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Articles from SciTech Book News (March 1, 2007)

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1 hour web site; 120 professional web templates and skins. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 94
100 questions & answers about Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis; a Lahey Clinic guide. Book Review 98
100 questions & answers about gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD); a Lahey Clinic guide. Book review 153
100 questions & answers about liver transplantation; a Lahey Clinic guide. Book Review 96
100 questions and answers about hepatitis C; a Lahey Clinic guide. Book Review 93
100 Years of Change in the Distribution of Common Indiana Weeds. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 131
101+ great ideas for introducing key concepts in mathematics; a resource for secondary school teachers, 2d ed. Brief Article 118
21st Century Astronomy, 2d ed. Brief Article 145
300 astronomical objects; a visual reference to the universe. Brief Article 100
500 freshwater aquarium fish; a visual reference to the most popular species. Book review 178
802.11 Wireless Network Site Surveying and Installation. Book Review 107
A categorical approach to imprimitivity theorems for C*-dynamical systems. Book review 152
A complete guide to arctic wildlife. Book review 114
A course in ordinary differential equations. Book Review 116
A dental treasure chest; tips and tricks for daily practice. Book Review 151
A dictionary of modern star names; a short guide to 254 star names and their derivations, 2d ed. Book Review 173
A handbook of statistical analyses using Stata, 4th ed. Book Review 100
A history of American medicine from the colonial period to the early twentieth century. Book Review 145
A Java library of graph algorithms and optimization. Book Review 103
A measure of everything; an illustrated guide to the science of measurement. Book Review 181
A new beginning in sight. Book Review 164
A practical guide to clinical data management, 2d ed. Book review 114
A programmer's companion to algorithm analysis. Book Review 84
A radical approach to real analysis, 2d ed. Book review 145
A reader in promoting public health; challenge and controversy. Book Review 133
A revised handbook to the flora of Ceylon; v.15; part A: Ferns and fern-Allies. Book Review 161
A revised handbook to the flora of Ceylon; v.15; part B: Ferns and fern-allies. Book Review 164
A sharp threshold for random graphs with a monochromatic triangle in every edge coloring. Book review 155
A strategic assessment of the future of water utilities. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 118
A theoretical introduction to numerical analysis. Book Review 149
A therapist's guide to EMDR; tools and techniques for successful treatment. Book Review 176
ABC of COPD. Book Review 112
Aboriginal healthworkers; primary health care at the margins. Book Review 87
Absolute beginner's guide to iPod and iTunes, 3d ed. Book Review 95
Absolute beginner's guide to Microsoft Windows Vista. Book review 96
Acoustic emission testing; proceedings. Book review 159
Active and Programmable Networks for Adaptive Architectures and Services. Book Review 119
Adaptive control tutorial. Book Review 89
Adaptive design methods in clinical trials. Book Review 125
Addressing racism; facilitating cultural competence in mental health and educational settings. Book Review 121
Adjustment computations; spatial data analysis, 4th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 154
Adobe Acrobat 8; classroom in a book. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 93
Adobe Acrobat 8; for Windows and Macintosh. Book Review 98
Adobe digital video how-tos; 100 essential techniques with Adobe Production Studio. Book Review 139
Adobe Flex 2: Training from the Source. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 100
Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 and Adobe Premiere Elements 3.0: Classroom in a Book. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 114
Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 114
Adobe Photoshop unmasked; the art and science of selections, layers, and paths. Book Review 107
Advanced cellular network planning and optimisation; 2G/2.5G/3G...evolution to 4G. Book Review 178
Advanced nondestructive evaluation; proceedings; 2v. Book Review 177
Advanced nuclear fuel cycles and radioactive waste management. Book Review 108
Advanced powder technology; proceedings. Book review 142
