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Articles from SciTech Book News (June 1, 2008)

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10 powerful ideas for improving patient care; book 4. Book Review 144
100 ideas for teaching design and technology. Book Review 146
100 questions & answers about myeloma, 2d ed. Brief Article 106
100 things you need to know about Microsoft Windows Vista. Book Review 89
1001 tips for wood workers. Book Review 142
21st century imaging. Book Review 132
2D PAGE; sample preparation and frationation; v.1. Book Review 144
2D PAGE; sample preparation and frationation; v.2. Book Review 160
40 years of academic public psychiatry. Book Review 175
50 years of vacuum coating technology and the growth of the Society of Vacuum Coaters. Book Review 113
A biographical dictionary of people in engineering; from earliest records until 2000. Book Review 126
A biographical dictionary of psychologists, psychiatrists, and psychotherapists. Book Review 145
A biography of Maria Gaetana Agnesi, an eighteenth-century woman mathematician; with translations of some of her work from Italian into English. Book Review 175
A bird-finding guide to Panama. Book Review 108
A career in nursing; is it right for me? Book Review 87
A cheap, safe and natural medicine; religion, medicine and culture in John Wesley's Primitive physic. Brief Article 199
A child's journey to recovery; assessment and planning with traumatized children. Book Review 97
A course on the Web graph. Brief Article 117
A grain of sand. Book Review 149
A history of multiple sclerosis. Book Review 126
A Millwright's guide to motor/pump alignment, 2d ed. Book Review 181
A practical approach to medical image processing. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 200
A practical approach to neurophysiologic intraoperative monitoring. Book Review 164
A primer of GIS; fundamental geographic and cartographic concepts. Brief Article 101
A primer on wavelets and their scientific applications, 2d ed. Book Review 161
A strategic guide to technical communication. Book Review 132
A therapist's guide to understanding common medical conditions; addressing a client's mental and physical health. Brief Article 120
A wild life; adventures on accidental conservationist in Africa. Book Review 153
A woman's guide to urinary incontinence. Book Review 171
Accelerated VB 2008. Book Review 90
Acid catalysis in modern organic synthesis; 2v. Book Review 188
ACT in practice; case conceptualization in acceptance and commitment therapy. Book Review 130
Active interventions for kids and teens; adding adventure and fun to counseling!. Book Review 102
Adapting cognitive therapy for depression; managing complexity and comorbidity. Brief Article 135
Adaptive filters. Book Review 132
ADHD; living without brakes. Book Review 112
ADO.NET 3.5 cookbook, 2d ed. Book Review 148
Adobe AIR for JavaScript developers; pocket guide. Brief Article 135
Adobe AIR; create-modify-reuse. Book Review 113
Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 unleashed. Brief Article 85
Adobe Photoshop elements 6 on demand. Brief Article 117
Adolescent sexual health education; an activity sourcebook. Book Review 207
Advanced calculus; an introduction to linear analysis. Book Review 88
Advanced dairy science and technology. Book Review 86
Advanced distance sampling. (reprint, 2004). Book Review 91
Advanced information systems for enterprise; proceedings. Book Review 128
Advanced materials and processing; proceedings. Book Review 163
Advanced nutrition and human metabolism, 5th ed. Book Review 136
Advanced NXT; the Da Vinci inventions book. Book Review 91
Advanced propulsion systems and technologies, today to 2020. Book Review 187
Advanced safety management focusing on Z10 and serious injury prevention. Brief Article 128
Advanced Windows debugging. Book Review 84
Advances in chemical physics; v.139. Book Review 155
Advances in experimental mechanics; proceedings. Book Review 173
Advances in grinding and abrasive technology; proceedings. Book Review 154
Advances in human palaeopathology. Book Review 137
Advances in inequalities for series. Book Review 175
Advances in information recording. Book Review 175
Advances in neonatal hematology. Brief Article 158
Advances in psychology research; v.53. Book Review 178
Advances in ubiquitous computing; future paradigms and directions. Brief Article 171
Affinity chromatography; methods and protocols, 2d ed. Book Review 134
