Book review 178
Achievements of the National Plant Genome Initiative and new horizons in plant biology. Brief article 169
Achieving interoperability in critical IT and communication systems. Brief article 191
Acing the GI board exam; the ultimate crunch-time resource. Book review 159
Activities linking science with math, 5-8. Book review 133
Activities linking science with math, K-4. Brief article 151
Acts of conscience; World War II, mental institutions, and religious objectors. Book review 118
Adaptive mechanisms in migrane: a comprehensive synthesis in evolution; breaking the migrane code. Book review 132
Addressing methamphetamine abuse. Book review 145
Administration of desert and drought-prone arid areas. Book review 146
Adolescent schizophrenia. Brief article 170
Adult chest surgery. Book review 168
Adult development and aging, 6th ed. Brief article 118
Advanced AutoCAD 2010; exercise workbook. Book review 105
Advanced Chi Nei Tsang; enhancing chi energy in the vital organs. Brief article 128
Advanced engineering mathematics with modeling applications. Brief article 105
Advanced mathematical & computational tools in metrology & testing; proceedings. Book review 173
Advanced Photoshop CS4 trickery and fix. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 177
Advanced technologies for enhanced quality of life (AT-EQUAL 2009); proceedings. Brief article 186
Advances in mathematics research; v.8. Book review 138
Advances in membrane science and technology. Brief article 111
Adverse effects of hormonal contraceptives; myth and reality. Book review 143
Adverse effects of steroids. Brief article 118
Agile project management; creating innovative products, 2d ed. Book review 163
Agile technologies in open source development. Brief article 138
Agriculture, forestry, and fishing research at NIOSH; reviews of research programs of the National Institute for Occupational Safety ahd [sic] Health. Brief article 141
Air pollution in India and its impact on the health of different income groups. Book review 193
Air pollution XVII; proceedings. Brief article 204
Aircraft engine controls; design, system analysis, and health monitoring. Book review 229
Aircraft fuel systems. Brief article 141
Aircraft propulsion. Book review 104
Alcohol information for teens; health tips about alcohol and alcoholism including facts about alcohol's effects on the body, brain, and behavior..., 2d ed. Brief article 131
Alcohol, other drugs, and behavior; psychological research perspectives, 2d. ed. Brief article 173
Algae; nutrition, pollution, control, and energy sources. Brief article 98
Algebra; chapter 0. Brief article 150
Algorithmic cryptanalysis. Book review 104
Algorithms of the intelligent Web. Book review 98
America's uninsured crisis; consequences for health and health care. Book review 162
American Medical Association handbook of first aid and emergency care. Brief article 135
An enduring quest; the story of Purdue's industrial engineers. Brief article 103
An introduction to criminological theory, 3d ed. Brief article 215
An introduction to gravity currents and intrusions. Brief article 102
An introduction to the history of algebra; solving equations from Mesopotamian times to the Renaissance. Book review 190
An inventory of breeding seabirds of the Caribbean. Book review 172
Analog and VLSI circuits. Book review 154
Analytic methods of analysis and differential equations (AMADE 2006). Book review 167
Analytical fleet maintenance management, 3d ed. Book review 145
Anatomy and physiology of farm animals, 7th ed. Book review 168
Andrea Cochran; landscapes. Brief article 110
Android application development. Book review 110
Angioplasty research progress. Brief article 150
Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors. Book review 98
Animal behavior; an evolutionary approach, 9th ed. Brief article 105
Animal clinical chemistry; a practical handbook for toxicologists and biomedical researchers, 2d ed. Book review 182
Animal models of epilepsy; methods and innovations. Brief article 147
Animal reproduction; new research developments. Book review 112
Annual review of analytical chemistry; v.2, 2009. Book review 157
Annual review of biochemistry; v.78, 2009. Brief article 260
Annual review of biophysics; v.38, 2009. Book review 136
Annual review of earth and planetary sciences; v.37, 2009. Brief article 161
Annual review of marine science; v.1, 2009. Book review 151
Annual review of neuroscience; v.32, 2009. Book review 151
Annual review of physical chemistry; v.60, 2009. Book review 164
Annual review of plant biology; v.60, 2009. Book review 132
Annual review of public health; v.30, 2009. Brief article 116
Anorexia. Book review 142
Another view of the brain system. Brief article 115
Antennas for base stations in wireless communications. Book review 123
Antennas; fundamentals, design, measurement, 3d ed. Book review 183
Anthony's textbook of anatomy & physiology, 19th ed. Brief article 105
