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Articles from SciTech Book News (December 1, 2006)

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.Mac with iWeb, 2d ed. Book Review 154
.NET internationalization; the developer's guide to building global Windows and Web applications. Book Review 106
10 health questions about the new EU neigbours. Book Review 165
100 statistical tests, 3d ed. Book Review 169
101 pearls in refractive, cataract, and corneal surgery, 2d ed. Book Review 151
31 days before your CCNA exam. Book Review 91
3D cadastre in an international context; legal, organizational, and technological aspects. Book Review 110
A brief history of modern psychology. Book Review 113
A brief introduction to classical, statistical, and quantum mechanics. Book Review 121
A course in mathematical biology; quantitative modeling with mathematical and computational methods. Book Review 128
A handbook on low-energy buildings and district-energy systems; fundamentals, techniques and examples. Book Review 132
A knowledge management approach to drinking water utility business. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 119
A lean guide to transforming healthcare; how to implement lean principles in hospitals, medical offices, clinics, and other healthcare organizations. Book Review 131
A manual therapist's guide to movement; teaching motor skills to the orthopedic patient. Book Review 154
A novel approach to seawater desalination using dual-staged nanofiltration. Book Review 161
A photographic guide to snakes and other reptiles of Borneo. Book Review 173
A practical guide to compressor technology, 2d ed. Book Review 108
A practitioner's guide to understanding indigenous and foreign cultures; an analysis of relationships between ethnicity, social class, and therapeutic intervention strategies, 3d ed. Book Review 159
A real time approach to process control, 2d ed. Book Review 130
A science on the scales; the rise of Canadian Atlantic fisheries biology, 1898-1939. Book Review 172
A to Z GIS; an illustrated dictionary of geographic information systems, 2d ed. Book Review 143
A writer's voice; collected work of the twentieth-century biologist and conservationist, Joseph P. Linduska. Book Review 198
ABC of palliative care, 2d ed. Book Review 110
ABC of urology, 2d ed. Book Review 97
ABC of wound healing. Book Review 123
Abnormal child psychology, 3d ed. (Infotrac included). Book Review 88
AC power systems handbook, 3d ed. Book review 168
Accelerated C# 2005. Book review 92
Accelerated testing; a practitioner's guide to accelerated and reliability testing. Book Review 111
Accelerator X-ray sources. Book Review 129
ActionScript 3.0 cookbook. Book Review 206
Adaptive cruise control. Book Review 147
Adaptive filtering primer with MATLAB. Book Review 136
Adaptive radar signal processing. Book Review 168
Addressing poverty in TB control; options for national TB control programmes. Book Review 132
Adobe After Effects 7; includes exercise files and demo movies. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 164
Advanced ActionScript 3 with design patterns. Book Review 173
Advanced computational methods in heat transfer; proceedings. Book Review 149
Advanced ESR methods in polymer research. Book Review 82
Advanced face lifting. (DVD included). Book Review 113
Advanced fitness assessment and exercise prescription, 5th ed. Book Review 103
Advanced global illumination, 2d ed. Book Review 129
Advanced materials (AICAM 2005); proceedings. Brief Article 156
Advanced materials and technologies; proceedings. Book Review 145
Advanced physicochemical treatment processes. Book Review 156
Advanced processes for simultaneous arsenic and manganese removal. Book Review 114
Advanced processing of metals and materials; proceedings; 9v. Book Review 278
Advanced professional Web design; techniques & templates (CSS & XHTML). (CD-ROM included). Book Review 133
Advanced structural and functional materials design; proceedings. Book Review 136
Advanced three-way catalysts. Book Review 121
Advances in biophotonics. Book Review 118
Advances in biopreservation. Book Review 136
Advances in medical physics; 2006. Book Review 148
Advances in nonlinear signal and image processing. Book Review 169
Advances in photochemistry; v.29. Book Review 120
Advances in soil aquifer treatment research for sustainable water reuse. Book Review 177
Advice online; advice-giving in an American internet health column. Book Review 144
Africa's lakes; atlas of our changing environment. Book Review 133
