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Articles from SciTech Book News (June 1, 2009)

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10 minute ENT consult. Book review 156
125 physics projects for the evil genius. Brief article 136
15 most common obstacles to world-class reliability; a roadmap for managers. Brief article 85
2009 HCPCS; level II, professional ed. Brief article 152
68W advanced field craft; combat medic skills. Book review 121
A bibliographic guide to North American industry; history, health, and hazardous waste. Book review 129
A call to nursing; stories about challenge and commitment. Brief article 149
A century of carrier aviation; the evolution of ships and shipborne aircraft. Brief article 112
A cognitive-behavioral treatment program for overcoming alcohol problems; therapist guide. Book review 134
A cognitive-behavioral treatment program for overcoming alcohol problems; workbook. Brief article 122
A comprehensive review of lubricant technology; selection, and design. Book review 125
A course in approximation theory. Book review 107
A handbook of bioethics terms. Book review 140
A handbook of statistical analysis using SAS, 3d ed. Brief article 114
A history of infectious diseases and the microbial world. Book review 130
A practice of anesthesia for infants and children, 4th ed. (pocket reference guide included). Book review 312
A primer of genome science, 3d ed. Book review 146
A sea without fish; life in the Ordovician sea of the Cincinnati region. Brief article 208
A simulation tool to assess contaminant warning system sensor performance characteristics. Brief article 123
A sociology of health. Book review 119
A-GPS; assisted GPS, GNSS, and SBAS. Brief article 123
Abernathy's surgical secrets, 6th ed. Brief article 144
Absolute C++, 4th ed. Book review 156
Acanthamoeba; biology and pathogenesis. Brief article 120
Acceptance sampling in quality control, 2d ed. Brief article 183
Acoustic absorbers and diffusers; theory, design and application, 2d ed. Brief article 130
ACSM's worksite health promotion handbook; a guide to building healthy and productive companies, 2d ed. Book review 205
Adrenal imaging. Brief article 124
Adrenal toxicology. Book review 145
Adult audiologic rehabilitation. Book review 177
Advanced biological treatment processes. Book review 133
Advanced computer control; proceedings. Book review 169
Advanced consulting in family medicine; the consultation expertise model. Book review 118
Advanced differential quadrature methods. Book review 169
Advanced drying technologies, 2d ed. Brief article 127
Advanced linear algebra for engineers with MATLAB. Brief article 113
Advanced processes for 193-nm immersion lithography. Book review 149
Advanced science and technology; proceedings. Brief article 129
Advanced signal processing; theory and implementation for sonar, radar, and non-invasive medical diagnostic systems, 2d ed. Book review 237
Advances in algebra and combinatorics; proceedings. Book review 146
Advances in ceramic armor; proceedings. Brief article 181
Advances in chemical physics; v.141. Book review 170
Advances in chromatography; v.47. Brief article 126
Advances in deep-fat frying of foods. Brief article 129
Advances in fracture and damage mechanics VII; proceedings. Book review 136
Advances in ground improvement research to practice in the United States and China; proceedings. Book review 173
Advances in mathematical problems in engineering aerospace and sciences. Book review 132
Advances in mixed methods research; theories and applications. Book review 154
Advances in numerical heat transfer; v.3. Book review 124
Advances in quantum computation; proceedings. Book review 117
Advances in semantic media adaptation and personalization; v.2. Brief article 138
Agricultural systems; economics, technology and diversity. Brief article 131
AIDS vaccines, HIV receptors, and AIDS research. Book review 108
Air pollution XVI; proceedings. Brief article 274
Air quality; new research. Brief article 142
Airfield and highway pavements; efficient pavements supporting transportation's future; proceedings. Book review 146
Albatrosses. Brief article 125
Algebraic analysis and around in honor of Professor Masaki Kashiwara's 60th birthday; proceedings. Brief article 134
Algebraic geometry; 2v. Brief article 201
Algebras, representations, and applications; proceedings. Brief article 143
ALS skills review. Brief article 108
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis; a guide for patients and families, 3d ed. Brief article 213
