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Articles from SciTech Book News (March 1, 2009)

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'Lepers outside the gate'; excavations at the cemetery of the Hospital of St James and St Mary Magdalene, Chichester, 1986-87 and 1993. (CD-ROM included). Book review 263
'The cruel madness of love'; sex, syphilis and psychiatry in Scotland, 1880-1930. Book review 203
100 questions & answers about anorexia nervosa. Book review 90
100 questions & answers about breast cancer, 3d ed. Brief article 171
100 questions & answers about endometriosis. Book review 86
100 questions & answers about head and brain injuries. Book review 88
100 questions & answers about influenza. Brief article 102
100 questions & answers about liver cancer, 2d ed. Brief article 159
100 questions & answers about prostate cancer, 2d ed. Brief article 97
100 questions & answers about your digestive health; a Lahey Clinic guide. Brief article 149
100 questions and answers about kidney disease and hypertension. Book review 104
150 great tech prep careers, 2d ed. Book review 119
50 green projects for the evil genius. Book review 125
50 mathematics lessons; rich and engaging ideas for secondary mathematics. Book review 155
A clinician's guide to 12-step recovery. Book review 119
A concise introduction to image processing using C++. ( CD ROM included). Book review 143
A family guide to concurrent disorders. Brief article 107
A first course in complex analysis with applications, 2d ed. Book review 159
A focus of discoveries. Brief article 123
A guide to the World Anti-Doping Code; the fight for the spirit of sport. Book review 137
A laboratory course for programming with Java, 2d ed. Book review 181
A librarian's guide to cultivating an elementary school garden. Book review 149
A lifetime of intelligence; follow-up studies of the Scottish mental surveys of 1932 and 1947. Book review 175
A lifetime of puzzles; a collection of puzzles in honor of Martin Gardner's 90th birthday. Book review 146
A multidisciplinary handbook of child and adolescent mental health for front-line professionals, 2d ed. Brief article 169
A new horned dinosaur from an Upper Cretaceous bone bed in Alberta. Book review 160
A practical approach to quantitative metal analysis of organic matrices. Brief article 167
A practical guide to Ubuntu Linux, 2d ed. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 150
A primer of child and adolescent psychiatry. Book review 158
A sourcebook of HIV/AIDS prevention programs; v.2; Education sector-wide approaches. Book review 183
A systematic approach to strabismus, 2d ed. Book review 111
A technical & operational history of the Liberty engine; tanks, ships and aircraft 1917-1960. Book review 130
Accerlerated Silverlight 2. Book review 146
Accident and safety information for teens; health tips about health hazards, traumatic injuries, and emergency preparedness including facts about motor vehicle accidents, burns, poisoning, firearms, natural disasters, national security threats, and more. Brief article 145
Accidental falls; causes, preventions, and interventions. Book review 115
Acid rain research focus. Brief article 166
Active tectonics and seismic potential of Alaska. (CD-ROM included). Book review 151
Acute care surgery; a guide for general surgeons. Brief article 155
Acute endocrinology; from cause to consequence. Book review 163
Acute management of hand injuries. Book review 105
Adaptive phased array thermotherapy for cancer. Brief article 139
ADD/ADHD drug free; natural alternatives and practical exercises to help your child focus. Book review 175
Addictive behaviors; new readings on etiology, prevention, and treatment. Book review 134
Addressing China's water scarcity; recommendations for selected water resource management issues. Book review 108
ADHD comorbidities; handbook for ADHD complications in children and adults. Brief article 123
ADHD. Book review 99
Adobe AIR 1.5 cookbook. Book review 158
Adobe AIR programming unleashed. Book review 100
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 on demand. Book review 143
Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 unleashed. Book review 142
Adobe Flash CS4 professional on demand. Book review 97
Adobe Illustrator CS4 on demand. Book review 109
Adobe InDesign CS4 on demand. Book review 137
Adobe Photoshop CS4 on demand. Book review 142
Adobe Photoshop CS4; one-on-one. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 187
Adobe Photoshop elements 7 on demand. Book review 123
