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Articles from SciTech Book News (September 1, 2008)

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100 questions & answers about valvular heart disease. Book review 114
100 questions & answers about Von Willebrand disease. Book review 143
100 questions and answers about AIDS and HIV. Book review 91
100 questions and answers about cervical cancer. Book review 85
100 questions and answers on electrical safety. Book review 134
2007 Microsoft Office system inside out. (CD-ROM included). Book review 91
2008+ solved problems in electromagnetics. Book review 83
20th century microbe hunters; their lives, accomplishments, and legacies. Brief article 130
31 days before your CCENT certification. Book review 80
3D object processing; compression, indexing and watermarking. Brief article 100
3ds Max 9 accelerated. Brief article 98
A companion to aphorisms & quotations for the surgeon. Book review 169
A constellation album; stars and mythology of the night sky. Children's review 107
A contract with the Earth. Book review 165
A Farewell to Entropy: Statistical Thermodynamics Based on Information. Book review 167
A first course in continuum mechanics. Book review 165
A first course in differential equations with modeling applications, 9th ed. Book review 82
A first course in functional analysis. Book review 116
A first course in order statistics. Book review 158
A guide to Chinese medicine on the Internet. Book review 114
A guide to complex variables. Book review 160
A guide to laboratory investigations, 5th ed. Book review 175
A guide to the reptiles and amphibians of Egypt. Book review 119
A guide to weight loss surgery; professional and personal views. Book review 123
A history of psychology; original sources and contemporary research, 3d ed. Book review 156
A physicist remembers. Book review 163
A practical guide to reliable finite element modelling. Brief article 105
A practitioners' tool for the assessment of adults who sexually abuse children. Book review 178
A primer in black holes, Mach's principle and gravitational energy. Brief article 124
A primer of conservation biology, 4th ed. Book review 91
A primer on linear models. Brief article 175
A process for developing a common vocabulary in the information security area; proceedings. Book review 178
A self-determined future with Asperger syndrome; solution focused approaches. Brief article 88
A short course in geology for civil engineers. Book review 116
A short guide to the human genome. Brief article 97
A third century of Stelis of Ecuador; systematics of Apoda-prorepentia; systematics of miscellaneous small genera; addenda, new genera, species, and combinations (Orchidaceae). Book review 156
A took kit for building capacity for community-based treatment and continuing care of young drug users in the greater Mekong subregion; 7v. (CD-ROMs included). Book review 203
A Will of His Own: Reflections on Parenting a Child with Autism, Rev. Ed. Brief article 113
AAOS atlas of orthoses and assistive devices, 4th ed. Book review 169
Abeloff's clinical oncology, 4th ed. (premium edition: online + print). Book review 144
Aboriginal plant collectors; botanists and Australian Aboriginal people in the nineteenth century. Brief article 185
Accelerating clean energy technology research, development, and deployment; lessons from non-energy sectors. Book review 140
Accessing the WAN; CCNA exploration labs and study guide. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 160
Accessing uncultivated microorganisms; from the environment to organisms and genomes and back. Book review 174
Actionable strategies through integrated performance, process, project, and risk management. Brief article 118
ActionScript 3.0 design patterns. Brief article 92
Acupuncture and moxibustion. Book review 132
Acupuncture core therapy; shakujyu chiryo. Brief article 174
Adaptive hardware and systems; proceedings. Brief article 170
Addiction & opiates. (reprint, 1968). Book review 119
Addiction treatment; science and policy for the twenty-first century. Book review 157
Adding Ajax. Book review 113
Adipose tissue protocols, 2d ed. Book review 113
Administering Windows server 2008 server core. Book review 132
Adobe Photoshop CS3; one-on-one. (includes DVD-ROM). Book review 97
Adolescents with HIV; attachment, depression, and medication. Book review 132
Adoption of agriculture innovations by smallholder farmers in the context of HIV/AIDS; the case of tissue-cultured banana in Kenya. Book review 135