An American trilogy; death, slavery, and dominion on the banks of the Cape Fear River. Brief article 168
An insider's guide to better nursing home care; 75 tips you should know. Book review 129
An introduction to cut-off grade estimation. Book review 278
An introduction to drugs in sport; addicted to winning? Brief article 118
An introduction to population genetics theory. (Reprint, 1970). Book review 149
An introduction to the sociology of health and illness, 2d ed. Book review 113
Analysis of messy data; v.1: Designed experiments, 2d ed. Book review 152
Anatomy & physiology, 7th ed. Book review 190
Angiogenesis research progress. Book review 109
Animal life. Young adult review 133
Animal models of human cognitive aging. Brief article 133
Animal production and animal science worldwide; WAAP book of the year 2007. Book review 194
Animalcules; the activities, impacts, and investigators of microbes. Book review 116
Annual review of clinical psychology; v.5. Book review 147
Annual review of immunology; v.27, 2009. Brief article 127
Annual review of medicine; v.60, 2009. Book review 150
Annual review of pathology; mechanisms of disease; v.4, 2009. Book review 221
Annual review of pharmacology and toxicology; v.49, 2009. Book review 149
Annual review of physiology; v.71, 2009. Book review 126
Anticancer therapeutics. Book review 143
Aortic diseases; clinical diagnostic imaging atlas. (DVD included). Book review 203
AP environmental science, 3d ed. Brief article 116
Aperiodic structures in condensed matter; fundamentals and applications. Book review 137
Applied adhesive bonding; a practical guide for flawless results. Brief article 100
Applied algebra; codes, ciphers, and discrete algorithms, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 169
Applied ethology; addressing future challenges in animal agriculture; proceedings. Brief article 177
Applied stochastic modelling, 2d ed. Book review 129
Applying evidence-based laboratory medicine; a step-by-step guide. Book review 201
Appreciating Asperger syndrome; looking at the upside, with 300 positive points. Book review 173
Aptamers in bioanalysis. Book review 101
Archaeological chemistry, 2d ed. Brief article 198
Architecting secure software systems. Book review 125
Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; a review. Book review 81
ARM assembly language; fundamentals and techniques. Brief article 142
Aromaticity; exploring basic chemical concepts with the quantum theory of atoms in molecules. Brief article 102
Art therapy with chronic physically ill adolescents; exploring the effectiveness of medical art therapy as a complementary treatment. Book review 130
Artificial intelligence; proceedings. Brief article 195
Asklepios, medicine, and the politics of healing in fifth-century Greece; between craft and cult. Book review 234
Aspects of network and information security; proceedings. Book review 128
Assessing the accuracy of remotely sensed data; principles and practices, 2d ed. Book review 160
Assessment and case fomulation in CBT. Book review 139
Assessment of arsenic treatment residuals; analysis and stabilization techniques. Book review 121
Assessment of corrosion education. Book review 116
Assessment of non-uniform corrosion in copper piping. Book review 147
Assignment problems. Book review 134
Association of Computer Science and Information Technology; proceedings. Book review 181
ASTM masonry standards for the building industry 2008, 6th ed. Book review 108
ASTM standards for welding. Brief article 117
Astronomical spectrographs and their history. Book review 132
Astroparticle, particle and space physics, detectors and medical physics applications; proceedings. Brief article 135
Asymptotics and Borel summability. Brief article 129
Asynchronous circuits and systems; proceedings. Brief article 107
Atlas of abdominoplasty. (DVD-ROM included). Brief article 98
Atlas of aesthetic breast surgery. (DVD-ROM included). Brief article 120
Atlas of cosmetic surgery. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 178
Atlas of minimally invasive surgery. (DVDs included). Book review 165
Atlas of pancreatic cytopathology with histopathologic correlations. Book review 149
Attachment theory and research in clinical work with adults. Book review 125
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults; the latest assessment and treatment strategies. Book review 110
Audiology in developing countries. Brief article 162
Audiology in the USA. Brief article 133