African American women's health and social issues, 2d ed. Book Review 156
After cancer treatment; heal faster, better, stronger. Book Review 102
Agile principles, patterns, and practices in C#. Book Review 112
Agile retrospectives; making good teams great. Book Review 82
Agile; proceedings. Book Review 201
Agricultural sustainability; principles, processes, and prospects. Book Review 186
Agrobacterium protocols, 2d ed.; v.2. Book Review 110
Agroecosystems in a changing climate. Book Review 176
aha!; a two volume collection: aha! Gotcha; aha! Insight. Book Review 113
AIDS in South Asia; understanding and responding to a heterogeneous epidemic. Book Review 114
Aircraft and rotorcraft system identification; engineering methods with flight-test examples. Book review 110
Aircraft system identification; theory and practice. Book Review 147
Ajax; creating Web pages with asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Book Review 133
Alcohol and the gastrointestinal tract. Book Review 182
Alcohol, tobacco, and cancer. Book Review 152
Alcoholism sourcebook; basic consumer health information about alcohol use, abuse, and dependence..., 2d ed. Book Review 180
Alexander von Humboldt; a metabiography. Book Review 139
All-digital frequency synthesizer in deep-submicron CMOS. Book Review 109
Alpha herpesviruses; molecular and cellular biology. Book Review 175
Alternative health practices for livestock. Book review 94
Aluminium alloys 2006; innovation through research and technology; proceedings; 2v. Book Review 185
Alzheimer's and dementia; a practical and legal guide for Nevada caregivers. Book Review 115
American Water Works Association 2006 water utility compensation survey, 11th annual ed. Book review 109
An A-Z guide to pharmacogenomics. Book Review 128
An ethnography of crystal and spiritual healers in Northern England; marginal medicine and mainstream concerns. Book Review 140
An introduction to cryptography, 2d ed. Book Review 174
An introduction to design patterns in C++ with Qt 4. Book Review 120
An introduction to intersection homology theory, 2d ed. Book Review 104
Analogue and numerical modelling of crustal-scale processes. Book Review 149
Analysis of growth factor signaling in embryos. Book Review 100
Analytical and practical aspects of drug testing in hair. Book Review 163
Ancient technology. Book Review 128
Androgen excess disorders in women; polycystic ovary syndrome and other disorders, 2d ed. Book Review 129
Angiogenesis; from basic science to clinical applications. Book Review 176
Animal models of cognitive impairment. Book Review 142
Annual book of ASTM standards 2006; section 3: Metals test methods and analytical procedures; v.03.01: Metals--mechanical testing, elevated and low-temperature tests; metallography. Book Review 110
Annual review of biochemistry; v.75, 2006. Book review 99
Annual review of biomedical engineering; v.8, 2006. Book Review 94
Annual review of materials research; v.36, 2006. Book Review 129
Annual review of nutrition; v.26, 2006. Book Review 118
Annual review of phytopathology; v.44, 2006. Book Review 131
Annual review of plant biology; v.57, 2006. Book review 107
Antennas and propagation for body-centric wireless communications. Book Review 96
Antigen presenting cells; from mechanisms to drug development. Book Review 156
Anxiety, panic and phobias, 2d ed. Book Review 101
Application-specific systems, architectures and processors; proceedings. Book Review 125
Applied calculus, 4th ed. Book Review 87
Applied mathematical methods for chemical engineers, 2d ed. Book Review 154
Applied microphotonics. Book Review 128
Approximations and endomorphism algebras of modules. Book Review 145
Architecting the telecommunication evolution; toward converged network services. Book Review 120
ASHRAE handbook; refrigeration; SI edition; 2006. (CD-ROM included). Book review 100
Asian blepharoplasty and the eyelid crease, 2d ed. (DVD-ROM included). Book review 115
ASM handbook; v.13C: Corrosion; environments and industries. Book Review 142
ASM handbook; v.14B: Metalworking; sheet forming. Book Review 139
Assessing adults with intellectual disabilities; a service providers' guide. Book Review 176
Assessing and managing violence risk in juveniles. Book Review 96
Assessing race, ethnicity and gender in health. Book Review 149
Assessment of chloramine and chlorine residual decay in the distribution system. Book Review 109
Astrochemistry; from astronomy to astrobiology. Book review 161
Astrolabes at Greenwich; a catalogue of the astrolabes in the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. Book Review 166
