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Articles from SciTech Book News (March 1, 2008)

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100 questions & answers about deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism. Book Review 131
100 questions & answers about gastric cancer. Book Review 95
100 years in maintenance and reliability; practical lessons from three lifetimes at process plants. Book Review 95
50 years in nuclear power; a retrospective. Book Review 102
A (terse) introduction to linear algebra. Book Review 148
A brief primer of helping skills. Brief Article 155
A chemist's guide to valence bond theory. Book Review 147
A consumer's guide to mental health services; unveiling the mysteries and secrets of psychotherapy. Book Review 170
A continental plate boundary; tectonics at South Island, New Zealand. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 189
A curious calling; unconscious motivations for practicing psychotherapy, 2d ed. Brief Article 143
A field guide to the natural world of New York City. Book Review 123
A guide to teaching research methods in psychology. Book Review 86
A handbook of play therapy with aggressive children. (reprint, 2005). Brief Article 143
A history of science in society; a reader. Book Review 90
A history of The London Clinic; a celebration of 75 years. Book Review 134
A matrix handbook for statisticians. Brief Article 175
A moral climate; the ethics of global warming. Book Review 101
A natural history of quiet waters; swamps and wetlands of the mid-Atlantic coast. Book Review 112
A practical guide to Ubuntu Linux. (DVD-ROM included). Book Review 171
A practical understanding of pre- and poststack migrations, 2007 ed.; v.1: Poststack. Book Review 114
A practical understanding of pre- and poststack migrations, 2007 ed.; v.2: Prestack. Book Review 114
A to Z of women in science and math, rev. ed. Book Review 157
A view from the top; analysis, combinatorics, and number theory. Book Review 99
A+, Network+, Security+ exams in a nutshell. Brief Article 167
Abortion counseling; a clinician's guide to psychology, legislation, politics, and competency. Book Review 162
Absolute FreeBSD; the complete guide to FreeBSD, 2d ed/. Book Review 171
Abstract algebra. Book Review 153
Abusive head trauma quick reference; for health care professionals, social services, and law enforcement. Brief Article 130
Accelerating Japan's economic growth; resolving Japan's growth controversy. Brief Article 149
Access 2007 for starters; the missing manual. Brief Article 80
Access 2007. Book Review 83
Acid rain in the Adirondacks; an environmental history. Book Review 99
ActionScript 3.0 game programming university. Brief Article 166
Acute & chronic wounds; current management concepts, 3d ed. Book Review 175
Acute medicine; a practical guide to the management of medical emergencies, 4th ed. Book Review 126
Ad hoc mobile wireless networks; principles, protocols and applications. Book Review 175
Adaptive antennas and phased arrays for radar and communications. Book Review 172
Adaptive inverse control; a signal processing approach. (reprint, 1996). Book Review 165
Additives and crystallization processes; from fundamentals to applications. Brief Article 166
Addressing cultural complexities in practice; assessment, diagnosis, and therapy, 2d ed. Brief Article 154
ADHD in adults; what the science says. Book Review 168
Adhesive restoration of endodontically treated teeth. Book Review 130
Administrator's guide to Microsoft Office 2007 servers; Forms Server 2007, Groove Server 2007, Live Communications Server 2007, PerformancePoint Server 2007, Project Portfolio Server 2007, Project Server 2007, SharePoint Server 2007 for Search. Book Review 120
Adult neurogenesis. Book Review 139
Adult nurse practitioner intensive review; fast facts & practice questions. Book Review 83
Advanced Ajax; architecture and best practices. Book Review 104
Advanced concepts in multiple sclerosis nursing care, 2d ed. Book Review 82
Advanced materials and processing; 3v. Book Review 234
Advanced methods for decision making and risk management in sustainability science. Brief Article 144
Advanced Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007; insights and advice from the experts. Book Review 137
Advanced optics using aspherical elements. Brief Article 184
Advanced phase-lock techniques. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 149
Advanced reconstruction elbow. Book Review 151
Advanced structural materials III; proceedings. Book Review 130
Advances and challenges in chemical mechanical planarization; proceedings. Brief Article 137