Augmentative and alternative communication in acute and critical care settings. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 151
Australian software engineering; proceedings. Book review 175
Autism encyclopedia; the complete guide to autism spectrum disorders. (reprint, 2006). Brief article 159
Auto-identification and ubiquitous computing applications; RFID and smart technologies for information convergence. Book review 180
Automated face analysis; emerging technologies and research. Book review 173
Automotive embedded systems handbook. Book review 134
Automotive informatics and communicative systems; principles in vehicular networks and data exchange. Book review 175
Autopsy pathology; a manual and atlas, 2d ed. Brief article 152
Available light; photographic techniques for using existing light sources. Brief article 136
Aviation fuel quality control procedures, 4th ed. Book review 137
Avoiding the dire straits; an inquiry into food provisions and scurvy in the maritime and military history of China and wider East Asia. Book review 203
Bacterial polysaccharides; current innovations and future trends. Book review 176
Bacterial secreted proteins; secretory mechanisms and role in pathogenesis. Brief article 199
Bacteriophages; methods and protocols; v.1: Isolation, characterization, and interactions. Brief article 179
Bacteriophages; methods and protocols; v.2: Molecular and applied aspects. Brief article 183
Basal ganglia and thalamus; their role in cognition and behavior. Book review 126
Basic counselling skills; a helper's manual, 2d ed. Book review 102
Basic fluid mechanics and hydraulic machines. Book review 101
Basic introduction to bioelectromagnetics, 2d ed. Book review 175
Bayesian methods for measures of agreement. Brief article 116
Beautiful teams. Book review 151
Before my helpless sight; suffering, dying and military medicine on the Western Front, 1914-1918. Brief article 245
Beginning ASP.NET e-commerce in C#; from novice to professional. Brief article 118
Beginning Spring 2; from novice to professional. Book review 122
Beginning SQL Server 2008 for developers; from novice to professional. Book review 115
Beginning XNA 2.0 game programming; from novice to professional. Book review 97
Behavioral family therapy; an evidenced based approach. Book review 101
Behavioral medicine; a social worker's guide. Book review 112
Better understanding the Campylobacter conundrum. Book review 122
Beyond failure; forensic case studies for civil engineers. Book review 131
Beyond the HIPAA privacy rule; enhancing privacy, improving health through research. Book review 182
Beyond uncertainty; Heisenberg, quantum physics, and the bomb. Book review 111
Binge drinking research progress. Book review 104
Bioinformatics for systems biology. (CD-ROM included). Book review 204
Bioinformatics in cancer and cancer therapy. Brief article 205
Biologic joint reconstruction; alternatives to arthroplasty. Book review 136
Biological environmental science. Book review 131
Biomechanical systems technology; cardiovascular systems. Book review 122
Biomechanical systems technology; general anatomy. Brief article 111
Biomechanical systems technology; muscular skeletal systems. Book review 120
Biomolecular EPR spectroscopy. Brief article 126
Biopolitics and the "obesity epidemic"; governing bodies. Book review 172
Biosensors and biodetection; methods and protocols; v.1: Optical-based detectors. Brief article 189
Biosensors and biodetection; methods and protocols; v.2: Electrochemical and mechanical detectors, lateral flow and ligands for biosensors. Brief article 193
Biotechnological approaches for pest management and ecological sustainability. Brief article 165
Biotechnology in development; experiences from the south. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 156
Biotechnology, biodegradation, water, and foodstuffs. Book review 149
Biotechnology; research, technology & applications. Book review 105
Birds of Ireland; facts, folklore and hisory. Brief article 147
Blackwell's five-minute veterinary consult; ruminant. (CD-ROM included). Book review 183
Blueprints medicine, 5th ed. Book review 128
Blueprints neurology, 3d ed. Brief article 123
Blueprints obstetrics & gynecology, 5th ed. Book review 154
Blueprints pediatrics, 5th ed. Book review 161
Blueprints surgery, 5th ed. Book review 117
Book of abstracts; proceedings. Book review 183
Book of marvels; an explorer's miscellany. Book review 117
Bovine Spongiform encephalopathy (BSE, or "mad cow disease"); current and proposed safeguards. Brief article 145