Adolescent health services; missing opportunities. Book review 120
Adolescents with cancer; the influence of close relationships on quality of life, distress, and health behaviors. Brief article 144
Adult CCRN certification review. (CD-ROM included). Book review 173
Advanced computer theory and engineering; proceedings. Book review 161
Advanced manufacture; focusing on new and emerging technologies; proceedings. Book review 141
Advanced materials and design for electromagnetic interference shielding. Brief article 117
Advanced materials forum IV; proceedings. Brief article 176
Advanced membrane technology and applications. Book review 191
Advanced nanomedicine and nanobiotechnology. Book review 115
Advanced pattern recognition technologies with applications to biometrics. Brief article 139
Advanced powder technology; proceedings. Book review 147
Advanced principles for improving database design, systems modeling and software development. Brief article 149
Advanced protocols in oxidative stress 1. Brief article 142
Advanced software engineering & its applications; proceedings. Book review 128
Advanced software testing; guide to the ISTQB advanced certification as an advanced test analyst. Book review 120
Advanced software testing; v.2. Book review 120
Advances in enzymology and related areas of molecular biology, v.76. Book review 146
Advances in experimental mechanics VI; proceedings. Brief article 194
Advances in flow analysis. Book review 150
Advances in food dehydration. Brief article 128
Advances in functional heterochain polymers. Book review 88
Advances in hazardous industrial waste treatment. Book review 182
Advances in intelligent information processing; tools and applications. Book review 138
Advances in light emitting materials. Book review 133
Advances in machining & manufacturing technology IX; proceedings. Brief article 183
Advances in multi-photon processes and spectroscopy; v.18. Brief article 138
Advances in nanostructured materials processed by severe plastic deformation. Brief article 136
Advances in organic light-emitting devices. Book review 132
Advances in pattern recognition; proceedings. Brief article 119
Advances in plasma physics research; v.6. Brief article 130
Advances in shape memory materials; magnetic shape memory alloys. Book review 171
Advances in string theory; the First Sowers Workshop in Theoretical Physics; proceedings. Brief article 169
Advances in the management of testosterone deficiency. Brief article 168
Advances in the use of hypnosis for medicine, dentistry and pain prevention/management. Book review 180
Advances in tissue engineering. Book review 184
Advances in understanding the fatigue behavior of materials. Book review 129
Advances on extrusion technology and simulation of light alloys. Book review 145
Adventure sport physiology. Book review 121
Adventures in group theory; Rubik's Cube, Merlin's machine, and other mathematical toys, 2d ed. Book review 96
Against physician assisted suicide; a pallative care perspective. Book review 98
Ageing of composites. Book review 140
Agent technologies and web engineering; applications and systems. Book review 168
Agile testing; a practical guide for testers and agile teams. Book review 130
Agricultural irrigation research progress. Brief article 150
Aha! solutions. Book review 96
AIDS, culture, and Africa. Book review 130
Airpower and technology; smart and unmanned weapons. Brief article 144
Albright's chemical engineering handbook. Brief article 186
Alcohol and drug misuse; a handbook for students and health professionals. Brief article 133
Algebra; a graduate course. Brief article 105
Algorithmic number theory; lattices, number fields, curves and cryptography. Book review 175
Algorithms and protocols for wireless sensor networks. Brief article 126
Algorithms in a nutshell. Book review 127
Alien volcanoes. Book review 142
Aligning incentives, information, and choice; how to optimize health and human capital performance. Brief article 159
Alphabet kids - from ADD to Zellweger syndrome; a guide to developmental, neurobiological and psychological disorders for parents and professionals. Brief article 139
Aluminum alloys; fabrication, characterization and applications; proceedings. Book review 129
Ambushed on the jaguar trail; hidden cameras on the Mexican border. Brief article 142
American drug index 2009, 53rd ed. Book review 94
American Medical Association complete guide to prevention and wellness; what you need to know about preventing illness, staying healthy, and living longer. Brief article 151