Adult health concerns sourcebook; basic consumer health information about medical and mental concerns of adults, including facts about choosing healthcare providers, naviagting insurance options, maintaining... Book review 144
Advanced computational methods and experiments in heat transfer X; proceedings. Brief article 156
Advanced gate stack, source/drain and channel engineering for si-based CMOS 3; new materials, processes and equipment; proceedings. Book review 231
Advanced gate stack, source/drain and channel engineering for si-based CMOS 3; new materials, processes and equipment; proceedings. Book review 275
Advanced learning technologies; proceedings. Book review 161
Advanced metallization conference 2007; proceedings. Book review 168
Advanced piping design. Brief article 164
Advanced practice nursing; essential knowledge for the profession. Book review 96
Advanced quantum mechanics. Book review 132
Advanced Rails. Book review 105
Advanced transport phenomena; fluid mechanics and convective transport processes. Brief article 170
Advances in ambient intelligence; proceedings. Book review 107
Advances in chemical physics; v.138. Book review 124
Advances in diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound imaging. (CD-ROM included). Book review 154
Advances in digital speech transmission. Book review 101
Advances in fluid mechanics VII; proceedings. Brief article 197
Advances in inequalities for special functions. Book review 171
Advances in information optics and photonics. Brief article 118
Advances in materials technology for fossil power plants; proceedings. Brief article 156
Advances in photodynamic therapy; basic, translational, and clinical. Brief article 162
Advances in psychology research; v.56. Book review 151
Advancing your career; concepts of professional nursing, 4th ed. Book review 93
Adventures in the World of Matrices. Brief article 155
African sacred groves; ecological dynamics and social change. Brief article 155
Age-related changes of the human eye. Brief article 155
Agile adoption patterns; a roadmap to organizational success. Book review 118
Aging, biotechnology, and the future. Book review 143
Agricultural extension systems; issues and approaches. Brief article 135
Agricultural water management research trends. Book review 134
AIDS and the law, 4th ed. Book review 116
Air management for the fire service. Brief article 104
Ajax; the definitive guide. Book review 180
Alameda by rail. Book review 102
Alcohol can be a gas; fueling an energy revolution for the 21st century. Brief article 171
Alfred Nobel; networks of innovation. Book review 138
Algebraic geometry in East Asia--Hanoi 2005. Book review 170
Algorithms and architectures of artificial intelligence. Book review 159
Alhacen on image-formation and distortion in mirrors; a critical edition, with English translation and commentary, of book 6 of Alhacen's De Aspectibus; 2v. Book review 149
All in the bones; a biography of Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins. Brief article 127
All-in-one care planning; medical-surgical, pediatric, maternity, & psychiatric nursing care plans, 2d ed. Book review 111
Allergy methods and protocols. Brief article 158
Alloy physics; a comprehensive reference. Book review 109
Alternative fuels--the future of hydrogen, 2d ed. Brief article 126
Alzheimer's disease research trends. Book review 134
America's nuclear wastelands; politics, accountability, and cleanup. Book review 111
An analog electronics companion; basic circuit design for engineers and scientists and introduction to SPICE simulation, rev.ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 179
An English-Chinese medical dictionary, 2d ed. Book review 84
An Illustrated Atlas of the Commonly Used Chinese Materia Medica, vol.3. Book review 189
An illustrated atlas of the commonly used Chinese materia medica; v.1. Book review 189
An illustrated atlas of the commonly used Chinese materia medica; v.2. Book review 189
An introduction to continuum mechanics; with applications. Book review 93
An introduction to generalized linear models, 3d ed. Brief article 169
An introduction to radiation protection in medicine. Book review 134
An invitation to noncommutative geometry. Brief article 125
Anaesthetic and sedative techniques for aquatic animals, 3d ed. Book review 166
Analysis of electromagnetic fields and waves; the method of lines. Book review 109
Analysis of global change assessments; lessons learned. Brief article 107