Asymmetric passive components in microwave integrated circuits. Book Review 127
Atlas of human anatomy, 4th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 113
Atlas of mammalian chromosomes. Book Review 82
Atlas of neurosurgical techniques; brain. Book Review 130
Atlas of pelvic anatomy and gynecologic surgery, 2d ed. Book Review 163
Atlas of regional anesthesia, 3rd ed. Book Review 162
Atlas of ultrasound measurements, 2d ed. Book review 151
Atmospheric chemistry and physics; from air pollution to climate change, 2d ed. Book review 86
Attention deficit/hperactivity disorder & conduct; attentional orienting, motor preparation, and response control. Book Review 132
Australia; the east. Book Review 120
Authorized self-study guide: Cisco voice over IP (CVoice). Book Review 144
Autism; debates and testimonies. Book Review 134
Automated people mover standards; pt. 1. Book Review 109
Automated software engineering; proceedings. Book Review 132
Automative software. Book Review 125
Autonomous software-defined radio receivers for deep space applications. Book Review 155
Barron's AP; advanced placement exam, computer science 2007; levels A and AB, 3d ed. Book Review 141
Basic guide to dental instruments. Book review 118
Basic infection control for health care providers, 2d ed. Book Review 101
Basics of introductory chemistry; an active learning approach, 3d ed. (online access included). Book Review 138
Battle of the genomes; the struggle for survival in a microbial world. Book Review 106
Beginning Java EE 5; from novice to professional. Book Review 102
Beginning object-oriented programming with VB 2005; from novice to professional. Book Review 156
Beginning Perl Web development; from novice to professional. Book Review 154
Beginning SUSE Linux; from novice to professional. (DVD included). Book Review 87
Behavioral and morphological asymmetries in vertebrates. Book Review 104
Behavioral couples therapy for alcoholism and drug abuse. Book Review 133
Behavioral science. Book review 84
Behaviour problems in small animals; practical advice for the veterinary team. Book Review 133
Beryllium; sampling and analysis. Book Review 119
Better but not well; mental health policy in the United States since 1950. Book Review 123
Bifurcation theory and spatio-temporal pattern formation. Book Review 167
Big black boring rock; essays on Northwest geology. Book Review 112
Big fleas have little fleas; how discoveries of invertebrate diseases are advancing modern science. Book Review 156
BigNum math; implementing cryptographic multiple precision arithmetic. Book Review 90
Biochemistry primer for exercise science, 3d ed. Book review 91
Biodiesel basics and beyond; a comprehensive guide to production and use for the home and farm. Book Review 139
Bioethics and vulnerability; a Latin American view. Book Review 133
Biofunctional textiles and the skin. Book review 163
Biofunctionalization of nanomaterials. Book Review 148
Bioinformatics; genomics and post-genomics. Book Review 81
Biological and pharmaceutical nanomaterials. Book Review 146
Biological safety: principles and practices, 4th ed. Book review 138
Biotech; the countercultural origins of an industry. Book Review 130
Biotechnology 101. Book Review 104
Black River Canal. Book Review 106
Blind landings; low visibility operations in American aviation, 1918-1958. Book Review 165
Body CT secrets. Book review 92
Bone densitometry in growing patients; guidelines for clinical practice. Book review 109
Bone marrow diagnosis; an illustrated guide, 2d ed. Book Review 89
Bottom line medicine; a layman's guide to evidence-based medicine. Book Review 176
Bovine surgery and lameness, 2d ed. Book Review 108
Braided rivers; process, deposits, ecology, and management. Book Review 139
Brain injury medicine; principles and practice. Book Review 213
Brave new universe; illuminating the darkest secrets of the cosmos. Book Review 89
Breast pathology. Book review 128
Breeding field crops, 5th ed. Book Review 116
Bringing out the algebraic character of arithmetic; from children's ideas to classroom practice. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 118
Brownfield sites; prevention, assessment, rehabilitation and development of brownfield sites; proceedings. Book Review 167
Build your own Web site the right way using HTML and CSS. Book Review 97
Building a VoIP Network with Nortel's multimedia communication server 5100. Book Review 100
