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Articles from SciTech Book News (December 1, 2009)

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101 quick and easy secrets for using your digital photographs. Book review 89
101 veterinary technician questions answered. Brief article 100
20 years of guided bone regeneration in implant dentistry, 2d ed. Book review 120
24 deadly sins of software security; programming flaws and how to fix them. Book review 129
31 days before your CompTIA A+ exams. Brief article 105
35 years of chemical sensors. Book review 158
3D online multimedia & games; processing, transmission and visualization. Book review 147
500 insects; a visual reference. Book review 89
A builder's guide to wells and septic systems, 2d ed. Book review 121
A companion to bioethics, 2d ed. Book review 185
A field guide to the wildflowers of Mexico's Copper Canyon region. Book review 83
A first course in wavelets with fourier analysis, 2d ed. Brief article 168
A fishery manager's guidebook, 2d ed. Book review 159
A guide to genetic counseling, 2d ed. Book review 161
A handbook of statistical analyses using R, 2d ed. Book review 114
A manual for laboratory animal management. Book review 118
A new era for wolves and people; wolf recovery, human attitudes, and policy. Book review 130
A paradigm called magnetism. Book review 166
A physician in spite of himself. Brief article 158
A pocket guide to business for engineers and surveyors. Book review 123
A primer for the exercise and nutrition sciences; thermodynamics, bioenergetics, metabolism. Book review 108
A scintillating GEM detector for 2D dose imaging in hadron therapy. Book review 175
A survey of attitudes and actions on dual use research in the life sciences; a collaborative effort of the Nantional Research Council and the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Book review 145
A tale of two systems; lean and agile software development for business leaders. Book review 154
A thinking approach to physiology. Book review 154
A-Z of complementary and alternative medicine; a guide for health professionals. Book review 102
ABC transporters in microorganisms; research innovation and value as targets against drug resistance. Brief article 152
Ableton Live 8 power!; the comprehensive guide. Book review 165
Abnormal hemoglobins in human populations. (Repr. 1967). Book review 143
Aboveground oil storage tanks. Book review 143
Absolute beginner's guide to computer basics, 5th ed. Book review 115
Abstract algebra; an interactive approach. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 115
Acquired language disorders; a case-based approach. (CD included). Book review 130
Active directory; administrator's pocket consultant. Book review 138
Active directory; domain services 2008, how-to. Book review 115
Acute exacerbations in COPD. Brief article 113
Ad hoc networks; new research. Brief article 96
Adams and Victor's principles of neurology, 9th ed. Book review 227
Adaptive and intelligent systems; proceedings. Brief article 118
Adaptive hardware and systems; proceedings. Book review 157
ADHD; living without brakes. (reprint, 2008). Book review 117
Adhesion aspects in dentistry. Book review 152
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 on demand. Book review 91
Advanced courses of mathematical analysis III; proceedings. Brief article 135
Advanced energy design guide for highway lodging; achieving 30% energy savings toward a net zero energy building. Book review 188
Advanced gate stack, source/drain and channel engineering for Si-based CMOS 5; new materials, processes and equipment; proceedings. Book review 234
Advanced intermetallic-based alloys for extreme environment and energy applications; proceedings. Book review 135
Advanced materials and techniques for reinforced concrete structures. Book review 127
Advanced materials science and technology; proceedings. Book review 144
Advanced natural gas engineering. Book review 138
Advanced number theory with applications. Book review 138
Advanced operating systems and kernel applications; techniques and technologies. Book review 190
Advanced practice in nursing and the allied health professions, 3d ed. Book review 139
Advanced practice nursing; essentials for role development, 2d ed. Book review 147
Advanced synthesis and processing technology for materials; proceedings. Book review 181
Advanced techniques for materials characterization. Book review 142
Advanced topics in cell model systems. Book review 170