Amino acid receptor research. Brief article 169
Amorphous and polycrystalline thin-film silicon science and technology; proceedings. Book review 191
An elementary course in partial differential equations, 2d ed. Book review 115
An insight into dementia care in India. Book review 140
Analytic construction with moderate and severe disturbance; philosophy and science frame patient gain. Book review 177
Analytical methods for risk management; a systems engineering perspective. Book review 110
Anatomy & physiology; an incredibly easy! workout. Book review 123
Angina pectoris; etiology, pathogenesis, and treatment. Brief article 117
Angiogenesis protocols, 2d ed. Brief article 116
Angiotensin research progress. Book review 153
Animal behavior; new research. Book review 99
Animal models of acute neurological injuries. Book review 153
Annual review of cell and developmental biology; v.24, 2008. Book review 113
Annual review of ecology, evolution and systematics; v.39, 2008. Book review 134
Annual review of entomology; v.54, 2009. Book review 114
Annual review of environment and resources; v.33, 2008. Book review 141
Annual review of fluid mechanics; v.41, 2008. Book review 127
Annual review of genetics; v.42, 2008. Book review 152
Annual review of nuclear and particle science; v.58, 2008. Book review 129
Annual review of psychology; v.60, 2009. Book review 108
Answers to the health questions people ask in libraries; a Medical Library Association guide. Book review 128
Aortic aneurysms; pathogensis and treatment. Book review 183
Apple, Inc. Book review 123
Application-layer fault-tolerance protocols. Brief article 120
Applications of texture analysis. Book review 176
Applied dynamics; with applications to multibody and mechatronic systems, 2d ed. Brief article 133
Applied statistical science research. Book review 123
Archaeoastronomy in East Asia; historical observational records of comets and meteor showers from China, Japan and Korea. Book review 161
Architecting software intensive systems; a practitioner's guide. Book review 121
Arctic sea ice decline; observations, projections, mechanisms, and implications. Book review 185
Around the eye in 365 days. Book review 146
Arsenic contamination of groundwater; mechanism, analysis, and remediation. Brief article 143
Artificial intelligence for maximizing content based image retrieval. Brief article 131
Artificial neural networks; methods and applications. Brief article 98
Asia-Pacific software engineering conference; proceedings. Brief article 141
Asian test symposium; proceedings. Brief article 149
Ask Click and Clack; answers from Car talk. Book review 85
ASP.NET 3.5 Ajax unleashed. Book review 114
ASP.NET 3.5; a beginner's guide. Book review 148
Asperger syndrome and employment; what people with Asperger syndrome really really want. Brief article 100
Aspergillus fumigatus and aspergillosis. Book review 172
Assessment of autism spectrum disorders. Brief article 103
Asthma; etiology, pathogenesis & treatment. Book review 136
ASTM standards for mechanical fasteners and related processes, 2d ed. Book review 138
Atlas of fish histology. Book review 165
Atlas of interventional neurology. Brief article 175
Atlas of migmatites. Book review 108
Atlas of thyroid surgery. (DVD included). Book review 120
Atmospheric science at NASA; a history. Brief article 165
Atomic charges, bond properties, and molecular energies. Book review 126
Atomic layer deposition applications 4; proceedings. Book review 151
Attacking inequality in the health sector; a synthesis of evidence and tools. Brief article 132
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; creativity, novelty seeking & risk. Brief article 167
Auditory and vestibular research; methods and protocols. Book review 161
Augmented cognition; a practitioner's guide. Brief article 197
Auriculotherapy. Brief article 139
Austin and Boxerman's information systems for healthcare management, 7th ed. Book review 171
Authorized self-study guide; designing Cisco network service architectures (ARCH), 2d ed. Book review 175
Autism. Book review 90
Autism; current theories and evidence. Book review 146
Automated solutions for cross media content and multi-channel distribution; proceedings. Brief article 135
Aviation project management. Book review 170
Bacterial endocarditis; etiology, pathogenesis, and interventions. Book review 143
Balancing fisheries management and water uses for impounded river systems. Book review 146
