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Articles from SciTech Book News (December 1, 2008)

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100 questions & answers about communicating with your healthcare provider. Book review 92
100 questions & answers about erectile dysfunction, 2d ed. Book review 100
100 questions & answers about thyroid disorders. Book review 93
101 tips to getting the residency you want; a guide for medical students. Book review 110
150 ECG problems, 3d ed. Book review 111
3G, HSPA, and FDD versus TDD networking; smart antennas and adaptive modulation, 2d ed. Brief article 103
A case-based guide to clinical endocrinology. Brief article 118
A combinatorial approach to matrix theory and its applications. Brief article 182
A course of pure mathematics, 10th ed. Book review 173
A dictionary of computing, 6th ed. Brief article 92
A first course in atmospheric thermodynamics. Book review 143
A fish in the moonlight; growing up in the bone marrow unit. Brief article 123
A gallery of Chua attractors. (DVD-ROM included). Brief article 140
A geoscientist's guide to petrophysics. Book review 179
A leadership guide for combination fire departments. Brief article 134
A natural history of conifers. Book review 151
A new approach to quantum logic. Brief article 120
A passion for Mars; intrepid explorers of the Red Planet. Book review 124
A practical manual for musculoskeletal research. Book review 231
A realist theory of science. Book review 170
A unified approach to boundary value problems. Brief article 108
AACN advanced critical care nursing. Brief article 172
Accelerated SQL server 2008. Book review 84
Accelerated VB 2005. Book review 105
Access data analysis cookbook. Book review 124
Actinides 2008--basic science, applications and technology; proceedings. Book review 143
Active aging; the contribution of psychology. Brief article 102
Adaptation and cross layer design in wireless networks. Brief article 104
Adapting health communication to cultural needs; optimizing documents in South-African health communication on HIV and AIDS. Book review 160
Adaptive co-management; collaboration, learning, and multi-level governance. Book review 172
Adaptive signal processing in wireless communications. Brief article 93
Adaptive web sites; a knowledge extraction from web data approach. Book review 177
Adhesives technology handbook, 2d ed. Book review 163
Administration guide for TPBA2 & TPBI2. Book review 157
Advance treatment directives and autonomy for incompetent patients; an international comparative survey of law and practice, with special attention to the Netherlands. Book review 154
Advanced AutoCAD 2009; exercise workbook. Brief article 98
Advanced language processing and web information technology (ALPIT 2008); proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Book review 158
Advanced mapping of environmental data; geostatistics, machine learning, and Bayesian maximum entropy. Brief article 104
Advanced methods of electrophysiological signal analysis and symbol grounding?; dynamical systems approaches to language. Brief article 160
Advanced nutrition; macronutrients, micronutrients, and metabolism. (CD-ROM included). Book review 108
Advanced practice nursing; an integrative approach, 4th ed. Book review 156
Advanced Rails recipes. Brief article 113
Advanced structural and functional materials for protection; proceedings. Brief article 171
Advanced topics on cellular self-organizing nets and chaotic nonlinear dynamics to model and control complex systems. Brief article 97
Advanced video and signal based surveillance; proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Book review 155
Advanced water treatment of estuarine water supplies. Book review 138
Advanced welding and micro joining/packaging for the 21st century; proceedings. Brief article 187
Advances in artificial general intelligence; concepts, architectures and algorithms; proceedings. Book review 215
Advances in environmental research; v.1. Book review 125
Advances in fisheries bioengineering. Brief article 98
Advances in fisheries science; 50 years on from Beverton and Holt. Book review 164
Advances in GaN, GaAs, SiC and related alloys on silicon substrates; proceedings. Book review 101
Advances in inequalities from probability theory and statistics. Book review 92
Advances in mathematical modeling for reliability. Book review 176
Advances in medical physics; 2008. Brief article 92
Advances in multiphysics simulation and experimental testing of MEMS. Book review 179