Anthrax in humans and animals, 4th ed. Brief article 145
Anti-tuberculosis drug resistance in the world, 4th global report. Brief article 154
Anticancer drugs; design, delivery and pharmacology. Book review 125
Antimicrobial activity of lactoferrin and lactoferrin derived peptides. Book review 98
Antiviral research; strategies in antiviral drug discovery. Book review 152
Anxiety in college students. Book review 89
Application of concurrency to system design (ACSD 2009); proccedings. Brief article 171
Application of solution protein chemistry to biotechnology. Brief article 110
Applications of knot theory; proceedings. Brief article 107
Applied calculus of variations for engineers. Brief article 98
Applied combinatories, 2d ed. Brief article 207
Applied muscle biology and meat science. Brief article 211
Aquaculture research progress. Brief article 110
Aquatic ecosystem research trends. Book review 118
Architectural photography; composition, capture, and digital image processing. Brief article 115
Arithmetic, geometry, cryptography, and coding theory; proceedings. Brief article 148
Arthritis in color; advanced imaging of arthritis. Book review 159
Arthroscopic techniques of the knee; a visual guide. Brief article 121
Arthroscopic techniques of the shoulder; a visual guide. Brief article 151
Artificial intelligence in wireless communications. Book review 143
Artificial intelligence; new research. Brief article 141
ASHP's clinical pearls. Brief article 91
ASHP's informatics pearls. Brief article 129
ASHP's management pearls. Brief article 136
Asperger meets girl; happy endings for Asperger boys. Book review 103
Asperger syndrome and anxiety; a guide to successful stress management. Brief article 120
Asset management research needs roadmap. Book review 176
ASTM consumer safety specification for toy safety; with official Chinese translation, 2d ed. Book review 126
ASTM standards for flexible barrier packaging design. Book review 114
Astrocytes in (patho)physiology of the nervous system. Brief article 147
Athletic training student primer; a foundation for success, 2d ed. Book review 112
Atlas of cardiac surgical techniques. Book review 128
Atlas of clinical gross anatomy. (reprint, 2005). Book review 119
Atlas of descriptive histology. Book review 133
Atlas of interventional pain management, 3d ed. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 172
Atlas of the human body; anatomy, physiology, health. Brief article 122
Atmospheric science research progress. Book review 102
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; diagnosis and management of ADHD in children, young people and adults. National clinical practice guideline number 72. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 249
Audubon: beyond birds; plant portraits and consevation heritage of John James Audubon. Brief article 160
Autism and diet; what you need to know. Book review 186
Autism and gastrointestinal complaints; what you need to know. Brief article 104
Autism spectrum disorders and AAC. Book review 155
AutoCAD pocket reference, 4th ed. Book review 105
Autoimmunity; role, regulation, and disorders. Brief article 130
Automated people mover standards; pt.2. Brief article 133
Automated people mover standards; pt.3. Book review 135
Automated people movers; connecting people, connecting places, connecting modes; proceedings. Brief article 138
Automation made easy; everything you wanted to know about automation--and need to ask. Brief article 126
Automorphic forms and L-functions 1; Global aspects; proceedings. Brief article 174
Automorphic forms and L-functions 2; local aspects. Book review 161
Babies for the nation; medicalization of motherhood in Quebec 1910-1970. Brief article 129
Backbone of the Americas; shallow subduction, plateau uplift, and ridge and terrane collision. Brief article 142
Bacterial sensing and signaling. Brief article 128
Basic skills in interpreting laboratory data, 4th ed. Book review 197
Beach management guidelines; principles and practice. Brief article 125
Beautiful security. Book review 131
Becoming a synthesizer wizard; from presets to power user. Book review 112
Becoming an imperfect world. Book review 147
Beginning AutoCAD 2010; exercise workbook. Brief article 81
Behavioral modeling for embedded systems and technologies; applications for design and implementation. Book review 163
Behavioral pediatrics, 3d ed. Brief article 133
Best practices for datacom facility energy efficiency, 2d ed. Book review 121
Beyond "fortress America"; national security controls on science and technology in a globalized world. Brief article 133
Beyond the body farm; a legendary bone detective explores murders, mysteries, and the revolution in forensic science. (reprint, 2007). Book review 125
Beyond topology. Brief article 148
Biennial review of infertility; v.1. Book review 140
Binge eating; psychological factors, symptoms and treatment. Book review 148