Ballenger's otorhinolaryingology head and neck surgery; 17, centennial ed. Book review 202
Bang!; the complete history of the universe, 2d ed. Brief article 144
Bariatric plastic surgery; a guide to cosmetic surgery after weight loss. Book review 98
Basic biostatistics for geneticists and epidemiologists; a practical approach. Book review 147
Basics of nanotechnology, 3d ed. Book review 124
Basics of public health core competencies. Book review 125
Basis properties and completeness of certain systems of elementary functions. Brief article 111
Battlefield and disaster nursing pocket guide. Brief article 116
Battleground science and technology; 2v. Brief article 162
Be a successful green builder. Brief article 169
Be safe! Manager's guide to radiation and waste anesthetic gases. Brief article 116
Becoming Batman; the possibility of a superhero. Brief article 136
Beginning PHP and MySQL; from novice to professional, 3d ed. Brief article 146
Beginning Transact-SQL with SQL Server 2000 and 2005. Brief article 129
Behavior modification in child treatment; an experimental and clinical approach. Book review 120
Behavioral emergencies; an evidence-based resource for evaluating and managing suicidal behavior, violence, and victimization. Book review 138
Berkowitz's Pediatrics; a primary care approach, 3d ed. Brief article 158
Best of Human factors; thirty classic contributions to human factors/ergonomics science and engineering. Brief article 149
Best practices and conceptual innovations in information resources management; utilizing technologies to enable global progressions. Book review 141
Best practices for datacom facility energy efficiency. Book review 101
Best practices in residential treatment. Book review 95
Best practices in the behavioral management of chronic disease; v.1: Neuropsychiatric disorders. Book review 108
Best practices in the behavioral management of chronic disease; v.2: Other medical disorders. Book review 178
Best practices in the behavioral management of health from preconception to adolesence; v.3. Book review 189
Beta blockers; new research. Book review 94
Beyond anthrax; the weaponization of infectious diseases. Book review 209
Beyond the catch; fisheries of the North Atlantic, the North Sea and the Baltic, 900-1850. Book review 191
Biobehavioral approaches to pain. Book review 234
Biocatalysis research progress. Book review 106
Biodegradable polymer blends and composites from renewable resources. Book review 127
Biodiversity 101. Book review 106
Bioethics at the movies. Brief article 106
Biofuel support policies; an economic assessment. Book review 109
Biofuels; illusion or reality?: the European experience. Book review 128
Bioinformatics and biomedicine; proceedings. Brief article 154
Biological psychology; new research. Brief article 104
Biological treatment processes. Book review 136
Biomacromolecular mass spectrometry research progress. Book review 112
Biomacromolecular mass spectrometry research. Book review 113
Biomarkers for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. Book review 121
Biomaterials and biomedical engineering. Brief article 181
Biomedical graduate school; a planning guide to the admissions process. Brief article 107
Biomimetic and supramolecular systems research. Brief article 160
Bionanotechnology; global prospects. Brief article 204
Biosorption and bioaccumulation in practice. Book review 122
Bipolar 101; a practical guide to identifying triggers, managing medications, coping with symptoms, and more. Book review 167
Birds of the American Southwest, 2d ed. Book review 106
Birds of the world; 11v. Book review 225
Biscuits of number theory. Book review 212
BNI building news; electrical 2009 costbook, 16th ed. Brief article 185
BNI building news; home builders 2009 costbook, 17th ed. Book review 167
BNI building news; remodeling 2009 costbook, 19th ed. Book review 169
Bodies of knowledge; the medicalization of reproduction in Greece. Book review 111
Body image, eating disorders, and obesity in youth; assessment, prevention, and treatment, 2d ed. Book review 162
Boothe's small animal formulary, 6th ed. Book review 100
Brain stimulation therapies for clinicians. Book review 120
Breakthrough perspectives in network and data communications security, design, and applications. Brief article 133
Breast cancer; an atlas of investigation and management. Book review 151
Brilliant digital photography, 2d ed. Brief article 117
Broadband growth and policies in OECD countries. Brief article 86