Advances in polymer chemistry and methods reported in recent U.S. patents. Brief article 199
Advances in psychology research; v.55. Book review 159
Advances in wireless networks; performance modelling, analysis and enhancement. Book review 174
Advancing artificial intelligence through biological process applications. Book review 153
Aesthetic surgery after massive weight loss. Book review 107
Africa; atlas of our changing environment. Brief article 106
African erosion surface; a continental-scale synthesis of geomorphology, tectonics, and environmental change over the past 180 million years. Book review 112
Agile 2008; proceedings. Brief article 112
Agriculture in developing countries; technology issues. Book review 108
AIX v6 advanced security features; introduction and configuration. Book review 115
Ajax; a beginner's guide. Brief article 100
Algorithmic aspects of graph connectivity. Book review 171
Alternative sewer systems; WEF manual of practice no. FD-12, 2d ed. Book review 142
Alzheimer's disease; new research. Book review 125
America's bridges??? Book review 84
American cars, 1946-1959; every model, year by year. Book review 126
American Water Works Association 2008 water utility compensation survey, 13th annual ed. Book review 117
An electrochemical reactor to minimize brominated DBPs in a conventional treatment plant. Book review 97
An illustrated handbook of flap-raising techniques. Brief article 160
An introduction to behavior genetics. Book review 142
An introduction to botanical medicines; history, science, uses, and dangers. Book review 129
An introduction to digital multimedia. Brief article 109
An introduction to involutive structures. Book review 126
An introduction to linear programming and game theory, 3d ed. Book review 204
An introduction to Ox; an object-oriented matrix programming language. Book review 161
An introduction to OxMetrics 5; a software system for data analysis and forecasting. Brief article 158
An introduction to programming using Visual Basic 2008, 7th ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 177
An object-oriented matrix programming language; Ox 5. Book review 163
Analysis of variance designs; a conceptual and computational approach with SPSS and SAS. Book review 136
Analysis on graphs and its applications; proceedings. Brief article 141
Analytical and computational methods in electromagnetics. (CD-ROM included). Book review 166
Analytical models of thermal stresses in composite materials 1. Book review 115
Anatomy & physiology made incredibly easy!, 3d ed. Brief article 80
Anatomy and physiology of domestic animals. Brief article 96
Anatomy of a medical school; a history of medicine at the University of Otago 1875-2000. Brief article 152
Animal genomics for animal health; proceedings. Book review 140
Annual review of analytical chemistry; v.1, 2008. Brief article 136
Annual review of anthropology; v.37, 2008. Brief article 171
Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics; v.46, 2008. Book review 168
Annual review of biochemistry; v.77, 2008. Book review 106
Annual review of biomedical engineering; v.10, 2008. Book review 133
Annual review of genomics and human genetics; v.9, 2008. Brief article 127
Annual review of materials research; v.38, 2008. Book review 151
Annual review of microbiology; v.62, 2008. Book review 123
Annual review of nutrition; v.28, 2008. Book review 106
Annual review of phytopathology; v.46, 2008. Book review 132
Anomalous transport; foundations and applications. Book review 150
Answering consumer health questions; the Medical Library Association guide for reference librarians. Book review 102
Antivirals for pandemic influenza; guidance on developing a distribution and dispensing program. Book review 120
Applications and services in wireless networks; proceedings. Brief article 167
Applications of cognitive work analysis. Brief article 149
Applications of fuzzy logic in bioinformatics. Book review 134
Applied anatomy and biomechanics in sport, 2d ed. Book review 176
Applied biomedical engineering mechanics. Book review 168
Applied pharmacology for the dental hygienist, 5th ed. Book review 153
Applied photovoltaics, 2d ed. Book review 119
Applied radiobiology; continuous irradiation and brachytherapy. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 165
Applied security visualization. (CD-ROM included). Book review 143
Applied signal processing; concepts, circuits, and systems. Book review 165
Applied statistics research progress. Book review 133