Advances in bistatic radar. Book Review 150
Advances in fracture and damage mechanics VI; proceedings. Book Review 155
Advances in materials and systems technologies; proceedings. Brief Article 139
Advances in multiple criteria decision making and human systems management; knowledge and wisdom. Book Review 176
Advances in optics design and precision manufacturing technologies; proceedings; 2v. Book Review 220
Advances in organometallic chemistry research. Brief Article 171
Advances in psychology research; v.49. Brief Article 138
Advances in psychology research; v.51. Book Review 107
Advances in psychology research; v.52. Brief Article 150
Advances in teaching physical chemistry. Book Review 117
Advancing nuclear medicine through innovation. Brief Article 160
Adventures in mathematical physics; proceedings. Book Review 194
African American bioethics; culture, race, and identity; proceedings. Book Review 120
Age and gender considerations in psychiatric diagnosis; a research agenda for DSM-V. Book Review 133
Agent systems in electronic business. Brief article 121
Aggressive offenders' cognition; theory, research, and practice. Brief Article 138
AIDS, South Africa, and the politics of knowledge. Book Review 92
Air pollution research advances. Book Review 100
Ajax security. Book Review 89
Alabama blast furnaces. (reprint, 1940). Book Review 96
Algebra with Galois theory. Book Review 175
Algebra, geometry and their interactions; proceedings. Book Review 194
Algebraic topology; homology and cohomology. (reprint, 1970). Book Review 163
Algorithmic Lie theory for solving ordinary differential equations. Brief Article 166
All things Darwin; an encyclopedia of Darwin's world; 2v. Book Review 172
Almost a legend--John Fry; leading reformer of general practice. Book Review 179
Alternative energy systems; design and analysis with induction generators, 2d ed. Book Review 135
Aluminum recycling and processing for energy conservation and sustainability. Book Review 155
American drug index 2008, 52d ed. Brief Article 163
American gardens, 1890-1930; Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest regions. Book Review 154
Amino group chemistry; from synthesis to the life sciences. Brief Article 172
Amorphous and polycrystalline thin-film silicon science and technology; proceedings. Book Review 212
Amphiboles; crystal chemistry, occurrence, and health issues. Book Review 170
An aid to the MRCP; essential lists, facts and mnemonics. Brief Article 154
An initiation to logarithmic Sobolev inequalities. Book Review 164
An introduction to community health, 6th ed. (includes Student note-taking guide). Book Review 85
An introduction to forensic genetics. Brief Article 114
An introduction to iterative Toeplitz solvers. Book Review 159
An introduction to nanosciences and nanotechnology. Book Review 154
Analysing qualitative data in psychology. Book Review 118
Analysis of algorithms; an active learning approach, 2d ed. Brief article 161
Analytical and approximate methods in transport phenomena. Book Review 179
Analytical instrumentation; a guide to laboratory, portable and miniaturized instruments. Book Review 132
Analytical models of thermal stresses in composite materials II. Book Review 152
Analyzing health equity using household survey data; a guide to techniques and their implementation. Book Review 115
Analyzing receiver operating characteristic curves with SAS. Book Review 104
Anemias and other red cell disorders. Book Review 137
Anesthesia for cardiac surgery, 3d ed. Book Review 142
Annual book of ASTM standards 2007; section 2: Nonferrous metal products; v.02.05: Metallic and inorganic coatings; metal powders and metal powder products. Book Review 184
Annual review of anthropology; v.36, 2007. Book Review 141
Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics; v.45, 2007. Book Review 123
Annual review of cell and developmental biology; v.23, 2007. Brief Article 160
Annual review of ecology, evolution, and systematics; v.38, 2007. Brief Article 117
Annual review of environment and resources; v.32, 2007. Brief Article 122
Annual review of genomics and human genetics; v.8, 2007. Book Review 182
Annual review of microbiology; v.61, 2007. Brief Article 132
Annual review of nuclear and particle science; v.57, 2007. Brief Article 120
Annual review of nursing education; v.6, 2008: Clinical nursing education. Book Review 103
Annual review of nutrition; v.27, 2007. Book Review 124
Another chance to be real; attachment and object relations treatment of borderline personality disorder. Book Review 154