Build a program now! Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 express edition. (CD-ROM included). Book review 132
Building a GIS; system architecture design strategies for managers. (CD-ROM included). Book review 150
Building evaluation for adaptive reuse and preservation. Book review 147
Business operations. Book review 93
Business research methods and statistics using SPSS. Book review 141
C# 2008 fundamentals I and II; based on C# 2008 for programmers, 3d ed. DVD (booklet included). Video recording review 152
C++; an active learning approach. Book review 173
CAHSEE-Math; California high school exit exam, 2d ed. Brief article 82
Calcium phosphate based bioceramics for bone tissue engineering. Book review 183
Canadian scientists and inventors; biographies of people who shaped our world, 2d ed. Book review 173
Cancer and stem cells. Book review 126
Cancer epidemiology; v.1: Host susceptibility factors. Book review 156
Cancer epidemiology; v.2: modifiable factors. Book review 157
Cancer epigenetics. Book review 168
Cancer prevention research trends. Brief article 130
Canning technology; principles, applications and recent technological advances. Book review 101
Cardiovascular care made incredibly easy!, 2d ed. Book review 101
Cardiovascular endocrinology; shared pathways and clinical crossroads. Book review 142
Caring in nursing practice. Brief article 84
Case files. Physiology, 2d ed. Book review 170
Casebook of psychosomatic medicine. Brief article 121
Catastrophic injuries in sport and recreation; causes and prevention--a Canadian study. Book review 134
Catheter ablation of persistent atrial fibrillation; a practical guide. Book review 138
Causes and effects of heavy metal pollution. Brief article 140
Cave paintings and the human spirit; the origin of art and belief. Book review 100
CBT for beginners. Book review 133
CCNA security exam cram; IINS exam 640-553. (CD-ROM included). Book review 81
CCNA voice exam cram. (CD-ROM included). Book review 118
Cell cycle control; new research. Book review 146
Cellular and porous materials; thermal properties simulation and prediction. Book review 173
Cellular diagnostics; basic principles, methods, and clinical applications of flow cytometry. Book review 174
Cellular respiration and carcinogenesis. Brief article 132
Cellular signal processing; an introduction to the molecular mechanisms of signal transduction. Book review 170
Ceramic matrix composites; fiber reinforced ceramics and their applications. Book review 159
CFD models for analysis & design of PEM fuel cells. Book review 108
Chaos and complexity research progress. Book review 163
Chapters in the evolution of chromatography. Book review 167
Chemical reactions on surfaces. Brief article 127
Chemical sensors 8: chemical (gas, ion, bio) sensors and analytical systems; proceedings. Brief article 174
Chemistry at Oxford; a history from 1600 to 2005. Book review 102
Chemistry for life sciences, 2d ed. Book review 146
Chemistry of nanocrystalline oxide materials; combustion synthesis, properties and applications. Brief article 158
Chemobrain; how cancer therapies can affect your mind: What families, and doctors need to know. Book review 92
Child abuse; medical diagnosis and management, 3d ed. Brief article 184
Child nutrition physiology. Book review 124
Children and exercise XXIV; proceedings. Book review 151
China and international environmental liability; legal remedies for transboundary pollution. Brief article 195
China's science and technology sector and the forces of globalisation. Book review 163
Chiral nuclear dynamics II; from quarks to nuclei to compact stars. Book review 120
Chromatic graph theory. Book review 157
Chronic illness; impact and intervention, 7th ed. Book review 148
Chronic pain; a primary care guide to practical management, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 107
CISSP practice questions exam cram, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 128
City of trees; the complete field guide to the trees of Washington, D.C., 3d ed. Brief article 181
Class field theory, 2d ed. (reprint, 1967). Book review 124
Classical and generalized models of elastic rods. Book review 124
Classical and quantum gravity research. Brief article 125
Cleaner technologies; environmental management accounting, investment appraisal, and financing. Book review 133
Climate action; getting greener, getting slimmer, and going digital!, 2d ed. Book review 83
Climate change from Pole to Pole; biology investigations. Book review 135

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