Aquaculture research trends. Book review 116
Architects contractors engineers; guide to construction costs, 2009; v.40. Book review 110
Architectural forensics. Book review 127
Arctic and alpine biomes. Brief article 126
Aridland springs in North America; ecology and conservation. Brief article 195
Around the world in 84 days; the authorized biography of Skylab astronaut Jerry Carr. (DVD included). Book review 146
Arrow pushing in organic chemistry; an easy approach to understanding reaction mechanisms. Book review 116
Art therapy and anger. Brief article 107
Artificial general intelligence; proceedings. Brief article 216
Artificial intelligence; proceedings. Book review 135
Artificial intelligence; proceedings. Book review 159
Asperger syndrome and alcohol; drinking to cope? Brief article 132
Aspirin and health research progress. Book review 134
Assessing emotional intelligence; a competency framework for the development of standards for soft skills. Book review 141
Assessment made incredibly easy!, 4th ed. Book review 95
Assessment of wingtip modifications to increase the fuel efficiency of Air Force aircraft. Brief article 112
Assessment; an incredibly easy!, workout. Book review 96
ASTM standards on color and appearance, 8th ed. Brief article 90
Astronomical data analysis software and systems; proceedings. Brief article 123
Astrophysical techniques, 5th ed. Book review 119
Astrophysics and condensed matter. Book review 93
Atlas of brain function, 2d ed. Book review 133
Atlas of skull base surgery and neurotology, 2d ed. Book review 150
Atlas of the human brain and spinal cord, 2d ed. Book review 111
Attending madness; at work in the Australian Colonial Asylum. Book review 122
Authorized self-study guide; Cisco Voice over IP (CVoice), 3d ed. Book review 100
Autism frontiers; clinical issues and innovations. Book review 144
AutoCAD 2009 essentials. (DVD included). Brief article 103
AutoCAD and its applications; advanced, 2009, 16th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 135
AutoCAD and its applications; basics, 2009, 16th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 127
Automated people mover standards; pt.4. Book review 121
Automotive SPICE in practice; surviving interpretation and assessment. Book review 106
Avian influenza. Book review 109
Avian influenza. Book review 187
Aviation and climate change; lessons for European policy. Book review 108
Aviation ground operation safety handbook, 6th ed. Book review 127
Axioms for lattices and Boolean algebras. Book review 132
Bakery food manufacture and quality; water control and effects, 2d ed. Book review 165
Balance equation approach to electron transport in semiconductors. Book review 146
Barley for food and health; science, technology, and products. Brief article 137
Basic life support provider; pediatric education for prehospital professionals. Book review 99
Basics of hydraulic systems. Book review 168
Battleground; environment; 2v. Brief article 112
Bayesian disease mapping; hierarchical modeling in spatial epidemiology. Brief article 132
Bayesian methods for data analysis, 3d ed. Book review 136
Bayesian networks; a practical guide to applications. Book review 179
Be prepared first aid. Brief article 104
Beating gout; a sufferer's guide to living pain free. Book review 81
Becoming a behavioral science researcher; a guide to producing research that matters. Book review 113
Beef; the untold story of how milk, meat, and muscle shaped the world. Brief article 141
Beginning ASP.NET 3.5 in VB 2008; from novice to professional, 2d ed. Book review 158
Beginning AutoCAD 2009; exercise workbook. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 84
Bernard G. Sarnat; 20th century plastic surgeon and biological scientist. Book review 147
Biliary tract and gallbladder cancer; diagnosis & therapy. Book review 96
Bioactive compounds in foods. Book review 157
Biocatalysis and bioenergy. Book review 97
Biofuels; biotechnology, chemistry, and sustainable development. Book review 107
Biofuels; linking support to performance. Book review 153
Bioimaging; current techniques in light and electron microscopy. Book review 156
Bioinformatics; sequence alignment and Markov models. Book review 171
Biologically inspired optimization methods; an introduction. Book review 90
Biology of Hawaiian streams and estuaries; proceedings. Brief article 129
Biomass recalcitrance; deconstructing the plant cell wall for bioenergy. Brief article 145
Biomedical informatics in translational research. Book review 143