Analytic hyperbolic geometry and Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity. Book review 112
Analyzing friction in the design of rubber products and their paired surfaces. Book review 173
Anatomical Illustration of Acupuncture Points. Brief article 135
Animal cell technology; from biopharmaceuticals to gene therapy. Book review 132
Animals of arid Australia; out on their own? Brief article 124
Annual review of biophysics and biomolecular structure; v.37, 2008. Book review 117
Annual review of clinical psychology; v.4. Book review 115
Annual review of earth and planetary sciences; v.36, 2008. Book review 120
Annual review of immunology; v.26, 2008. Book review 124
Annual review of physical chemistry; v.59, 2008. Brief article 127
Annual review of plant biology; v.59, 2008. Brief article 108
Annual review of public health; v.29, 2008. Book review 116
Antibiotics, simplified. Book review 104
Antisense Elements (Genetics) Research Focus. Brief article 147
Antitargets; prediction and prevention of drug side effects. Brief article 188
Ants of New Zealand. Book review 123
Apache cookbook, 2d ed. Book review 171
Applied dental materials, 9th ed. Brief article 121
Applied electromagnetics using QuickField & MATLAB. (CD-ROM included). Book review 162
Applied mathematical modeling. Book review 176
Applied occlusion. (DVD included). Brief article 119
Applied pharmacology for veterinary technicians, 4th ed. Book review 125
Applied tribology; bearing design and lubrication, 2d ed. Book review 161
Applied vibration suppression using piezoelectric materials. Book review 138
Aquatic toxicology research focus. Book review 171
Architectural lighting design, 3d ed. Brief article 113
Architectural voices; listening to old buildings. Book review 139
Architecture-independent programming for wireless sensor networks. Book review 176
Arithmetic groups and their generalizations; what, why, and how. Brief article 187
Art in chemistry, chemistry in art, 2d ed. Brief article 163
Arthritis; 330 tips for making life easier. Book review 98
Arthritis; a patient's guide. Brief article 123
Artificial intelligence research and development. Book review 109
Assessment center strategy and tactics. Book review 129
Assessment of the performance of engineered waste containment barriers. Book review 110
Assisted suicide and euthanasia; a natural law ethics approach. Book review 117
Assuring continuous compliance with Joint Commission standards; a pharmacy guide, 7th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 204
Astrodynamics 2007; proceedings; 3v. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 234
Astronomy and astrophysics. (CD-ROM included). Book review 146
Astrophysics and cosmology after Gamow; proceedings. Book review 177
Atlas of anatomy. Brief article 141
Atlas of differential diagnosis in HIV/AIDS. Book review 101
Atlas of gynecologic surgical pathology, 2d ed. Book review 137
Atlas of orthopedic pathology, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 120
Atlas of pediatric laparoscopy and thoracoscopy. (DVD included). Brief article 153
Atlas of uncommon pain syndromes, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 109
Atomic layer deposition applications 3; proceedings. Brief article 145
Attorney's reference on human anatomy. Book review 153
Aurora Torealis; studies in the history of science and ideas in honor of Tore Frangsmyr. Brief article 176
Australian termites, 3d ed. Book review 126
Authorized self-study guide; interconnecting Cisco network devices. Part 1 (ICND1), 2d ed. Book review 123
Autism and its medical management; a guide for parents and professionals. Book review 168
Autogenous healing of concrete in the drinking water industry. Book review 154
Automating hazcom; including the MSDS administrator software. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 174
Automotive lubricant testing and additive development. Book review 156
Automotive microcontrollers; v.2. Book review 91
Autonomous robots research advances. Book review 150
Autophagosome and Phagosome. Book review 141
Backyard birds of Utah. Book review 105
Bacteriology of humans; an ecological perspective. Brief article 96
Balance function assessment and management. Book review 139
Basic Lie theory. Book review 112
Basic structural theory. Brief article 158
Beating Lyme; understanding and treating this complex and often misdiagnosed disease. Book review 172
Beautiful code. Book review 123
Because the cat purrs; how we relate to other species and why it matters. Brief article 123
