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Articles from SciTech Book News (September 1, 2005)

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"Must we all die?"; Alaska's enduring struggle with tuberculosis. Book Review 111
.Net gotchas; 75 ways to improve your C# and VB.NET programs. Book Review 92
100 questions & answers about menopause. Book Review 103
100 questions and answers about breast surgery. Book Review 121
123 PIC microcontroller experiments for the evil genius. Book Review 122
21 days to train your dog. Book Review 101
3-D digital imaging and modeling; proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 142
3G mobile networks; architecture, protocols and procedures; based on 3GPP specifications for UMTS WCDMA networks. Book Review 121
802.11 wireless networks; the definitive guide, 2d ed. Book Review 83
A bolt from the blue; coping with disasters and acute traumas. Book Review 99
A brief history of cryptology. Book Review 112
A change of heart; how the Framingham heart study helped unravel the mysteries of cardiovascular disease. Book Review 148
A first course in combinatorial optimization. Brief Article 120
A first course in computational physics and object-oriented programming with C++. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 148
A gateway to higher mathematics. Book Review 125
A gay man's guide to prostate cancer. Book Review 130
A geometric approach to free boundary problems. Book Review 106
A guide to survivorship for women with ovarian cancer. Book Review 110
A handbook of play therapy with aggressive children. Book Review 122
A history of accident and emergency medicine, 1948-2004. Book Review 130
A land imperiled; the declining health of the southern Appalachian bioregion. Book Review 111
A layered declarative approach to ontology translation with knowledge preservation. Book Review 158
A multilevel approach to the study of motor control and learning, 2d ed. Book Review 88
A physician's guide to pain and symptom management in cancer patients, 2d ed. Book Review 167
A SAS companion for nonparametric statistics. Book Review 93
A short course on Banach space theory. Book Review 110
A simple guide to SPSS for Windows; for versions 12.0 and 13.0. Book Review 117
A social history of science and technology in contemporary Japan; v.2: Road to self-reliance 1952-1959. Book Review 154
A transition to advanced mathematics, 6th ed. Book Review 150
A tropical garden flora; plants cultivated in the Hawaiian Islands and other tropical places. Brief Article 195
Access hacks. Book Review 86
Acetylene chemistry; chemistry, biology and material science. Book Review 111
Action as an organizer of learning and development; proceedings. Book Review 135
Action plan for osteoporosis. Book Review 95
Actions and invariants of algebraic groups. Book Review 124
Activated carbon adsorption. Book Review 125
Active sites of polymerization; multiplicity, stereospecific and kinetic heterogeneity. Book Review 165
Adaptive array systems; fundamentals and applications. Book Review 121
Additives in polymers; industrial analysis and applications. Book Review 121
Adhesion aspects of thin film; v.2. Book Review 137
Adobe GoLive CS tips and tricks; the 200 best. Book Review 117
Advanced analytic number theory; L-functions. Book Review 126
Advanced energy systems division--2004; proceedings. Book Review 105
Advanced information networking and applications; proceedings; 2v. Book Review 207
Advanced Java game programming. Book Review 88
Advanced learning technologies; proceedings. Book Review 208
Advanced materials and processing; 5v. Book Review 239
Advanced programming in the UNIX environment, 2d ed. Book Review 193
Advanced si-based ceramics and composites; proceedings. Book Review 133
Advances in geosynthetic clay liner technology; proceedings. Book Review 119
Advances in neuroregulation and neuroprotection. Book Review 115
Advances in polycarbonates. Book Review 131
Advances in superplasticity and superplastic forming; proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 112
Advances in treatment of bipolar disorder. Book Review 125
Aerospace division 2004; proceedings. Book Review 80
Aesthetic dentistry. Book Review 102
After a stroke; 300 tips to making life easier. Book Review 97
Agile Java; crafting code with test-driven development. Book Review 99
Aging men's health; a case-based approach. Book Review 110