Advanced production testing of RF, SoC, and SiP devices. Book Review 101
Advanced Quantitative Microbiology for Foods and Biosystems: Models for Predicting Growth and Inactivation. Book Review 96
Advanced technologies in biopharmaceutical processing. Book Review 129
Advances in abrasive technology 9. Book review 110
Advances in chromatography; v.45. Book Review 85
Advances in enzymology and related areas of molecular biology, v.75: Protein evolution. Book review 139
Advances in materials processing technologies; proceedings. Book Review 123
Advancing practice in rehabilitation nursing. Book Review 94
Adventures in paleontology; 36 classroom fossil activities. Book Review 131
Aerobic granular sludge. Book Review 160
Aeromedical transportation; a clinical guide, 2d ed. Book Review 130
Aging, society and life course, 3d ed. Book Review 101
Agricultural medicine; occupational and environmental health for the health professions. Book Review 97
AIDS vaccine development; challenges and opportunities. Book Review 129
Aircraft carriers; an illustrated history of their impact. Book Review 111
Ajax for web application developers. Book Review 109
Ajax on rails. Book review 113
Alan Simpson's Windows Vista bible. Book Review 94
Albert meets America; how journalists treated genius during Einstein's 1921 travels. Book review 100
Alexander's care of the patient in surgery, 13th ed. Book Review 119
Algebra and its applications; proceedings. Book review 147
Algebraic methods in cryptography; proceedings. Book Review 118
Algorithmic foundation of multi-scale spatial representation. Book Review 103
Alternative medicine. Book review 117
Alternative project delivery, procurement, and contracting methods for highways. Book Review 143
Alternatives to animal testing. Book Review 125
Aluminum recycling. Book Review 102
Alzheimer's from the inside out. Book Review 93
Ambulatory hysteroscopy; an evidence-based guide to diagnosis and therapy in the outpatient setting. Book Review 126
American drug index 2007, 51st ed. Book review 133
American genius; nineteenth-century bank locks and time locks. Book Review 123
American Horticultural Society encyclopedia of perennials. Book Review 95
American sexual behavior; demographics of sexual activity, fertility, and childbearing. Book Review 104
An ADHD primer, 2d ed. Book Review 95
An introduction to biomedical optics. Book Review 133
An introduction to modern galactic astrophysics and cosmology, 2d ed. Book review 110
An introduction to pollution science. Book Review 132
An introduction to quasigroups and their representation. Book Review 167
An introduction to systems biology; design principles of biological circuits. Brief Article 117
An introduction to the passage of energetic particles through matter. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 176
An introduction to veterinary medical ethics; theory and cases, 2d ed. Brief Article 111
An overview of early intervention. Book Review 118
Anaesthesia science. Book Review 141
Analog in, digital out; Brendan Dawes on interaction design. Book Review 108
Anatomy of breathing. Book Review 104
Anger, aggression, and interventions for interpersonal violence. Book Review 105
Animal and plant anatomy; 11v. Brief Article 259
Animal biology and care, 2d ed. Book Review 152
Animals models in toxicology, 2d ed. Book Review 205
Annual book of ASTM standards 2006; section 3: Metals test methods and analytical procedures; v.03.03: Nondestructive testing. Book Review 100
Annual review of anthropology; v.35, 2006. Book Review 116
Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics; v.44, 2006. Book review 107
Annual review of cell and developmental biology; v.22, 2006. Book Review 113
Annual review of ecology, evolution, and systematics; v.37, 2006. Book Review 122
Annual review of entomology; v.52, 2007. Book Review 119
Annual review of environment and resources; v.31, 2006. Book Review 141
Annual Review of Genetics, vol. 40, 2006. Book Review 110
Annual review of genomics and human genetics; v.7, 2006. Book Review 116
Annual review of microbiology; v.60, 2006. Book review 109
Annual review of nuclear and particle science; v.56, 2006. Book review 113
Annual review of nursing education; v.5, 2007: Challenges and new directions in nursing education. Book Review 132
Annual review of psychology; v.58, 2007. Book Review 103
Antarctic fishes; illustrated in the gyotaku method. Book Review 134
Antepartal and intrapartal fetal monitoring, 3d ed. Book Review 113