Aphasia rehabilitation; the impairment and its consequences. Book Review 166
Aphids as crop pests. Book Review 169
Apoptosis and cancer; methods and protocols. Book Review 126
Application of physical methods to inorganic and bioinorganic chemistry. Brief article 140
Applications of vibrational spectroscopy in pharmaceutical research and development. Book Review 175
Applied attention theory. Book Review 157
Applied biomechanics; concepts and connections. Book Review 140
Applied crystallography XX. Book Review 154
Applied iterative methods. Book review 92
Applied linear algebra; the decoupling principle, 2d ed. Brief Article 166
Applied multi-way data analysis. Book Review 175
Applied stochastic processes and control for jump-diffusions; modeling, analysis, and computation. Book Review 211
Applied vector analysis, 2d ed. Book Review 103
Archaeological chemistry, 2d ed. Book Review 125
Architectural models; construction techniques, 2d ed. Book Review 153
Architecture solutions for e-learning systems. Book Review 142
Arrernte traditional healing. Book Review 92
Arterial blood gases made easy. Book Review 152
Artificial intelligence with uncertainty. Brief Article 177
Artificial intelligence; a systems approach. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 148
Artificial reality and telexistence; proceedings. Book Review 182
Asia-Pacific services computing; proceedings. Brief Article 134
Asia-Pacific software engineering conference; proceedings. Brief article 124
ASP.NET 3.5 unleashed. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 109
Assessing dangerousness; violence by batterers and child abusers, 2d ed. Book Review 147
Assessment of parenting competency in mothers with mental illness. Book review 122
Assessments in occupational therapy mental health; an integrative approach, 2d ed. Book Review 126
ASTM standards on erosion and sediment control technology, 2d ed. Book Review 112
Astronomical data analysis software and systems; proceedings. Book Review 179
Asymptotic analysis and singularities; elliptic and parabolic PDEs and related problems. Book Review 113
Asymptotic analysis and singularities; hyperbolic and dispersive PDEs and fluid mechanics. Book Review 113
Asymptotics; particles, processes and inverse problems. Book Review 152
At work in the field of birth; midwifery narratives of nature, tradition, and home. Book Review 128
Atlantic coast beaches; a guide to ripples, dunes, and other natural features of the seashore. Book Review 139
Atlas of common pain syndromes, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 124
Atlas of head and neck pathology, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 145
Atlas of microsurgery of the lateral skull base, 2d ed. Book Review 163
Atlas of peripheral nerve blocks and anatomy for orthopedic anesthesia. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 152
Atrial fibrillation ablation; the state of the art based on the VeniceChart international consensus document. Book Review 184
Audio anecdotes III; tools, tips, and techniques for digital audio. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 111
Autism and loss. Book Review 88
Autism and pervasive developmental disorders sourcebook; basic consumer health information about autism spectrum and pervasive developmental disorders, such as classical autism, Asperger Syndrome, Rett... Book Review 139
Autism; an integrated view from neurocognitive, clinical, and intervention research. Brief Article 145
Auto mechanics; technology and expertise in twentieth-century America. Book Review 174
AutoCAD 2008 essentials. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 84
Automated production of cross media content for multi-channel distribution; proceedings. Book Review 202
Automotive safety handbook, 2d ed. Book Review 80
Autonomic networks. Book Review 96
Avidin-biotin interactions; methods and applications. Book Review 89
Awful splendour; a fire history of Canada. Book Review 148
Ayurveda; a comprehensive guide to traditional Indian medicine for the West. Book Review 122
Bacterial resistance to antimicrobials, 2d ed. Book Review 105
Banach spaces and their applications in analysis; proceedings. Book Review 177
Basement ideas that work; creative design solutions for your home. Book Review 123
Basic statistics using SAS enterprise guide; a primer. Book Review 89
Basic virology, 3d ed. Book Review 148
Basics of audiology; from vibrations to sounds. Book Review 176
Baxter's the foot and ankle in sport, 2d ed. Brief article 165
Becoming a digital designer; a guide to careers in Web, video, broadcast, game and animation design. Book Review 110