Agricultural sustainability; strategies for assessment. Book Review 133
Agromedicine; selected papers from the first ten years of The journal of agromedicine. Book Review 114
AI application programming, 2d ed. Book Review 118
Air pollution XIII; proceedings. Book Review 140
Air, water, and weather. Book Review 94
Albert Einstein; a biography. Book Review 102
Alcoholism in America; from reconstruction to prohibition. Book Review 97
Algebraic coding theory and information theory; proceedings. Book Review 142
Algebraic structures and their representations; proceedings. Book Review 139
Alkoxysilanes and the consolidation of stone. Book Review 148
America's National Park Roads and Parkways: Drawings from the Historic American Engineering Record. Book Review 193
America's top 101 computer and technical jobs; detailed information on major jobs at all levels of education and training, 2d ed. Book Review 108
American prometheus; the triumph and tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Book Review 174
Amphibians and reptiles; status and conservation in Florida. Book Review 107
An atlas of head and neck surgery, 4th ed. Book Review 192
An eighteenth century herbal; book of very reliable remedies for curing various ailments with well proven and beneficial plants from this province of Yucatan. Book Review 118
An illustrated Chinese materia medica. Book Review 144
An intermediate guide to SPSS programming; using syntax for data management. Book Review 81
An introduction to acoustics. (reprint, 1951). Book Review 81
An introduction to behavioral endocrinology, 3d ed. (CD-ROM included). Brief Article 157
An introduction to criminological theory, 2d ed. Book Review 134
An introduction to evidence-based practice in nursing and health care. Book Review 141
An introduction to geotechnical processes. Book Review 103
An introduction to human molecular genetics; mechanisms of inherited diseases, 2d ed. Book Review 113
An introduction to medicinal chemistry, 3d ed. Book Review 98
An introduction to systemic therapy with individuals; a social constructionist approach. Book Review 98
An introduction to three-dimensional climate modeling, 2d ed. Book Review 119
Analysis of structures; strength and behaviour. Book Review 107
Analytical techniques in DNA sequencing. Book Review 111
Ancient building technology; 2v. Book Review 169
Angiogenesis and direct myocardial revascularization. Book Review 134
Animal architecture. Book Review 119
Animal communication networks. Book Review 136
Annual review of biophysics and biomolecular structure; v.34, 2005. Book Review 121
Annual review of clinical psychology; v.1. Book Review 176
Annual review of earth and planetary sciences; v.33, 2005. Book Review 116
Annual review of immunology; v.23, 2005. Book Review 124
Annual review of public health; v.26, 2005. Book Review 123
Annus mirabilis; 1905, Albert Einstein, and the theory of relativity. (DVD included). Book Review 141
Ant; the definitive guide, 2d ed. Book Review 128
Anti-tuberculosis drug resistance in the world, 3d global report. Book Review 106
Antifungal agents; methods and protocols. Book Review 139
Antimicrobials in food, 3d ed. Book Review 134
Ants, bikes, and clocks; problem solving for undergraduates. Book Review 137
Anxiety at 35,000 feet; an introduction to clinical aerospace psychology. Book Review 115
Application of concurrency to system design; proceedings. Book Review 123
Applied data analysis for process improvement; a practical guide to Six Sigma Black Belt statistics. Book Review 132
Applied formal verification. Book Review 99
Applied mathematical methods in theoretical physics. Book Review 207
Applied mechanics division--2004; proceedings. Book Review 116
Applied min-max approach to missile guidance and control. Book Review 154
Applied numerical methods using MATLAB. Book Review 110
Applied optimal designs. Book Review 121
Applied satellite navigation using GPS, GALILEO, and augmentation systems. Book Review 116
Applied statistics for public and non profit administration, 6th ed. Book Review 99
Aquatic food webs; an ecosystem approach. Book Review 153
Arithmetic properties of commutative rings and monoids. Book Review 174
Arnheim's principles of athletic training; a competency-based approach, 12th ed. Book Review 85
Art therapy as witness; a sacred guide. Book Review 136