Afternoons with Puppy; inspirations from a therapist and his animals. Brief Article 120
AIDS therapy, 3d ed., multimedia e-dition. Book Review 187
Air quality in America; a dose of reality on air pollution levels, trends, and health risks. Book Review 139
Aircraft propulsion and gas turbine engines. Book Review 163
Ajax on Java. Book Review 165
Ajax, rich Internet applications, and web development for programmers. Book Review 125
Ajax; the complete reference. Brief Article 98
Alcohol/drug screening and brief intervention; advances in evidence-based practice. Book Review 128
Alcohol; methods and protocols. Book Review 105
Alexander Collie; colonial surgeon, naturalist and explorer. Book Review 115
Algebra and the elementary classroom; transforming thinking, transforming practice. Book Review 87
Algebraic and analytic geometry. Book Review 160
Allen reference atlas: A digital color brain atlas of the C57Black/6J male mouse. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 148
Aluminum alloys; fabrication, characterization and applications; proceedings. Book Review 123
America's health care crisis solved; money-saving solutions, coverage for everyone. Book Review 172
Amphibians and reptiles of British Columbia. (reprint, 2006). Book Review 106
An essay by the uniquely wise `Abel Fath Omar Bin Al-Khayyam on algebra and equations. Book Review 103
An introduction to Godel's Theorems. Book Review 171
An introduction to many-valued and fuzzy logic; semantics, algebras, and derivation systems. Book Review 152
An introduction to nonlinear partial differential equations, 2d ed. Brief Article 155
An introduction to optimization, 3d ed. Book Review 127
An introduction to plant breeding. Book Review 117
An introduction to turbulent reacting flows. Book Review 158
Analysis of biological networks. Book Review 108
Analysis of pesticides in food and environmental samples. Book Review 150
Analysis of waiting-time data in health services research. Brief Article 105
Analysis techniques for racecar data acquisition. Brief Article 151
Anatomy of the passions. Book Review 148
Animal coloration; activities on the evolution of concealment. Book Review 134
Animal physiology, 2d ed. Book Review 95
Annual review of eating disorders; part 2: 2008. Brief Article 100
Annual review of entomology; v.53, 2008. Brief Article 116
Annual review of fluid mechanics; v.40, 2008. Book Review 111
Annual review of genetics; v.41, 2007. Book Review 98
Annual review of medicine; v.59, 2008. Book Review 104
Annual review of pathology; mechanisms of disease; v.3, 2008. Brief Article 107
Annual review of pharmacology and toxicology; v.48, 2008. Book Review 114
Annual review of physiology; v.70, 2008. Book Review 160
Annual review of psychology; v.59, 2008. Brief Article 102
Anterior segment optical coherence tomography. Book Review 157
Antiangiogenic agents in cancer therapy, 2d ed. Book Review 167
Antiterrorism and homeland defense; polymers and materials. Book Review 204
Anxiety disorders; a pocket guide for primary care. Book Review 129
Apoptosis, senescence, and cancer. Book Review 139
Appetite and food intake; behavioral and physiological considerations. Book Review 154
Applications of environmental aquatic chemistry; a practical guide, 2d ed. Book Review 208
Applied calculus for the managerial, life, and social sciences, 8th ed. Brief Article 82
Applied computational fluid dynamics techniques; an introduction based on finite element methods, 2d ed. Book Review 149
Applied helping skills; transforming lives. Brief Article 89
Applied survival analysis; regression modeling of time-to-event data, 2d ed. Book Review 155
Applied theories in occupational therapy; a practical approach. Book Review 82
Applying HACCP-based quality risk management on dairy farms. Book Review 152
Aquatic animal health; proceedings. Book Review 185
Archaea; new models for prokaryotic biology. Book Review 96
Architectural graphic standards student edition, 11th ed. Book Review 136
Are you being served?; new tools for measuring service delivery. Book Review 177
Artificial intelligence for advanced problem solving techniques. Book Review 102
Asian crops and human dietetics. Book Review 142
Asperger syndrome and employment; adults speak out about Asperger syndrome. Book Review 137
Asperger syndrome and social relationships; adults speak out about Asperger syndrome. Book Review 160
Asperger's from the inside out; a supportive and practical guide for anyone with Asperger's syndrome. Book Review 115