Antimicrobial resistance in bacteria. Book Review 167
Application of GIS technologies in port facilities and operations management. Book Review 111
Applied Pyrolysis Handbook, 2d ed. Book Review 104
Applied software risk management; a guide for software project managers. Book Review 125
Applied Thin-Layer Chromatography: Best Practice and Avoidance of Mistakes, 2d ed. Brief Article 110
Approximately calculus. Book Review 132
Aquifer test modeling. Book Review 90
Archaea; evolution, physiology, and molecular biology. Book Review 190
Architects of art therapy; memoirs and life stories. Book Review 82
Arizona water policy; management innovations in an urbanizing, arid region. Book Review 207
Aromadermatology; aromatherapy in the treatment and care of common skin conditions. Book Review 151
Art in treatment; transatlantic dialogue. Book review 100
Art therapy, research and evidence-based practice. Book Review 164
Arthritis; your comprehensive guide to pain management, medication, diet, exercise, surgery, and physical therapies. Book Review 163
Artificial intelligence; proceedings. Book Review 124
Artificial reality and telexistence; proceedings. Book Review 178
Asia-Pacific software engineering conference; proceedings. Book Review 140
Asian test symposium; proceedings. Book Review 120
ASP.NET 2.0 Website programming; problem-design-solution. Book Review 119
Assessing the human-animal bond; a compendium of actual measures. Book Review 123
Assessment of dysphagia in adults; resources and protocols in English and Spanish. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 107
Assisted Reproductive Technology: A Lawyer's Guide to Emerging Law and Science. Brief Article 133
Asymmetric synthesis; the essentials. Book review 122
Asymptotically symmetric Einstein metrics. Book Review 83
At loggerheads?; agricultural expansion, poverty reduction, and environment in the tropical forests. Book Review 98
Atherosclerosis, large arteries, and cardiovascular risk. Book Review 123
Atlas of facial nerve surgery. (DVD included). Book Review 171
Atlas of laser applications in dentistry. Book Review 133
Atlas of microkeratome assisted lamellar keratoplasty. Book review 131
Atomic and laser spectroscopy. (reprint, 1977). Book Review 90
Audit and Trace Log Management: Consolidation and Analysis. Book Review 166
Authentication of food and wine. Book Review 126
Authorized self-study guide: Cisco IP telephony (CIPT), 2d ed. Book Review 144
Authorized self-study guide; building scalable Cisco internetworks (BSCI), 3d ed. Book Review 131
AutoCAD 2007 and autoCAD LT 2007; no experience required. Book review 111
Automated production of cross media content for multi-channel distribution; proceedings. Book Review 154
Autonomic computing; concepts, infrastructure, and applications. Book Review 219
Ayurvedic herbs; a clinical guide to the healing plants of traditional Indian medicine. Book Review 138
Backcountry bear basics; the definitive guide to avoiding unpleasant encounters. Book Review 160
Backup and recovery. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 102
Basic microbiology for drinking water personnel, 2d ed. Book Review 118
Bayesian process monitoring, control and optimization. Book review 93
Bayesian statistical modelling, 2d ed. Book Review 111
Beet-sugar handbook. Book Review 167
Beginning 2.0 with C#. Book review 166
Beginning C# 2005 databases. Book Review 97
Beginning Xcode. Brief Article 172
Behavioral science, 2d ed. Book review 92
Big dams of the New Deal era; a confluence of engineering and politics. Book Review 117
Binding and kinetics for molecular biologists. Book review 105
Biocatalysts in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Book Review 142
Biochemistry, 2d ed. Book review 98
Biochips as pathways to drug discovery. Book Review 103
Biodiversity in agricultural production systems. Book Review 171
Bioengineering and biophysical aspects of electromagnetic fields. Book Review 170
Biofilms in the food environment. Book Review 133
Biofluid mechanics; the human circulation. Book Review 142
Biogeography in a changing world. Book Review 117
Bioinformatics and bioengineering; proceedings. Book Review 160
Biological and medical aspects of electromagnetic fields. Book Review 158
Biological control of plant diseases. Brief Article 110
Biological effects of contaminants in marine pelagic ecosystems. Book Review 135
Biological inorganic chemistry; structure and reactivity. Book Review 174
Biology of disease. Book Review 96