Building biotechnology; starting, managing, and understanding biotechnology companies, 2d ed. Book Review 91
Building with engineered lumber. Book Review 92
Burns; the medical and forensic model. Book Review 167
By their own young hand; deliberate self-harm and suicidal ideas in adolescents. Book Review 122
C++ for mathematicians; an introduction for students and professionals. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 94
C. elegans; methods and applications. Book review 134
Cabinets & countertops. Book review 84
Cancer diagnostics with DNA microarrays. Book Review 90
Cancer pain; pharmacological, interventional, and palliative approaches. Book review 131
Cancer sourcebook for women; basic consumer health information about leading causes of cancer in women..., 3d ed. Book Review 137
Cardiac pacemakers and defibrillators, 2d ed. Book Review 104
Cardiovascular care made incredibly visual! Book Review 96
Cardiovascular disease; methods and protocols; v.1: Genetics. Book Review 138
Cardiovascular disease; methods and protocols; v.2: Molecular medicine. Book review 144
Cardiovascular physiology, 9th ed. Book Review 117
Care of sick children; a basic guide. (CDs included). Book Review 105
Care of the neurological patient. Book Review 143
Case files; pediatrics, 2d ed. Book Review 117
Case studies on pattern identification from the personal experience of Jiao Shu-De. Book Review 185
Cats of Africa; behaviour, ecology, and conservation. Book Review 137
CCNA; official exam certification library, 2d ed.; 2v. (includes CD-ROMs). Book Review 88
Cell biology and instrumentation; UV radiation, nitric oxide and cell death in plants. Book review 133
Cellular and molecular mechanisms of drugs of abuse and neurotoxicity; cocaine, GHB, and substituted amphetamines. Book Review 160
Censorship in cyberspace; new regulatory strategies in the digital age on the example of freedom of expression. Book Review 115
Ceramic processing. Book Review 97
Certain number-theoretic episodes in algebra. Book Review 175
Challenges in prostate cancer, 2d ed. Book Review 105
Change 101; a practical guide to creating change in life or therapy. Book Review 107
Chaotic billiards. Book Review 117
Charge-based MOS transistor modelling; the EKV model for low-power and RF IC design. Book Review 201
Charting the unknown; how computer mapping at Harvard became GIS. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 103
Chemical biology; applications and techniques. Book Review 112
Chemistry and technology of surfactants. Book Review 101
Chemistry; principles, patterns, and applications; v.1. (student access kit included). Book review 100
Child psychology; a contemporary viewpoint, 6th ed. Book Review 84
China's agricultural development; challenges and prospects. Book Review 177
Chronic cardiac care; a practical guide to specialist nurse management. Book Review 104
Circulating nucleic acids in plasma and serum (CNAPS 4); proceedings. Book Review 173
Cisco ASA and PIX firewall handbook. Book Review 146
Cisco QOS exam certification guide; CCVP self-study, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book review 156
Cisco security agent. Book Review 105
Cisco voice gateways and gatekeepers. Book Review 114
Classes of modules. Book review 129
Climate change, justice and future generations. Book Review 171
Clinical fundamentals for radiation oncology residents. Book Review 117
Clinical guide to the treatment of the mentally ill homeless person. Book Review 129
Clinical gynecology. Book Review 106
Clinical hematology. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 199
Clinical manual of pediatric psychosomatic medicine; mental health consultation with physically ill children and adolescents. Book Review 125
Clinical pharmacology of therapeutic proteins. Book Review 96
Clinical problems in pediatric urology. Book Review 124
Clinical sports medicine. Book review 132
Clinical success in surgical and orthodontic treatment of impacted teeth. Book review 109
Clinical vignettes for the USMLE Step 2 CK; Pre Test self-assessment and review, 4th ed. Book Review 83
Clinician's guide to PTSD; a cognitive-behavioral approach. Book Review 100
Coating and drying defects; troubleshooting operating problems, 2d ed. Book Review 166
Cochlear and brainstem implants. Book Review 133
Cochlear implants, 2d ed. Brief Article 97
Coding with modifiers; a guide to correct CPT and HCPCS level II modifier usage, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 103
Cognition and suicide; theory, research, and therapy. Book Review 95