Becoming a Midwife in the 21st Century. Brief article 114
Before Freud; hysteria and hypnosis in later nineteenth-century psychiatric cases. Book review 164
Beginning C# 3.0; an introduction to object oriented programming. Brief article 89
Beginning Microsoft Visual Basic 2008. Book review 90
Beginning SQL queries; from novice to professional. Book review 97
Beginning VB 2008 databases; from novice to professional. Brief article 157
Being a brain-wise therapist; a practical guide to interpersonal neurobiology. Brief article 109
Bennett & Brachman's hospital infections, 5th ed. Book review 143
Better looking, better living, better loving; how chemistry can help you achieve life's goals. Book review 166
Beyond the black box; the physics of airplane crashes. Book review 85
Beyond the mechanical universe; from electricity to modern physics. (reprint, 1986). Brief article 142
Big book of Apple hacks. Book review 115
Big Java, 3d ed. Book review 90
Bio-inspired, learning, and intelligent systems for security; proceedings. Book review 160
Biobehavioral resilience to stress. Book review 135
Biochemistry demystified. Brief article 96
Biodiversity research developments. Book review 155
Biodynamic wine, demystified. Book review 93
Bioelectrochemistry; fundamentals, experimental techniques, and applications. Book review 145
Bioenergy. Brief article 165
Bioinformatics; v.1: Data, sequence anlysis and evolution. Book review 211
Bioinformatics; v.2: Structure, function and applications. Brief article 206
Bioinorganic vanadium chemistry. Book review 92
Biological nitrogen removal activated sludge process in warm climates; full-scale process investigation, scaled-down laboratory experimentation and mathematical modeling. Book review 174
Biological psychology; an illustrated survival guide. Brief article 136
Biology of fishes, 3d ed. Book review 141
Biology of the snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina). Book review 113
Biomarker methods in drug discovery and development. Book review 136
Biomaterials fabrication and processing handbook. Book review 152
Biomaterials in modern medicine; the Groningen perspective. Book review 144
Biomedical applications of vibration and acoustics for imaging and characterisations. Book review 183
Biomedical engineering and informatics; proceedings. Brief article 160
Biomedical vibrational spectroscopy. Book review 152
BioMedical visualization; proceedings. Book review 176
Bioorganic and medicinal chemistry of fluorine. Book review 169
Biopharmaceutical drug design and development, 2d ed. Book review 109
Biosolids engineering and management. Brief article 147
Birdwatcher; the life of Roger Tory Peterson. Brief article 110
Blood disorders in the elderly. Book review 144
Body language advanced 3D character rigging. (CD-ROM included). Book review 101
Bonk; the curious coupling of science and sex. Book review 118
Borderline personality disorder; a clinical guide, 2d ed. Brief article 147
Boundary control of PDEs; a course on backstepping designs. Brief article 108
Boundary elements and other mesh reduction methods XXX; proceedings. Book review 189
Brain hypoxia-ischemia research progress. Book review 103
Brain mapping research developments. Book review 145
Breaking free from OCD; a CBT guide for young people and their families. Book review 180
Breast cancer imaging; a multidisciplinary, multimodality approach. Book review 114
Bridges explained; viaducts, aqueducts. Book review 83
Brief person-centred therapies. Book review 173
Bringing science and mathematics to life for all learners. Brief article 157
Broadband wireless access and local networks; mobile WiMAX and WiFi. Book review 113
Brownfields IV; prevention, assessment, rehabilitation and development of brownfield sites; proceedings. Book review 161
Building an effective security policy architecture. Book review 122
Building in the north, 5th ed. Brief article 119
Building the knowledge society on the Internet; sharing and exchanging knowledge in networked environments. Book review 173
Bulk solids handling; equipment selection and operation. Book review 148
Business letters for the construction industry; a guide to construction communication. (CD-ROM included). Book review 98
Business models for sustainable telecoms growth in developing economies. Book review 140
C# 3.0 design Patterns. Book review 201
Campylobacter, 3d ed. Brief article 183
Can't play won't play; simply sizzling ideas to get the ball rolling for children with dyspraxia. Brief article 129