Binomium chitin-chitinase; recent issues. Book review 196
Bio-inspired, learning, and intelligent systems for security; proceedings. Book review 202
Bioactive components in milk and dairy products. Brief article 119
Bioactive peptides. Book review 177
Biocatalysis and agricultural biotechnology. Brief article 195
Biochemical applications of nonlinear optical spectroscopy. Book review 136
Biogeochemical controls on palaeoceanographic environmental proxies. Book review 148
Biogeography and biodiversity. Brief article 126
Bioinformatics for DNA sequence analysis. Book review 157
Bioinformatics, systems biology and intelligent computing; proceedings. Brief article 161
Biological data mining in protein interaction networks. Brief article 240
Biological wastewater treatment; principles, modelling and design. Book review 183
Biotechnology; a comprehensive training guide for the biotechnology industry. Brief article 140
Birds. Book review 85
Boarding time; the psychiatry candidate's new guide to part II of the ABPN examination, 4th ed.(DVD included). Book review 162
Bodies in doubt; an American history of intersex. Brief article 167
Boilers for power and process. Book review 133
Boolean functions in cryptology and information security; proceedings. Brief article 152
Borderline personality disorder; new research. Brief article 155
Botanical medicine; from bench to bedside. Brief article 172
Brain mapping research progress. Brief article 146
Brain-mind machinery; brain-inspired computing and mind opening. Book review 112
Breeding for robustness in cattle. Brief article 170
Budgeting, costing, and estimating for the injection moulding industry. Brief article 170
Building a sustainable future; proceedings; 2v. Brief article 146
Building an ecosystem approach to aquaculture; proceedings. Book review 118
Building bone vitality; a revolutionary diet plan to prevent bone loss and reverse osteoporosis. Brief article 142
Building healthy communities through medical-religious partnerships, 2d ed. Brief article 131
Building vulnerability assessments; industrial hygiene and engineering concepts. Brief article 120
Bulk nanostructured materials. Book review 208
Business intelligence; artificial intelligence in business, industry and engineering; proceedings. Book review 163
C-reactive protein; new research. Brief article 142
Caddisflies; a field guide to eastern species for anglers and other naturalists. Brief article 142
Calcium and bone disorders in children and adolescents. Book review 141
Cam design and manufacturing handbook, 2d ed. Book review 143
Can the world afford autistic spectrum disorder?; nonverbal communication, Asperger syndrome and the interbrain. Brief article 149
Cancer on the margins; method and meaning in participatory research. Book review 182
Cancer prevention research compendium; v.2. Book review 152
Cancer rehabilitation; principles & practice. Book review 206
Canine ergonomics; the science of working dogs. Book review 124
Capturing the stars; astrophotography by the masters. Brief article 82
Capybaras; a natural history of the world's largest rodent. Brief article 164
Carbon nanotubes; new research. Brief article 148
Cardiac electrophysiology; from cell to bedside, 5th ed. Brief article 277
Cardiomyopathies; causes, effects, and treatment. Brief article 126
Caribbean diseases; Doctor George Low's expedition in 1901-02. Brief article 145
Carl Sagan; a biography. (reprint, 2004). Brief article 162
Carrying the heart; exploring the worlds within us. Brief article 116
Case files; biochemistry, 2d ed. Brief article 149
Case files; emergency medicine, 2d ed. Brief article 139
Case files; internal medicine, 3d ed. Brief article 125
Case files; obstetrics and gynecology, 3d ed. Book review 133
Case files; psychiatry, 3d ed. Brief article 143
Case files; surgery, 3d ed. Book review 126
Case reports in pediatric dentistry. Brief article 130
Cases and concepts; step 1: Basic science review. Brief article 157
Cases and concepts; step 1: Pathophysiology review. Book review 159
Cases; introducing communication disorders across the life span. (DVD included). Book review 132
Catalysis of organic reactions; proceedings. Brief article 171
Categoricity. Book review 109
Causes and risks for autism. Brief article 137
Caveman logic; the persistence of primitive thinking in the modern world. Book review 155
Cell-based assays for high-throughput screening. Book review 111
Cellular and molecular immunology, 6th rev.ed. Book review 120
Cellular structure of the human cerebral cortex, rev.ed. Brief article 162
Challenges and successes in reducing health disparities; workshop summary. Book review 127
Chaos & complexity; new research. Brief article 156
Chemical infrastructure protection and homeland security. Brief article 94
Chemistry and biochemistry; from pure to applied science (a festschrift in honor of the 75th brithday of professor Gennady E. Zaikov). Book review 188