Cognitive radio architecture; the engineering foundations of radio XML. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 132
COLLADA; sailing the gulf of 3D digital content creation. Book Review 135
Color, line, and space; the neuroscience of spatio-chromatic vision. Book review 174
Common medical diagnoses; an algorithmic approach, 4th ed. Book Review 129
Communicating design; developing web site documentation for design and planning. Book Review 169
Communication in fishes; 2v. Book Review 172
Communication protocol engineering. Book Review 135
Comparative cognition; experimental explorations of animal intelligence. Book Review 117
Complex graphs and networks. Book Review 181
Complexity in primary care; understanding its value. Book Review 133
Compliance guide for the medical practice; how to attain and maintain a compliant medical practice. Book Review 158
Composing qualitative research, 2d ed. Book Review 108
Comprehensive cervical cancer control; a guide to essential practice. Book Review 90
Comprehensive stress management, 10th ed. Book Review 122
Compressors and modern process applications. Book Review 113
Computational auditory scene analysis; principles, algorithms, and applications. Book Review 115
Computer architecture and high performance computing; proceedings. Book review 124
Computer graphics and image processing; proceedings. Book Review 171
Computer science; proceedings. Book review 129
Computer software and applications; proceedings; 2v. Book review 153
Computers in railways X; proceedings. Book Review 194
Concepts and models in bioinorganic chemistry. Book Review 169
Concepts of simultaneity; from antiquity to Einstein and beyond. Book Review 179
Configuring SonicWALL firewalls. Book Review 92
Connecting medical informatics and bio-informatics; proceedings. Book Review 186
Conservation and the genetics of populations. Book review 93
Conservation fallout; nuclear protest at Diablo Canyon. Book review 161
Construction equipment management for engineers, estimators, and owners. Book Review 123
Construction site erosion and sediment controls. Book review 144
Constructive conversations about health; policy and values. Book Review 121
Contamination and ESD control in high technology manufacturing. Book review 95
Contemporary play therapy; theory, research, and practice. Book Review 92
Contemporary practice in clinical chemistry. Book Review 91
Continuing professional development for clinical psychologists; a practical handbook. Book Review 138
Continuously variable transmission (CVT). Book Review 143
Contributions toward evidence-based psychocardiology; a systematic review of the literature. Book Review 112
Control and automation of electric power distribution systems. Book review 108
Cord blood; establishing a national hematopoietic stem cell bank program. Book Review 169
Core curriculum for professional education in pain, 3d ed. Book Review 84
Core Python programming, 2d ed. Book Review 112
Corrosion handbook; corrosive agents and their interaction with materials, 2d rev.ed.; v.6: Atmosphere, industrial waste gases. Book review 174
Counselling adult survivors of child sexual abuse, 3d ed. Book review 144
Counselling for death and dying; person-centred dialogues. Book Review 143
CRC handbook of chemistry and physics; a ready-reference book of chemical and physical data, 87th ed. Book Review 162
CRC handbook of enthalpy data of polymer-solvent systems. Book Review 139
Create your own website, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 121
Creating content management systems in Java. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 114
Creating the productive workplace, 2d ed. Book Review 140
Creating, connecting and collaborating through computing; proceedings. Book Review 141
Crystal clear; the struggle for reliable communications technology in World War II. Book Review 124
Crystals and crystal structures. Book Review 97
CSS; the missing manual. Book review 119
Cumin (cuminum cyminum); production and processing. Book Review 133
Current surgical diagnosis & treatment, 12th ed. Book review 176
Cut to the chase; 100 matrix pearls for doctors. Book Review 142
Cutting propagation; a guide to propagating and producing floriculture crops. Book Review 174
Cybersecurity for SCADA systems. Book Review 124
Cyclodextrins and their complexes; chemistry, analytical methods, applications. Book Review 164
Cytokine gene polymorphisms in multifactorial conditions. Book Review 134
Daily life during the Black Death. Book Review 116

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