Aspergillus in the genomic era. Brief Article 147
Assessment and treatment of articulation and phonological disorders in children; a dual-level text, 2d ed. (resource manual and CD-ROM included.). Brief Article 140
Assessment of communication disorders in children; resources and protocols. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 133
Assisted dying; reflections on the need for law reform. Book Review 95
Asymmetric phase transfer catalysis. Brief Article 127
Asynchronous circuits and systems; proceedings. Book Review 114
At the edge of the universe; latest results from the deepest astronomical surveys; proceedings. Book Review 202
At-sea distribution and abundance of seabirds off southern California; a 20-year comparison. Book Review 183
Atmospheric acoustic remote sensing. Book Review 172
Atoms, radiation, and radiation protection, 3d ed. Book Review 153
Atrial fibrillation; from bench to bedside. Book Review 174
Audiology; science to practice. Brief Article 149
Audiology; treatment, 2d ed. Book Review 154
Augmented reality; a practical guide. Book Review 107
Australian software engineering; proceedings. Book Review 132
Autism heroes; portraits of families meeting the challenge. Book Review 116
Autism spectrum disorders in infants and toddlers; diagnosis, assessment, and treatment. Book Review 129
Autistics' guide to dating; a book by autistics, for autistics and those who love them or who are in love with them. Book Review 146
AutoCAD 2009 and autoCAD LT 2009; no experience required. Book Review 115
Autoimmune diseases in endocrinology. Book Review 145
Autologous and cancer stem cell gene therapy. Book Review 187
Automation applications in bio-pharmaceuticals. Brief Article 177
Automotive engineering; lightweight, functional, and novel materials. Book Review 104
Automotive paints and coatings. Brief Article 136
Availability, reliability and security; proceedings. Book Review 127
Avian influenza virus. Book Review 84
Back stability; integrating science and therapy, 2d ed. Book Review 121
Bacterial pathogenesis; methods and protocols. Book Review 133
Bad men do what good men dream; a forensic psychiatrist illuminates the darker side of human behavior, rev. ed. Book Review 127
Ballistics; theory and design of guns and ammunition. Book Review 161
Banach spaces of analytic functions; proceedings. Book Review 109
Banana; the fate of the fruit that changed the world. Book Review 113
Bash cookbook. Brief Article 98
Basic clinical neuroscience, 2d ed. Book Review 96
Basic quadratic forms. Book Review 147
Basics of metal mining influenced water. Book Review 118
Beating eating disorders step by step; a self-help guide for recovery. Book Review 163
Becoming leaders; a practical handbook for women in engineering, science, and technology. Book Review 144
Beginning Adobe AIR; building applications for the Adobe Integrated Runtime. Book Review 132
Beginning C# 2008 databases; from novice to professional. Brief Article 89
Beginning Fedora; from novice to professional, the complete guide to Fedora--includes everything you need to know to master this popular Linux-based operating system. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 192
Beginning partial differential equations, 2d ed. Brief Article 148
Beginning Rails; from novice to professional. Brief Article 194
Beginning VB 2008; from novice to professional. Brief Article 107
Beginning web development, Silverlight, and ASP.NET AJAX; from novice to professional. Brief Article 147
Beginning web programming with HTML, XHTML, and CSS, 2d ed. Book Review 159
Benchmarking; performance indicators for water and wastewater utilities; 2007 annual survey data and analysis report. Brief Article 162
Berry & Kohn's operating room technique, 11th ed. Book Review 98
Best practices in biotechnology business development. Brief Article 152
Best practices in biotechnology education. Book Review 125
Beyond the nanoworld; quarks, leptons, and gauge bosons. Brief Article 150
BIM handbook; a guide to building information modeling for owners, managers, designers, engineers, and contractors. Book Review 207
Bio-inorganic hybrid nanomaterials; strategies, syntheses, characterization and application. Brief Article 164
Bioactive natural products; detection, isolation, and structural determination, 2d ed. Book Review 154
Biochemistry of signal transduction and regulation, 4th ed. Brief Article 175
Biochemistry. Book Review 155
Bioethics and public health law, 2d ed. Book Review 181