Advances in abrasive technology; proceedings. Book review 166
Advances in abrasive technology; proceedings. Brief article 152
Advances in ceramic materials. Brief article 134
Advances in concrete and structures; proceedings. Book review 164
Advances in discrete dynamical systems. Book review 148
Advances in electrical and electronics engineering--IAENG special edition of the world congress on engineering and computer science 2008. Book review 178
Advances in electronic materials. Brief article 113
Advances in geosciences; vs.10-15; 6v. Book review 210
Advances in grinding and abrasive technology; proceedings. Brief article 143
Advances in material design for regenerative medicine, drug delivery and targeting/imaging; proceedings. Book review 162
Advances in materials science of wood; special topic volume with invited papers only. Brief article 155
Advances in mathematics research; v.9. Book review 102
Advances in Mesopotamian medicine from Hammurabi to Hippocrates; proceedings. Book review 143
Advances in mycorrhizal science and technology. Book review 131
Advances in semiconducting materials. Book review 119
Advances in strength of materials. Brief article 174
Adventures through deep time; the Central Mississippi River Valley and its earthquakes. (CD-ROM included). Book review 139
Agile 2009; proceedings. Brief article 129
Agricultural conservation. Book review 117
Agricultural runoff, coastal engineering, and flooding. Book review 183
Agricultural wastes. Book review 197
Agriculture in history; 3v. Book review 232
Airport and aviation security; U.S. policy and strategy in the age of global terrorism. Book review 121
Airports; performance, risks, and problems. Brief article 106
Airway chemoreceptors in the vertebrates; structure, evolution and function. Brief article 145
Alcohol-related cognitive disorders; research and clinical perspectives. Book review 186
Algebraic combinatorics and coinvariant spaces. Book review 93
Algebraic geometry in coding theory and cryptography. Book review 184
Allergic diseases in children; the science, the superstition and the stories. Book review 91
Ameliorating mental disability; questioning retardation. (Repr. 1967). Book review 125
American coastal rescue craft; a design history of coastal rescue craft used by the United States Life-Saving Service and the United States Coast Guard. Book review 165
Amy Greenwell Garden ethnobotanical guide to native Hawaiian plants & Polynesian-introduced plants. Brief article 117
An integrated introduction to computer graphics and geometric modeling. Book review 176
An introduction to analysis, 2d ed. Brief article 159
An introduction to engine testing and development. Brief article 108
An introduction to Lagrangian mechanics. Book review 146
An introduction to statistical inference and its applications with R. Book review 129
An introduction to the mathematical structure of quantum mechanics; a short course for mathematicians, 2d ed. Book review 166
An introduction to theoretical fluid mechanics. Book review 110
An Irishman's cuttings; tales of Irish gardens and gardeners, plant and plant hunters. Book review 186
An occupational perspective on leadership; theoretical and practical dimensions. Brief article 112
Analog circuit design series; 4v. Book review 195
Analytical and numerical aspects of partial differential equations. Book review 134
Analytical measurements in aquatic environments. Brief article 117
Analytical mechanics of space systems, 2d ed. Book review 237
Anatomy and physiology; an illustrated guide. Book review 81
Anesthesiologist's manual of surgical procedures, 4th ed. Brief article 128
Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics; v.47, 2009. Brief article 137
Annual review of biomedical engineering; v.11, 2009. Book review 147
Annual review of materials research; v.39, 2009. Book review 132
Annual review of microbiology; v.63, 2009. Book review 159
Annual review of nutrition; v.29, 2009. Book review 122
Annual review of sociology; v.35, 2009. Book review 140
Answers to science questions from the Stop faking it! guy. Book review 153
Antedependence models for longitudinal data. Book review 192
Antipsychiatry; quackery squared. Book review 109
Apoprotein research. Book review 156
Applied algebraic dynamics. Book review 145
Applied genetic programming and machine learning. Book review 153
Applied psychometry. Brief article 83
Approaching micro-arcsecond resolution with VSOP-2; astrophysics and technology; proceedings. Brief article 175
Aquaculture microbiology and biotechnology, v.1. Book review 162