Brain hypoxia and ischemia with special emphasis on development. Book review 161
Brain imaging; case review, 2d ed. Book review 124
Breaking the cycle; how to turn conflict into collaboration when you and your patients disagree. Book review 160
Breast cancer sourcebook; basic consumer health information about breast health and breast cancer..., 3d ed. Brief article 139
Brief notes in advanced DSP; Fourier analysis with MATLAB. Book review 150
Brittle bones, stout hearts and minds; adults with osteogenesis imperfecta. Book review 114
Brody's human pharmacology; molecular to clinical, 5th ed. Brief article 119
Build a website for free. Book review 97
Build your own web site the right way using HTML & CSS, 2d ed. Book review 138
Building a data warehouse with examples in SQL Server. Book review 167
Building and using datasets on armed conflicts; proceedings. Brief article 230
Building design strategy; using design to achieve key business objectives. Brief article 152
Business fundamentals for the rehabilitation professional, 2d ed. Book review 164
Business management for construction. Brief article 132
Butterflies of the Cayman Islands. Brief article 125
C# in depth. Book review 119
Caffeine and health research. Book review 117
California Academy of Sciences; architecture in harmony with nature. Brief article 101
Cancer in the twentieth century. Book review 214
Candida albicans; methods and protocols. Book review 124
Carbon materials for catalysis. Brief article 152
Carbon nanotubes; angels or demons?. Brief article 193
Cardiac imaging; the requisites, 3d ed. Book review 158
Case studies in infectious disease. Book review 130
Cataract surgery; a patient's guide to cataract treatment. Brief article 84
Category 5; the 1935 Labor Day hurricane. Book review 161
CCNA Voice official exam certification guide. (CD-ROM included). Book review 177
CCNA wireless official exam certification guide. (CD-ROM included). Book review 145
Cell colonization control by physical & chemical modification of materials. Book review 152
Cell differentiation of neoplastic cells originating in the oral and craniofacial regions. Book review 126
Cell, gene, and molecular therapy; new concepts. Brief article 100
Cellular senescence; implications for cancer therapy. Book review 110
Cement based composites; materials, mechanical properties, and performance, 2d ed. Book review 112
Cerebral blood flow regulation. Book review 111
Changing stocks, flows and behaviors in industrial ecosystems. Brief article 150
Chaos, complexity and transport; theory and applications; proceedings. Brief article 225
Chaos; making a new science, 20th anniversary ed. Book review 85
Chaotic modelling and simulation: analysis of chaotic models, attractors and forms. Book review 142
Characterisation of polymers; 2v. Book review 167
Charge carrier transport in organic semiconductor thin film devices. Book review 156
Charles Darwin; an anthology. (reprint, 1956). Book review 127
Cheatgrass; fire and forage on the range. Brief article 139
Chemical feed field guide for treatment plant operators; calculations and systems. Brief article 145
Chemical information mining; facilitating literature-based discovery. Brief article 142
Chemical reactivity theory; a density functional view. Brief article 133
Childhood diseases and disorders sourcebook; basic consumer health information about the physical, mental, and developmental...., 2d ed. Book review 150
Children and pollution; why scientists disagree. Book review 116
Children away from home; a sourcebook of residential treatment. (reprint, 1972). Book review 167
Chinese bridges; living architecture from China's past. Book review 113
Chromatin protocols, 2d ed. Brief article 172
CISSP exam cram. (CD-ROM included). Book review 99
Cladding of buildings, 4th ed. Book review 148
Classical Fortran; programming for engineering and scientific applications, 2d ed. Book review 233
Classics in stereoselective synthesis. Book review 109
Classics in voice and laryngology. Brief article 131
Classifications in facial plastic surgery. Brief article 112
Clearing the global health fog; a systematic review of the evidence on integration of health systems and targeted interventions. Brief article 167
Climate and agriculture; an ecological survey. (reprint, 1968). Book review 116
Climate change and groundwater. Brief article 141
Climate change, carbon trading and civil society; negative returns on South African investments. Book review 148
Climate in peril; a popular guide to the latest IPCC reports. Book review 123