Biomedicine in the twentieth century; practices, policies, and politics. Brief article 157
Biophysical chemistry of fractal structures and processes in environmental systems. Book review 117
Biophysical chemistry. Book review 210
Biosocial surveys. Brief article 137
Biotechnology and bioengineering. Book review 167
Biotechnology; state of the art and prospects for development. Book review 119
Bird flu; the new emerging infectious disease. Brief article 149
Birds in flight; the art and science of how birds fly. Book review 88
BIWIC 2007; proceedings. Brief article 126
Bleeding hearts, Corydalis, and their relatives. Book review 118
Blown to bits; your life, liberty, and happiness after the digital explosion. Brief article 108
Blueprint reading; construction drawings for the building trades. Book review 122
Borel equivalence relations; structure and classification. Book review 168
Brain metastasis; a multidisciplinary approach. Book review 89
Brain, behavior, and learning in language and reading disorders. Brief article 140
Bright futures; guidelines for health supervision of infants, children, and adolescents, 3d ed. Brief article 110
Broadband mobile multimedia; techniques and applications. Book review 173
Build it, fix it, own it; a beginner's guide to building and upgrading a PC. Book review 157
Build your own ASP.NET 3.5 website using C# & VB, 3d ed. Book review 125
Building a web 2.0 portal with ASP.NET 3.5. Book review 169
Building embedded Linux systems, 2d ed. Book review 138
Bulimics on bulimia. Book review 97
Bulletin on narcotics; v.58, nos.1 & 2, 2006: Review of the world cannabis situation. Book review 110
Buried pipe design, 3d ed. Brief article 138
Butterfly. Book review 96
C# 3.0; a beginner's guide. Book review 90
Cabinology; a handbook to your private hideaway. Brief article 141
Calendar and time diary methods in life course research. Book review 147
California burrowing owl symposium; proceedings. Book review 109
Camberwell assessment of need for mothers (CAN-M); a needs-based assessment for pregnant women and mothers with severe mental illness. Book review 185
Canada's fifty years in space; the COSPAR anniversary. Book review 155
Carbohydrate-based vaccines. Book review 212
Carbon nanotube devices; properties, modeling, integration and applications. Book review 85
Career opportunities in science, 2d ed. Book review 104
Caring for Hindu patients. Book review 127
Carr and Latham's technology of clothing manufacture, 4th ed. Brief article 116
Case studies in dysphagia malpractice litigation. Book review 140
Cathedrals of science; the personalities and rivalries that made modern chemistry. Brief article 265
CCNA security official exam certification guide. Brief article 158
CCNP implementing secured converged WANs (ISCW 642-825) lab portfolio. Book review 97
Cell fusion; overviews and methods. Book review 114
Cellular signaling and innate immune responses to RNA virus infections. Book review 166
Chains of opportunity; The University of Akron and the emergence of the polymer age, 1909-2007. Book review 131
Challenges faced by technical and scientific support organizations in enhancing nuclear safety; proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Book review 180
Challenges for the FDA; the future of drug safety; workshop summary. Brief article 166
Changes in the human-monsoon system of East Asia in the context of global change. Book review 159
Changing clinical care; experiences and lessons of systematisation. Book review 153
Changing the conversation; messages for improving public understanding of engineering. (CD-ROM included). Book review 161
Charting patient care. Book review 113
Chemical and energy process engineering. Book review 156
Chemical reactor design, optimization, and scaleup, 2d ed. Book review 176
Chemistry of spices. Book review 146
Chemistry, 2001-2005. Book review 137
Child-friendly therapy; biopsychosocial innovations for children and families. Book review 176
Children with mental disorder and the law; a guide to law and practice. Book review 148
Chilean Computer Science Society; proceedings. Brief article 134
ChinaGrid; proceedings. Book review 147
Chinese healing exercises; the tradition of Daoyin. Brief article 144
Chocolate; a healthy passion. Book review 108
Chronic allograft failure; natural history, pathogenesis, diagnosis, and management. Brief article 175
Chronic disorders; an Incredibly Easy! pocket guide. Book review 89
Cisco secure firewall services module (FWSM). Brief article 141