Aquatic exercise for rehabilitation and training. (DVD included). Book review 156
Architect's handbook of construction detailing, 2d ed. Book review 172
Architectured multifunctional materials; proceedings. Book review 141
Arctic doom, Arctic boom; the geopolitics of climate change in the Arctic. Brief article 147
Arithmetic geometry; proceedings. Book review 146
Art therapy techniques and applications. Brief article 92
Artificial intelligence and computational intelligence; proceedings; 4v. (CD-ROMs included). Book review 151
Artificial intelligence applications for improved software engineering development; new prospects. Book review 130
Asian test symposium; proceedings. Book review 144
Aspects of polaron theory; equilibrium and nonequilibrium problems. Brief article 160
Aspergillus; molecular biology and genomics. Book review 154
Asphalt material characterization, accelerated testing, and construction management; proceedings. Book review 110
Assessment in the creative arts therapies; designing and adapting assessment tools for adults with developmental disabilities. Brief article 136
Assessment of the Bureau of Reclamation's security program. Book review 149
Assisting reproduction, testing genes; global encounters with new biotechnologies. Book review 161
Asteroids, comets, and dwarf planets. Book review 127
ASTM concrete standards in Spanish and English. Brief article 81
ASTM standards for whole building functionality and serviceability, 3d ed. Brief article 121
ASTNA patient transport; principles and practice, 4th ed. Brief article 185
Athletic training exam review; a student guide to success, 4th ed. Book review 151
Atlas of craniomaxillofacial osteosynthesis; microplates, miniplates, and screws, 2d ed. Brief article 184
Atlas of fetal anomalies. Brief article 143
Atlas of shiatsu; the meridians of zen shiatsu. Book review 112
Atomic, molecular, and optical physics; new research. Book review 117
Attaining high performance communications; a vertical approach. Brief article 132
Autism and its medical management; a guide for parents and professionals. Book review 123
AutoCAD 2010 essentials; comprehensive ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 144
Autologous bone plugs fusion; treatment for lumbar instability. Book review 138
Automating system administration with Perl, 2d ed. Book review 127
Automation network selection; a reference manual, 2d ed. Book review 132
Aviation instructor's handbook. Book review 95
Aviation psychology and human factors. Book review 142
Basic real analysis. Book review 144
Basic techniques of ophthalmic surgery. Brief article 127
Bayesian analysis of gene expression data. Book review 104
Bayesian networks; an introduction. Book review 123
Becoming a reflective practitioner, 3d ed. Book review 172
Becoming an effective psychotherapist; adopting a theory of psychotherapy that's right for you and your client. Book review 169
Behavioral biometrics for human identification; intelligent applications. Book review 115
Behavioral medicine in primary care; a global perspective. Book review 173
Belowground pipeline networks for utility cables. Book review 121
Benchmarking in food and farming; creating sustainable change. Book review 137
Beryllium chemistry and processing. Book review 152
Beta beams; neutrino beams. Brief article 150
Better cancer care; a systemic approach to practice. Brief article 165
Beyond reproduction; women's health, activism, and public policy. Book review 133
Bioceramics; v.21; proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 178
Bioengineering for pollution prevention. Brief article 88
Biohydrometallurgy; a meeting point between microbial ecology, metal recovery processes and environmental remediation; proceedings. Book review 203
Bioinformatics and biomedicine; proceedings. Book review 175
Bioinorganic chemistry; a practical course. Book review 99
Biological data mining. Brief article 116
Biomembrane frontiers; nanostructures, models, and the design of life. Book review 138
Biotechnology and agricultural development; transgenic cotton, rural institutions and resource-poor farmers. Book review 146
Black box data from accident vehicles; methods of retrieval, translation, and interpretation. Book review 181
Black holes; an introduction, 2d ed. Book review 126
Blackwell's five-minute veterinary consult: Laboratory tests and diagnostic procedures; canine & feline. Book review 147
Blood collection; a short course, 2d ed. Book review 88
Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Book review 101
Bone pathology, 2d ed. Book review 199
Bontrager's handbook of radiographic positioning and techniques, 7th ed. Book review 134
Book of abstracts. Book review 138
Botanical medicine for women's health. Book review 129
Boundary collocation techniques and their application in engineering. Book review 190
Boundary properties and applications of the differentiated Poisson integral for different domains. Book review 125
Brain and behavior; research in clinical neuropsychology. (reprint, 1969). Book review 133
Breaded fried foods. Book review 142
Breast cancer in the post-genomic era. Book review 164
Build your own database driven web site using PHP & MySQL, 4th ed. Book review 127
Building codes illustrated; a guide to understanding the 2009 international building code, 3d ed. Brief article 142
Building service-aware networks; the next-generation WAN/MAN. Brief article 125
Building social web applications. Book review 107
Building web applications with Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer 2007 step by step. (CD-ROM included). Book review 152
Buried flexible steel pipe; design and structural analysis. Book review 124
C programming for scientists and engineers with applications. Book review 148
Cabinetmaking; the professional approach, 2d ed. Book review 148
Calcium and magnesium in drinking-water; public health significance. Brief article 166
Cancer incidence in five continents, v.9. Book review 134
Cancer prevention research compendium; v.1. Book review 182
Cancer. Brief article 136
Carbon reduction; policies, strategies, and technologies. Brief article 154
Cardiac wellness; how to sustain the lifestyle changes you need for a healthy heart. Book review 154
Cardiology secrets, 3d ed. Book review 111
Cardiothoracic care for children and young people; a multidisciplinary approach. Book review 122
Cardiovascular and pulmonary physical therapy; a clinical manual, 2d ed. Book review 143
Career choices for veterinary technicians; opportunities for animal lovers. Book review 142
Carotid artery stenting; the basics. Book review 147
Carpentry, 5th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 90
Cartilage tympanoplasty. Book review 101
Case studies in physiology and nutrition. Brief article 202
Cavity ring-down spectroscopy; techniques and applications. Brief article 158
Certification study guide series; IBM Tivoli monitoring V6.2. Book review 124
Certified Automation Professional (CAP) study guide, 2d ed. Book review 94
Challeges for diadromous fishes in a dynamic global environment; proceedings. Book review 209
Challenges in acute geriatric care. Book review 130
Challenging cases in allergy and immunology. Book review 146
Changing the course of AIDS; peer education in South Africa and its lessons for the global crisis. Brief article 253
Chaos-fractals theories and applications; proceedings. Book review 157
Characterization, modeling, and performance of geomaterials; proceedings. Book review 137
Chemical and biological properties of food allergens. Brief article 181
Chemical safety board. Brief article 141
Chemokine receptors in cancer. Book review 150
Chimeras, hybrids, and interspecies research; politics and policymaking. Brief article 186
ChinaGrid; proceedings. Brief article 90
Choosing selection; the revival of natural selection in Anglo-American evolutionary biology, 1930-1970. Book review 162
CICS VR version 4, 2d ed. Book review 107
Circles in the sky; the life and times of George Ferris. Brief article 127
Cisco LAN switching configuration handbook. Book review 102
Citizen engineer; a handbook for socially responsible engineering. Book review 172
City planning for civil and environmental engineers and surveyors. Brief article 138
Civetta, Taylor, & Kirby's critical care, 4th ed. Brief article 205
Classical and modern numerical analysis; theory, methods, and practice. Book review 135
Classical econophysics. Book review 189
Cleft palate speech, 4th ed. Book review 206
Climate change and global poverty; a billion lives in the balance?. Brief article 121
Climate change and the media. Book review 139
Climate change and water; international perspectives on mitigation and adaptation. Book review 138
Climate variability, modeling tools and agricultural decision-making. Book review 221
Clinical case formulation; varieties of approaches. Book review 142
Clinical cases for surgery exams. Book review 139
Clinical chemistry research. Book review 139
Clinical manual for the psychiatric interview of children and adolescents. Book review 114