Chestnut's obstetric anesthesia; principles and practice, 4th ed. Brief article 176
Chicle; the chewing gum of the Americas, from the ancient Maya to William Wrigley. Brief article 163
Child and adolescent health yearbook, 2008. Book review 178
Child psychology; a contemporary view point, 7th ed. Brief article 189
Children and secondhand smoke exposure. Book review 96
Children's health in a traditional society. Brief article 142
Chirality in transition metal chemistry; molecules, supramolecular assemblies and materials. Book review 111
Chronotherapeutics for affective disorders; a clinician's manual for light and wake therapy. Book review 151
Circles of exclusion; the politics of the health care in Israel. Book review 134
Circuits, communications and system; proceedings. Brief article 176
Cisco ASA configuration. Book review 132
Cisco IOS XR fundamentals. Book review 126
Cisco routers for the desperate; router and switch management, the easy way, 2d ed. Brief article 102
Cisco TelePresence fundamentals. Book review 135
Classification methods for remotely sensed data, 2d ed. Brief article 130
Climate change and The World Bank Group; phase 1: An evaluation of World Bank win-win energy policy reforms. Brief article 130
Clinical chemistry; theory, analysis, correlation, 5th ed. Book review 210
Clinical coach for effective nursing care for older adults. Book review 148
Clinical coach for effective perioperative nursing care. Book review 120
Clinical handbook of psychotropic drugs, 18th rev. ed. Book review 176
Clinical hematology and fundamentals of hemostasis, 5th ed. Book review 155
Clinical review of oral and maxillofacial surgery. (CD-ROM included). Book review 204
Clinical success in bone surgery with ultrasonic devices. Book review 128
Clinical success in endodontic retreatment. Book review 161
Clinical vignettes for the USMLE step 2 CK; PreTest self-assessment and review, 5th ed. Book review 160
Clinical virology manual, 4th ed. Brief article 243
Clinically oriented anatomy, 6th ed. Book review 220
Clinician's guide to surgical care. Brief article 144
Coach yourself through the autism spectrum. Brief article 123
Coal mine safety. Brief article 220
Cognitive and emotional processes in web-based education; integrating human factors and personalization. Book review 124
Cognitive load factors in instructional design for advanced learners. Brief article 158
Cognitive science compendium; v.2. Brief article 111
Cognitive therapy techniques for children and adolescents; tools for enhancing practice. Book review 141
Collaborative business process engineering and global organizations; frameworks for service integration. Book review 166
Collider; the search for the world's smallest particles. Book review 146
Color atlas of histology, 5th ed. Book review 129
Combinatorial pattern matching algorithms in computational biology using Perl and R. Book review 235
Combined-cycle gas & steam turbine power plants, 3d ed. Book review 150
Communicating process architectures 2008; proceedings. Book review 137
Communication satellite antennas; system architecture, technology, and evaluation. Book review 141
Community health care in Cuba; an enduring model. Book review 141
Comorbiditiy of depression and alcohol use disorders. Book review 122
Compendium of beet diseases and pests, 2d ed. Brief article 148
Complete Adobe Photoshop CS4 for digital photographers. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 137
Complexity and security; proceedings. Book review 225
Comprehensive stress management, 11th ed. Brief article 205
CompTIA network+ exam guide, 4th ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 106
CompTIA network+ N10-004 exam prep, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 119
Computation of integers; math intervention for elementary and middle grades students. Brief article 141
Computational aspects of social networks; proceedings. Book review 192
Computational complexity; proceedings. Book review 126
Computational intelligence and natural computing; proceedings; 2v. Book review 110
Computational methods and experimental measurements XIV; proceedings. Book review 161
Computational methods in multiphase flow V; proceedings. Brief article 171
Computational sciences and its applications; selected papers. Book review 183
Computational sciences and optimization; proceedings; 2v. Brief article 155
Computational systems biology. Book review 183
Computer aided design and design automation. Brief article 171
Computer aided optimum design in engineering XI; proceedings. Brief article 212
Computer and information science; proceedings. Book review 144
Computer arithmetic; proceedings. Book review 160
Computer evidence; collection and preservation, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 151
Computer graphics, imaging and visualization; new advances and trends; proceedings. Book review 190
Computer orchestration; tips and tricks. Book review 87

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