Bioinformatics algorithms; techniques and applications. Book Review 176
Bioinformatics and biomedicine; proceedings. Book Review 182
Biological applications of microfluidics. Brief Article 127
Biological child psychiatry; recent trends and developments. Book Review 194
Biological monitoring; theory and applications, bioindicators and biomarkers for environmental quality and human exposure assessment. Book Review 135
Biological networks. Brief Article 119
Biological oceanography research trends. Book Review 107
Biology of turtles. Book Review 124
Biology under the influence; dialectical essays on ecology, agriculture, and health. Book Review 119
Biomechanical analysis of fundamental human movements. Book Review 117
Biomechanical systems technology; computational methods. Book Review 121
Biomechanics of musculoskeletal injury, 2d ed. Book Review 196
Biopolymer research trends. Brief Article 128
Biostatistics; the bare essentials, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 201
Biotechnology and genetic engineering, 3d ed. Young adult review 141
Biotechnology in flavor production. Book Review 111
Bipolar disoder; a family-focused treatment approach, 2d ed. Brief Article 122
Birds; the art of ornithology. (small edition reprint, 2005). Book Review 161
Bits of life; feminism at the intersections of media, bioscience, and technology. Book Review 146
Black & Decker; the complete guide to DIY projects for luxurious living; adding style & elegance with showcase features you can build. Book Review 105
Black & Decker; the complete guide to windows & entryways; repair, renew, replace. Book Review 97
Black women's risk for HIV; Rough living. Book Review 137
Bone reformation; contemporary bone augmentation procedures in oral and maxillofacial implant surgery. Book Review 100
Botulinum toxin injection guide. Book Review 173
Brain and behavior; an introduction to biopsychology, 2d ed. Book Review 126
Brain-disabling treatments in psychiatry; drugs, electroshock, and the psychopharmaceutical complex. Book Review 136
Brake technology handbook. Book Review 161
Bringing down the mountains; the impact of mountaintop removal surface coal mining on Southern West Virginia communities, 1970-2004. Book Review 180
Bringing evidence into everyday practice; practical strategies for healthcare professionals. Book Review 162
Bringing nature home; how native plants sustain wildlife in our gardens. Book Review 126
British military and naval medicine; 1600-1830. Book Review 135
Build your own security lab; a field guide for network testing. (DVD-ROM included). Brief Article 117
Building a server with FreeBSD 7; a modular approach. Book Review 108
Building and maintaining a data warehouse. Book Review 129
Building construction illustrated, 4th ed. Book Review 98
Building European spatial data infrastructures. Book Review 159
Building in the 21st century. Brief Article 123
Building science, technology, and innovation capacity in Rwanda; developing practical solutions to practical problems. Book Review 173
Building stone decay; from diagnosis to conservation. Book Review 150
Building trustworthy semantic webs. Brief Article 130
Building type basics for healthcare facilities, 2d ed. Book Review 128
Bulk material handling by conveyor belt 7. Brief Article 149
Burbot; ecology, management, and culture. Book Review 180
Burket's oral medicine, 11th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 163
Business process transformation. Book Review 153
Butterflies of Vietnam; papilionidae; v.2. Book Review 126
C programming; a modern approach, 2d ed. Brief Article 102
C*-algebras and finite-dimensional approximations. Book Review 162
C++ GUI programming with Qt 4, 2d ed. Book Review 90
C. elegans atlas. Book Review 161
Cable vibrations in cable-stayed bridges. Brief Article 148
Cacti of Texas, a field guide; with emphasis on the Trans-Pecos species. Book Review 120
Calculus and techniques of optimization with microeconomic applications. Brief Article 143
California's day of the grizzly. Brief Article 136
Camellias; the gardener's encyclopedia. Book Review 118
Canadair CF104 Starfighter. Book Review 180
Cancer genomics and proteomics; methods and protocols. Brief Article 85
Cancer vaccines and tumor immunity. Book Review 181
Capillary electrophoresis; methods and protocols. Book Review 147
Capturing nursing history; a guide to historical methods in research. Book Review 124
Capturing wealth from tuna; case studies from the Pacific. Book Review 165
Carbon dioxide reduction metallurgy; proceedings. Book Review 192