Cancer care for adolescents and young adults. Book review 155
Cancer care for the whole patient; meeting psychosocial health needs. Brief article 144
Cancer metastases research. Book review 109
Cancer neurology in clinical practice; neurological complications of cancer and its treatment, 2d ed. Book review 177
Cancer research at the leading edge. Book review 141
Cancer-related genetic testing and counseling; workshop proceedings. Brief article 173
Carbohydrate chemistry for food scientists, 2d ed. Book review 144
Cardboard in architecture. Brief article 168
Cardiac pacing and defibrillation; principle and practice. Book review 111
Cardiovascular psychophysiology; current issues in response mechanisms, biofeedback and methodology. (reprint, 1974). Book review 154
Career opportunities in the energy industry. Book review 156
Caring for Arab patients; a biopsychosocial approach. Brief article 110
Carpathians environment outlook 2007. Book review 133
Carrier Ethernet; providing the need for speed. Book review 115
Case files: Microbiology, 2d ed. Book review 145
Casebook for clinical supervision; a competency-based approach. Book review 140
Castable polyurethane elastomers. Book review 83
CBT for chronic illness and palliative care; a workbook and toolkit. Brief article 127
CCNP building multilayer switched networks (BCMSN 642-812) lab portfolio. Book review 96
CCNP building scalable internetworks (BSCI 642-901) lab portfolio. Book review 96
CCNP ISCW portable command guide. Empson, Scott; Roth, Hans Brief article 108
CCNP ONT portable command guide. Brief article 88
CCNP optimizing converged networks (ONT 642-845) lab portfolio. Book review 119
Cell growth processes; new research. Book review 120
Cell junctions; adhesion, development, and disease. Brief article 152
Cellular and molecular targets in allergy and clinical immunology; proceedings. Book review 170
Cellular automata; a discrete view of the world. Schiff, Joel L. Book review 131
Changing software development; learning to be agile. Book review 162
Characterization of lignocellulosic materials. Book review 119
Checkpoint responses in cancer therapy. Book review 145
Chemical analysis of firearms, ammunition, and gunshot residue. Book review 130
Chemical and biochemical physics, kinetics, and thermodynamics; new perspectives. Book review 176
Chemical and functional genomic approaches to stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. Brief article 85
Chemical and Physical Methods for Protecting Biopolymers Against Pests. Brief article 192
Chemical engineering dynamics; an introduction to modelling and computer simulation, 3d ed. Book review 169
Chemical engineering; modelling, simulation and similitude. Book review 167
Chemical processes for environmental engineering. Brief article 149
Chemical thermodynamics of solid solutions of interest in radioactive waste management; a state-of-the-art report. Book review 154
Chemical thermodynamics; basic concepts and methods, 7th ed. Brief article 177
Chemical warfare agents; chemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, and therapeutics, 2d ed. Book review 280
Chemistry and molecular aspects of drug design and action. Book review 172
Chemistry for engineers. Brief article 117
Chemistry; a guided inquiry, 4th ed. Book review 85
Chemistry; structure and dynamics, 4th ed. Brief article 208
Chinese herbal drug research trends. Brief article 138
Chinese medicine study guide; diagnostics. Brief article 175
Chip design for non-designers; an introduction. Book review 81
Chloasma & vitiligo. Book review 164
Chromatic monitoring of complex conditions. Book review 173
Chronic lymphocytic leukemia; new research. Book review 130
Chronic prostatitis/chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Book review 134
Classic papers in geriatric medicine with current commentaries. Book review 152
Classical charged particles, 3d ed. Book review 161
Classical function theory, operator dilation theory, and machine computation on multiply-connected domains. Book review 194
Cleaning and surface conditioning technology in semiconductor device manufacturing; proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Book review 194
Climate and Society in Colonial Mexico: A Study in Vulnerability. Brief article 152
Climate change; in context; 2v. Brief article 160
Climate confusion; how global warming hysteria leads to bad science, pandering politicians, and misguided policies that hurt the poor. Brief article 182

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