Biology of the Southern Ocean, 2d ed. Book Review 118
Biomacromolecules; introduction to structure, function, and informatics. Book review 168
Biomedical engineering fundamentals. Book Review 124
Biophotonics; visions for better health care. Book Review 162
Biorefineries; industrial processes and products; status quo and future directions; 2v. Book Review 180
Biotechnology and the federal circuit; 2005 cumulative supplement. Book Review 131
Biotechnology in Textile Processing. Book Review 91
Biotechnology; secondary metabolites; plants and microbes, 2d ed. Book Review 183
Birds of the World. Book Review 117
Birds; a visual guide. Book review 89
BIRT; a field guide to reporting. Book Review 140
Block copolymers in nanoscience. Book Review 95
Bone grafts and bone graft substitutes. Book Review 154
Book of Abstracts: Annual Meeting of the European Association for Animal Production. Book Review 98
Breast cancer in young women. Book Review 94
Bridge management. Book review 126
Build Your Own ASP.NET 2.0 Web Site Using C# & VB, 2d ed. Book Review 120
Building codes illustrated; a guide to understanding the 2006 international building code, 2d ed. Book Review 118
Building the data warehouse, 4th ed. Book Review 125
Building web sites; all-in-one desk reference; for dummies. Book Review 106
Bupleurum Species: Scientific Evaluation and Clinical Applications. Book Review 145
Buried in treasures; help for compulsive acquiring, saving, and hoarding. Book review 103
Business and legal primer for game development. Book Review 108
Business intelligence for telecommunications. Book review 87
C# 2005 programmer's reference. Book Review 84
C# cookbook, 2d ed. Book review 108
C++ for game programmers, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 98
Caffeine Activation Theory: Effects on Health and Behavior. Book Review 101
Calculus gems; brief lives and memorable mathematics. (reprint, 1992). Book Review 137
Cancer biomarkers; analytical techniques for discovery. Book Review 99
Canine internal medicine secrets. Book Review 132
Cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Book Review 139
Cardiovasular and respiratory systems; modeling, analysis, and control. Book Review 145
Career opportunities in engineering. Book Review 101
Career paths in psychology; where your degree can take you, 2d ed. Book Review 120
Caring for adults with mental health problems. Book review 92
Carolina starwatch; the essential guide to our night sky. Book Review 94
Cartographic science; a compendium of map projections, with derivations. Book review 101
Case files, internal medicine, 2d ed. Book Review 108
Case files; family medicine. Book Review 121
Cases on telecommunication and networking. Book Review 89
Catastrophe to triumph; bridges of the Tacoma Narrows. Book review 146
CCNP 4: Network Troubleshooting Companion Guide. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 115
CCNP self-study; CCNP BCMSN exam certification guide; 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 169
CCNP self-study; CCNP BCMSN exam certification guide; 4th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 103
CCSP Self-Study: CCSP CSI Exam Certification Guide, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 169
CD and DVD forensics. Book Review 139
Celiac disease; a guide to living with gluten intolerance. Book review 105
Cell physiology. Book Review 142
Cell therapy, stem cells, and brain repair. Book review 172
Century of rickettsiology; emerging, reemerging rickettsioses, molecular diagnostics, and emerging veterinary rickettsioses; proceedings. Book Review 162
Certified ethical hacker. Book review 158
Chalcogenide Alloys for Reconfigurable Electronics: Proceedings. Book Review 136
Changing outcomes in psychosis; collaborative cases from practitioners, users and carers. Book Review 104
Character theory of finite groups. (reprint, 1976). Book Review 93
Characteristics of geologic materials and formations; a field guide for geotechnical engineers. Book Review 107
Charles Darwin and The Origin of Species. Book Review 128
Chemical and Functional Properties of Food Components, 3d ed. Book Review 115
Chemistry and medicines; an introductory text. Book Review 88
Chemistry and pharmacology of anticancer drugs. Book Review 116
Chemistry basics. Book Review 102
Child health in America; making a difference through advocacy. Book Review 122
Children's health and the environment; a global perspective; a resource manual for the health sector. Book Review 132