Clinical arrhythmology and electrophysiology; a companion to Braunwald's heart disease. Book review 111
Clinical chest ultrasound; from the ICU to the bronchoscopy suite. Book review 146
Clinical dental medicine 2020. Book review 114
Clinical depression; the overlooked and insidious nemesis plaguing ADHD children. Book review 124
Clinical lipidology; a companion to Braunwald's heart disease. Book review 189
Clinical management of children with cochlear implants. Book review 152
Clinical optics primer for ophthalmic medical personnel; a guide to laws, formulae, calculations, and clinical applications. Book review 175
Clinical pediatric neurology, 3d ed. Book review 144
Clinical trials in the neurosciences. Brief article 171
Clinical virology, 3d ed. Brief article 175
Clinical ward secrets. Book review 118
Cluster randomised trials. Book review 170
CMMI-ACQ; guidelines for improving the acquisition of products and services. Book review 183
Coastal groundwater system changes in response to large-scale land reclamation. Brief article 154
Cocaine & methamphetamine addiction; treatment, recovery, and relapse prevention. Book review 174
Cochlear implants; what parents should know. Book review 136
Code generation and optimization; proceedings. Brief article 112
Cognitive radio networks. Brief article 134
College science teachers guide to assessment. Book review 154
Colposcopy, principles and practice; an integrated textbook and atlas, 2d ed. (DVD-ROM included). Brief article 141
Combustion phenomena; selected mechanisms of flame formation, propagation, and extinction. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 118
Common ground, consensus building, and continual improvement; standards and sustainable building; proceedings. Book review 168
Communicating mathematics; proceedings. Book review 127
Communication & management skills for the pharmacy technician. Book review 92
Communication software and networks; proceedings. Book review 169
Community health nursing; caring for the public's health, 2d ed. Book review 130
Comparative cognition; experimental explorations of animal intelligence. (reprint, 2006). Brief article 169
Comparing medical productivity between Germany and the US. Book review 134
Comparing nanofiltration and reverse osmosis for treating recycled water. Brief article 170
Compassion and caring in nursing. Book review 124
Compelling counseling interventions; VISTAS 2009. Book review 188
Compendium of hop diseases and pests. Book review 116
Complementary and alternative medicine, 2d ed. Brief article 140
Complex dynamics; families and friends. Brief article 158
Complex-valued neural networks; utilizing high-dimensional parameters. Book review 139
Complicated cases in GI. Book review 127
Complications of myocardial infarction; clinical diagnostic imaging atlas. (DVD included). Book review 132
Compounding sterile preparations, 3d ed. Book review 173
Comprehensive cytopathology, 3d ed. Brief article 150
CompTIA Network+ certification study guide, 4th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 140
CompTIA Network+ exam cram (exam N10-004), 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 113
Computational intelligence for missing data imputation, estimation and management; knowledge optimization techniques. Brief article 174
Computational intelligence in medical imaging; techniques and applications. Brief article 174
Computational statistics; an introduction to R. Book review 197
Computational structural dynamics and earthquake engineering. Brief article 171
Computational systems bioinformatics; proceedings. Book review 149
Computer and automation engineering; proceedings. Brief article 148
Computer arithmetics for nanoelectronics. Book review 144
Computer modeling and simulation; proceedings. Brief article 164
Computer networking; a top-down approach, 5th ed. Book review 166
Concise paediatrics, 2d ed. Book review 166
Conducting research literature reviews; from the Internet to paper, 3d ed. Book review 144
Confessions of an alien hunter; a scientist's search for extra terrestrial intelligence. Book review 122
Configuration management; implementation, principles, and applications for manufacturing industries. Book review 133
Congenital heart disease in adults, 3d ed. Book review 207
Connexins; a guide.(CD-ROM included). Brief article 164
Constructed wetlands. Brief article 151
Construction planning, programming, and control, 3d ed. Brief article 144

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