Cisco Unified Communications IP Telephony, part 1 (CIPT1 v6.0). Book review 119
Classical and adaptive clinical trial designs with ExpDesign Studio. (CD-ROM included). Brief article 127
Classical mechanics and relativity. Book review 159
Classical mechanics. Book review 101
Cleaner energy cooler climate; developing sustainable energy solutions for South Africa. Book review 98
Cleaning-in place; dairy, food, and beverage operations, 3d ed. Book review 141
Cleft lip and palate; interdisciplinary issues and treatment, 2d ed. Book review 124
Climate chaos; your health at risk; what you can do to protect yourself and your family. Book review 127
Clinical assessment of malingering and deception, 3d ed. Book review 115
Clinical biochemistry; an illustrated colour text, 4th ed. Brief article 130
Clinical challenges in lipid disorders. Book review 134
Clinical companion for Fundamentals of nursing, 7th ed. Book review 149
Clinical delegation skills; a handbook for professional practice, 4th ed. Book review 114
Clinical health psychology in medical settings; a practitioner's guidebook, 2d ed. Book review 139
Clinical pharmacology made incredibly easy!, 3d ed. Book review 82
Clinical surgery made easy. Book review 129
Clinical tests for the musculoskeletal system; examinations--signs--phenomena, 2d ed. Brief article 99
Cloud computing; Web-based applications that change the way you work and collaborate online. Book review 120
Coastal systems, 2d ed. Book review 166
Coastal watershed management. Book review 167
Codex Alimentarius Commission; procedural manual, 17th ed. Brief article 149
Cognitive behavior therapy for severe mental illness; an illustrated guide. (DVD included). Book review 141
Cognitive therapy of schizophrenia. (reprint, 2005). Book review 129
Cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety disorders; mastering clinical challenges. Book review 128
Colliders and neutrinos; the window into physics beyond the standard model. Book review 156
Color atlas and text of pulmonary pathology, 2d ed. Brief article 117
Color atlas of postharvest quality of fruits and vegetables. Book review 149
Color imaging; fundamentals and applications. (CD-ROM included). Book review 162
Combined estrogen-progestogen contraceptives and combined estrogen-progestogen menopausal therapy. Book review 191
Combustion residues; current, novel and renewable applications. Book review 193
Comeng, a history of Commonwealth Engineering; v.2: 1955-1966. Brief article 110
Complete guide to high dynamic range digital photography. Book review 148
Complete wireless design, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 120
Complex made simple. Book review 167
Complex topological K-theory. Brief article 87
Composite materials research progress. Brief article 103
Computational arithmetic geometry; proceedings. Brief article 127
Computational group theory and the theory of groups; proceedings. Book review 126
Computational methods for understanding bacterial and archaeal genomes. Book review 107
Computational modeling of gene regulatory networks; a primer. Book review 173
Computational models of argument; proceedings of COMMA 2008. Book review 175
Computational science and engineering; proceedings. Brief article 139
Computer algebra with Symbolic C++. Book review 102
Computer architecture and high performance computing; proceedings. Book review 158
Computer arithmetic and validity; theory, implementation, and applications. Book review 144
Computer graphics and image processing; proceedings. Brief article 169
Computer graphics, imaging and visualization; techniques and applications; proceedings. Book review 189
Computer science and information technology; proceedings. Brief article 152
Computer science and its applications; proceedings. Book review 125
Computer science; proceedings. Brief article 164
Computer solutions in physics; with applications in astrophysics, biophysics, differential equations, and engineering. Brief article 153
Computers in railways; proceedings. Brief article 188
Concepts of normality; the autistic and typical spectrum. Book review 171
Conditioned taste aversion; behavioral and neural processes. Book review 95
Confidence intervals in generalized regression models. (CD-ROM included). Book review 154
Conformal field theory with gauge symmetry. Book review 158
Constrained clustering; advances in algorithms, theory, and applications. Brief article 171
Construction technology. Brief article 114

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