Becoming an addictions counselor; a comprehensive text, 2d ed. Book Review 153
Becoming culturally oriented; practical advice for psychologists and educators. Book Review 109
Beginning information cards and CardSpace; from novice to professional. Book Review 96
Behavioral aspects of epilepsy; principles and practice. Book Review 124
Behavioral ecology of insect parasitoids; from theoretical approaches to field applications. Book Review 170
Behavioral interventions in cognitive behavior therapy; practical guidance for putting theory into action. Book review 115
Behind the consultation; reflective stories from clinical practice. Book Review 142
Benchmarking for hospitals; achieving best-in-class performance without having to reinvent the wheel. Book Review 123
Best of the brain from Scientific American. Book Review 92
Beyond leading and managing; nursing administration for the future. Book Review 161
Beyond the factory gates; asbestos and health in twentieth century America. Brief Article 150
Binge-eating disorder; clinical foundations and treatment. Book Review 95
Bioceramics; proceedings; 2v. Book Review 138
Biochemistry, 6th ed. Book Review 112
Bioclimatic housing; innovative designs for warm climates. Book Review 128
Biodiversity loss and conservation in fragmented forest landscapes; the forests of Montane Mexico and temperate South America. Book Review 249
Bioenergetics primer for exercise science. Book review 85
Biohydrometallurgy; from the single cell to the environment. Book Review 143
Bioinformatics; databases, tools, algorithms. Book Review 112
Biological database modeling. Book Review 176
Biologically inspired artificial intelligence for computer games. Book Review 138
Biology and management of the world tarpon and bonefish fisheries. Book Review 132
Biology of freedom; neural plasticity, experience, and the unconscious. Book Review 170
Biomechanics in ergonomics, 2d ed. Book Review 129
Biomechanics; principles and applications. Brief Article 155
Biomedical applications of nanotechnology. Book Review 146
Biomedical device technology; principles and design. Book Review 195
Biomedical nanostructures. Book Review 168
Biomedicine; a textbook for practitioners of acupuncture & oriental medicine. Book Review 173
Biomolecular action of ionizing radiation. Book Review 185
Biophysico-chemical processes of heavy metals and metalloids in soil environments. Book Review 170
Biosafety first; holistic approaches to risk and uncertainty in genetic engineering and genetically modified organisms. Book Review 135
Biosecurity in the global age; biological weapons, public health, and the rule of law. Book Review 121
Biosimulation in drug development. Book Review 228
Biosolids treatment processes. Book Review 190
Biostatistics for oral healthcare. Book review 94
Biotechnology and pharmaceutical patents; law and practice; 2v. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 174
Biotechnology and plant disease management. Book Review 163
Bipolar children; cutting-edge controversy, insights, and research. Brief Article 106
Bipolar disorder in later life. Book Review 159
Bird flu; what we need to know. Brief Article 98
Blood pressure monitoring in cardiovascular medicine and therapeutics, 2d ed. Book Review 137
Bootstrap methods; a guide for practitioners and researchers, 2d ed. Brief Article 164
Brainlash; maximize your recovery from mild brain injury, 3d ed. Brief Article 85
Breast cancer. Book Review 114
Breast core biopsy; a pathologic-radiologic correlative approach. Book Review 161
Breeding major food staples. Book Review 114
Building an intelligent Web; theory and practice. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 87
Building outdoor structures. Brief Article 92
Building resilient IP networks. Brief Article 126
Building software; a practitioner's guide. Brief Article 176
Building the perfect PC, 2d ed. Book Review 94
Buried treasures; finding and growing the world's choicest bulbs. Book Review 137
Bushmeat and livelihoods; wildlife management and poverty reduction. Book Review 155
Caffey's pediatric diagnostic imaging, 11th ed.; 2v. Book Review 175
Calculated risks; highly radioactive waste and homeland security. Brief Article 137
Calochortus; Mariposa lilies & their relatives. Book Review 108
Campbell's operative orthopaedics, 11th ed.; 4v. (2 DVD-ROMs included). Brief Article 204
Cancer nanotechnology; nanomaterials for cancer diagnosis and therapy. Book Review 169
Cancer proteomics; from bench to bedside. Book Review 95
Canis africanis; a dog history of Southern Africa. Book Review 179