Carbon sequestration in tropical grassland ecosytems. Brief Article 168
Cardiac arrythmia research advances. Brief Article 155
Cardiovascular biology; endothelial cell in health and hypertension. Book Review 114
Cardiovascular diabetology; clinical, metabolic, and inflammatory facets. Book Review 168
Cardiovascular magnetic resonance imaging. (DVD-ROM included). Book Review 150
Cardiovascular MRI; 150 multiple choice questions and answers. Book Review 121
Caring for Muslim patients, 2d ed. Book Review 160
Caring for them from birth to death; the practice of community-based Cuban medicine. Book Review 173
Cats are not peas; a calico history of genetics, 2d ed. Book Review 117
Cavalry from hoof to track. Book Review 95
Cawson's essentials of oral pathology and oral medicine, 8th ed. Book Review 178
CCIE routing and switching exam certification guide, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 89
CCNA practice questions (exam 640-802), 3d ed. (CD included). Book Review 103
Celebrating the space age; 50 years of space technology, 40 years of the outer space treaty. Brief Article 98
Ceramics science and technology; v.1: Stuctures. Book Review 154
Cerebrum 2008; emerging ideas in brain science. Book Review 143
Cervical spine surgery challenges; diagnosis and management. Brief Article 173
Changing American psychiatry; a personal perspective. Book Review 119
Characterization analysis of polymers. Brief Article 164
Characterization of total organic halogen produced during disinfection processes. Book Review 138
Characterization, monitoring, and modeling of geosystems; proceedings. Book Review 171
Charlatan; America's most dangerous huckster, the man who pursued him, and the age of flimflam. Book Review 129
Charles Darwin. Brief Article 82
Chemical communication among bacteria. Book Review 147
Chemical principles in the laboratory, 9th ed. Book Review 99
Chemical process design; computer-aided case studies. Book Review 164
Chemistry & chemical reactivity, 7th ed. Brief Article 86
Chemistry and physics of carbon; v.30. Book Review 163
Chemistry; principles and reactions; a core text, 6th ed. Book Review 92
Chemistry; the science in context, 2d ed. Book Review 122
Child and adolescent psychopathology. Book Review 146
Child anxiety disorders; a family-based treatment manual for practitioners. Book Review 129
Child nutrition research advances. Brief Article 138
Child safety; a pediatric guide for parents, teachers, nurses, and caregivers. Book Review 133
Children with complex and continuing health needs; the experiences of children, families, and care staff. Book Review 170
Chimpanzee politics; power and sex among apes. Book Review 126
Chinese mathematicians; proceedings; 2v. Book Review 149
Choices in breast cancer treatment; medical specialists and cancer survivors tell you what you really need to know. Book Review 116
Cholestatic liver disease. Book Review 102
Choosing project success; a guide for building professionals. Book Review 90
Chromosomal mutagenesis. Book Review 135
Circadian rhythms and health research trends. Brief Article 124
Circuits and applications using silicon heterostructure devices. Book Review 187
Cisco networking simplified, 2d ed. Book Review 134
CISO leadership; effective principles for success. Book Review 182
Citrus genetics, breeding and biotechnology. Brief Article 133
Civil engineering body of knowledge for the 21st century; preparing the civil engineer for the future, 2d ed. Book Review 177
Civil engineering heritage Scotland; highlands and islands. Book Review 110
Classical algebra; its nature, origins, and uses. Brief Article 168
Classifying spaces of sporadic groups. Brief Article 165
Cleanup of chemical and explosive munitions; locating, identifying contaminants, and planning for environmental remediation of land and sea military ranges and ordnance dumpsites. Book Review 137
Climate change 2007: impacts, adaptation and vulnerability. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 179
Climate change as a crisis in world civilization; why we must totally transform how we live. Book Review 117
Clinical and professional reasoning in occupational therapy. Book Review 173
Clinical applications of the adult attachment interview. Book Review 176
Clinical bioinformatics. Book Review 166
Clinical cardiac CT; anatomy and function. (DVD included). Book Review 118
Clinical dermatology, 4th ed. Brief Article 161

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