Chiral separation techniques; a practical approach, 3d ed. Book review 101
Chirality in drug research. Book Review 220
Chlamydia; genomics and pathogenesis. Book Review 152
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Book Review 113
Chrysalis; Maria Sibylla Merian and the secrets of metamorphosis. Book review 137
Cisco network admission control; v.1: NAC framework architecture and design. Book Review 147
Cisco network admission control; v.2: NAC network deployment and troubleshooting. Book Review 107
Citizens at the centre; deliberative participation in healthcare decisions. Book Review 188
Citrix CCA; metaframe presentation server 3.0 and 4.0. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 90
Class of 2006: Industry Report Cards on Environment and Social Responsibility. Book Review 159
Classic Irises and the Men and Women Who Created Them. Book Review 133
Classical electrodynamics, 2d ed. Book Review 153
Client education; a partnership approach for health practitioners. Book Review 107
Clinical child and adolescent psychology; from theory to practice, 3d ed. Book Review 144
Clinical gated cardiac SPECT, 2d ed. Book Review 94
Clinical Guidelines and Care Protocols. Book Review 110
Clinical hypertension in practice, 2d ed. Book Review 118
Clinical laboratory science review, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 103
Clinical management of swallowing disorders, 2d ed. Book review 113
Clinical manual of psychiatry and law. Book Review 158
Clinical neuropathology; text and color atlas. Book Review 129
Clinical obstetrics; the fetus & mother, 3d ed. (CD-ROM and Q&A included). Book review 146
Clinical research methods for surgeons. Book Review 100
Clinical teaching strategies in nursing, 2d ed. Book Review 155
CMMI survival guide; just enough process improvement. Book Review 84
CMMI: Guidelines for Process Integration and Product Improvement, 2d ed. Book Review 106
Co-occurring substance abuse and mental disorders; a practitioner's guide. Book Review 115
Coaching standardized patients; for use in the assessment of clinical competence. Book Review 151
Coagulation and flocculation in water and wastewater treatment, 2d ed. Book Review 209
Coatings materials and surface coatings. Book Review 128
Coatings technology; fundamentals, testing, and processing techniques. Book Review 104
Code craft; the practice of writing excellent code. Book review 82
Codin' for the web; a designer's guide to developing dynamic web sites. Brief Article 94
Cognitive-behavioral therapy for PTSD; a case formulation approach. Book Review 159
Collaborative treatment of traumatized children and teens; the trauma systems therapy approach. Book Review 159
Colloid stability; the role of surface forces, pt.1. Book review 110
Color atlas of genetics, 3d ed. Book Review 106
Color Atlas of Human Poisoning and Envenomation. Book Review 144
Color Image Processing: Methods and Applications. Book Review 134
Color management in digital photography; ten easy steps to true colors in Photoshop. Book Review 111
Color textbook of histology, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 93
Colorectal Cancer: Evidence-Based Chemotherapy Strategies. Book Review 140
Combinatorial and high-throughput discovery and optimization of catalysts and materials. Book Review 185
Commercial Photoshop retouching; in the studio. Book Review 107
Commercial-off-the-shelf-(COTS)-based software systems; proceedings. Book Review 101
Commercializing great products with Design for Six Sigma. Book Review 133
Communicating at the end of life; finding magic in the mundane. Book review 143
Communicating science effectively; a practical handbook for integrating visual elements. Book Review 110
Communication Technology and Social Change: Theory and Implications. Book Review 125
Comparing, Designing, and Deploying VPNs. Book Review 103
Complementary and alternative medicine and multiple sclerosis, 2d ed. Book Review 108
Complementary and alternative medicine information for teens. Book Review 173
Complementary and alternative medicine; an illustrated colour text. Book Review 106
Complementary and alternative treatments in mental health care. Book Review 104
Complementary and integrative medicine in cancer care and prevention; foundation and evidence-based interventions. Book Review 142
Complementary therapies in the management of diabetes and vascular disease; a matter of balance. Book Review 155
Complete guide to digital infrared photography. Book Review 108

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