Capillary flows with forming interfaces. Brief Article 91
Cardiology essentials. Book Review 88
Cardiovascular hemodynamics for the clinician. Book Review 82
Care-related quality of life in old age; concepts, models and empirical findings. Book Review 192
Career opportunities in conservation and the environment. Brief Article 124
Career opportunities in health care, 3d ed. Brief Article 116
Casarett and Doull's toxicology; the basic science of poisons, 7th ed. Book Review 121
Case files; neurology. Book Review 102
Catalog of teratogenic agents, 12th ed. Book Review 140
Catalysts for fine chemical synthesis; 5v. Book Review 146
CCENT/CCNA ICND1 official exam certification guide, 2d ed. (CD-ROMs included). Brief Article 104
CCNA flash cards and exam practice pack, 3d ed. Brief article 132
CCNA ICND2 official exam certification guide, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 88
CCNA; exam prep, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 85
Cell-free protein expression. Brief Article 88
Cell-free protein synthesis; methods and protocols. Book Review 102
Cellular signaling and apoptosis research. Brief Article 172
Censoring science; inside the political attack on Dr. James Hansen and the truth of global warming. Brief Article 115
Challenges and opportunities of healthgrids; proceedings. Book Review 138
Challenging health inequalities; from Acheson to 'Choosing health'. Book Review 142
Charting a course for high quality care transitions. Book Review 153
Chasing kangaroos; a continent, a scientist, and a search for the world's most extraordinary creature. (reprint, 2004). Book Review 89
Chemical dependency counseling; a practical guide, 3d ed. Book Review 128
Chemical physics research trends. Book Review 137
Chemical solution deposition of semiconducting and non-metallic films; proceedings. Book Review 196
Chemistry for environmental and Earth sciences. Book Review 96
Children with sexual behavior problems; family-based, attachment-focused therapy. Book Review 169
Chiropractic, health promotion, and wellness. Brief Article 109
Chromosome nanoscience and technology. Book review 86
Chronic pain. Book Review 131
Chrysler engines, 1922-1998. Book Review 117
Cisco ASA, PIX, and FWSM firewall handbook, 2d ed. Book Review 95
Cisco IOS cookbook, 2d ed. Book Review 96
Cisco NAC appliance; enforcing host security with clean access. Brief article 91
Classics from IJGIS; twenty years of the International journal of geographical information science and systems. Book Review 178
Classroom skills for nurse educators. Book Review 147
Clathrate hydrates of natural gases, 3d ed. Book Review 178
Climate action. Book Review 124
Climate change 2007; mitigation of climate change. Book Review 172
Climate policy uncertainty and investment risk. Brief Article 100
Climatology. Book Review 93
Clinical handbook of psychological disorders; a step-by-step treatment manual, 4th ed. Book Review 93
Clinical management of bone and joint pain. Book Review 138
Clinical neuroimaging; cases and key points. Book Review 153
Clinical nutrition for surgical patients. Book Review 149
Clinical psychology; integrating science and practice. Brief Article 144
Clinical topics in addiction. Book Review 196
Closer and closer; introducing real analysis. Book Review 148
CMMI and Six Sigma; partners in process improvement. Brief Article 171
CMOS; circuit design, layout, and simulation, rev. 2d ed. Book Review 200
CNC programming handbook, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 145
Coccidioidomycosis; proceedings. Book Review 156
Coding for MIMO communication systems. Book Review 102
Coding theory; algorithms, architectures and applications. Brief Article 163
Cognitive justice in a global world; prudent knowledges for a decent life. Brief Article 172
Cognitive-communication disorders of dementia. Book Review 177
Collaboration in archaeological practice; engaging descendant communities. Brief Article 97
College algebra, 7th ed. Brief Article 175
Color atlas of pediatric dermatology, 4th ed. Book Review 139
Color atlas of turfgrass weeds; a guide to weed identification and control strategies, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 128
Color. (DVD-ROM included). Brief Article 179
Commercialization and transfer of technology; major country case studies. Brief Article 173
Communication and IT for rural environments; proceedings. Book Review 141
Community nutrition; applying epidemiology to contemporary practice, 2d ed. Book Review 155
Comparative genomics; basic and applied research. Book Review 150

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