Clinical manual of prevention in mental health. Book review 134
Clinical manual of sexual disorders. Book review 120
Clinical neuroanatomy, 7th ed. Book review 117
Clinical neurobiology of atypical psychoses. Brief article 106
Clinical ophthalmology atlas. Book review 116
Clock synchronization and navigation in the vicinity of the earth. Book review 134
Cloud computing and SOA convergence in your enterprise; a step-by-step guide. Brief article 98
Cloud computing; implementation, management, and security. Book review 126
Cloud security and privacy. Book review 134
CNS cancer; models, markers, prognostic factors, targets, and therapeutic approaches. Book review 125
Coastal processes; proceedings. Book review 185
Cognitive and behavioral theories in clinical practice. Book review 118
Cognitive-behavioral therapy for refractory cases; turning failure into success. Book review 135
Cold molecules; theory, experiment, applications. Book review 143
Cold regions engineering 2009; cold regions impact on research, design, and construction; proceedings. Brief article 201
Collaborative process automation systems. Book review 177
Collaborative technologies and applications for interactive information design; emerging trends in user experiences. Book review 156
Collected papers in building acoustics; sound transmission. Book review 145
Colour identification guide to moths of the British Isles (macrolepidoptera), 3d ed. Book review 166
Combinatorics of compositions and words. Brief article 126
Communities and crisis; Bologna during the Black Death. Brief article 178
Commutative rings; new research. Book review 102
Comparative dental morphology. Book review 167
Competency-based education for professional psychology. Book review 127
Complex data warehousing and knowledge discovery for advanced retrieval development; innovative methods and applications. Brief article 184
Complexity and intelligence of the artificial and natural complex systems, medical applications of the complex systems, biomedical computing; proceedings. Book review 192
Comprehensive neurosurgery board review, 2d ed. Book review 112
CompTIA A+, 4th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 99
Computational inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry. Book review 139
Computational intelligence in decision and control; proceedings. Book review 243
Computational methods for electric power systems, 2d ed. Brief article 158
Computational protein-protein interactions. Brief article 103
Computational transport phenomena for engineering analyses. Book review 101
Computer and information technology; proceedings; 2v. Book review 212
Computer architecture and high performance computing; proceedings. Brief article 81
Computer relaying for power systems, 2d ed. Book review 142
Computer security; intrusion, detection and prevention. Book review 107
Computer security; protecting digital resources. Book review 117
Computing in civil engineering; proceedings. Book review 152
Computing in engineering, science and information; proceedings. Book review 174
Conceptual foundations of occupational therapy practice, 4th ed. Book review 165
Conceptual mathematics; a first introduction to categories, 2d ed. Book review 223
Conflict of interest in medical research, education, and practice. Book review 244
Conjugate problems in convective heat transfer. Book review 181
Construction technology for tall buildings, 3d ed. Book review 103
Contact angle, wettability and adhesion; v.6: Proceedings. Book review 174
Contemporary implant dentistry, 3d ed. Brief article 194
Contemporary plant systematics, 4th ed. Brief article 157
Continence care pathways. Book review 139
Continuum mechanics for engineers, 3d ed. Brief article 95
Convair Deltas; from SeaDart to Hustler. Book review 92
Conveyors; application, selection, and integration. Book review 165
Cooperation and promotion of information resources in science and technology; proceedings. Brief article 189
Cooperative communications for improved wireless network transmission; framework for virtual antenna array applications. Book review 131
Copper amine oxidases; structures, catalytic mechanisms, and role in pathophysiology. Book review 159
Core curriculum for neonatal intensive care nursing, 4th ed. Book review 155
Coronary artery bypasses. Brief article 156
Cosmetic surgery; a feminist primer. Brief article 122
Cosmology across cultures; proceedings. Book review 206

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