Arthroscopic and endoscopic spinal surgery; text and atlas, 2d ed. (includes CD-ROM). Book Review 151
Artificial neural networks in water supply engineering. Book Review 156
Asbestos control; surveys, removal, and management, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 128
Asian culture and psychotherapy; implications for East and West. Book Review 100
Asian functional foods. Brief Article 141
ASP.NET 2.0; a developer's notebook. Book Review 83
Assessing and developing communication and thinking skills in people with autism and communication difficulties; a toolkit for parents and professionals. Book Review 130
Assessing bioavailability of drug delivery systems; mathematical modeling. Book Review 130
Assessing impact; handbook of EIA and SEA follow-up. Book Review 137
Asthma information for teens; health tips about managing asthma and related concerns including facts about asthma causes, triggers, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment. Book Review 140
ASTM standards for building lime and lime-based construction applications. Book Review 100
Astronomical enigmas; life on Mars, the Star of Bethlehem, and other Milky Way mysteries. Book Review 159
Astronomy hacks. Book Review 119
Asymmetric organocatalysis; from biomimetic concepts to applications in asymmetric synthesis. Book Review 135
At the bench; a laboratory navigator, rev. ed. Book Review 82
Athletic taping and bracing, 2d. Book Review 102
Athletic training and sports medicine, 4th ed. Book Review 116
Atlas of amputations and limb deficiencies; surgical, prosthetic, and rehabilitation principles, 3d ed. Book Review 156
Atlas of pathophysiology, 2d ed. Book Review 115
Atlas of radiologic anatomy, 7th ed. Book Review 114
Atlas of sleep medicine. Book Review 128
Atlas of the breeding birds of Humboldt County, California. Book Review 100
Atlas of vascular surgery, 2d ed. Book Review 115
Atlas; country resources for neurological disorders; 2004. Book Review 121
Atomic and molecular data and their applications; proceedings. Book Review 174
Atomic physics; v.19; proceedings. Book Review 138
Attachment from infancy to adulthood; the major longitudinal studies. Book Review 99
Attack from the sea; a history of the U.S. Navy's seaplane striking force. Book Review 90
Attending Children: A Doctor's Education. Book Review 89
Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; from genes to patients. Book Review 127
Attics, dormers, and skylights. Book Review 87
Automorphic functions; 2d ed. (reprint, 1951). Book Review 124
Automorphism groups of maps, surfaces and smarandache geometries; partially post-doctoral research for the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Book Review 129
Autonomic computing; proceedings. Book Review 117
Autonomy and patients' decisions. Book Review 129
Avery's neonatology; pathophysiology & management of the newborn, 6th ed. Book Review 226
Baby boomers; can my eighties be like my fifties? Book Review 139
Bacterial ion channels and their eukaryotic homologs. Book Review 136
Bailey's industrial oil and fat products, 6th ed.; v.1: Edible oil and fat products: chemistry, properties, and health effects. Book Review 166
Basic clinical dialysis. Book Review 105
Basic one- and two-dimensional NMR spectroscopy, rev. 4th ed. Book Review 136
Bayesian logical data analysis for the physical sciences; a comparative approach with Mathematica support. Book Review 106
Bayesian nets and causality; philosophical and computational foundations. Book Review 138
Beamed energy propulsion; proceedings. Book Review 149
Behavior; the control of perception, 2d ed., rev. ed. Book Review 115
Behavioral neurology of movement disorders, 2d ed. Book Review 167
Being empathic; a companion for counsellors and therapists. Book Review 132
Best practices for teaching introduction to psychology. Book Review 113
Beta decay for pedestrians. (reprint, 1962). Book Review 128
Between emotion and cognition; the generative unconscious. (reprint, 2003). Book Review 108
Beyond method; philosophical conversations in healthcare research and scholarship. Book Review 100
Beyond pain; making the mind-body connection. Book Review 116
Bicontinuous liquid crystals. Book Review 130
Bioceramics; v.17; proceedings. Book Review 179
Biodiversity of fungi; their role in human life. Book Review 143
Bioimaging in neurodegeneration. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 137
Bioinformatics basics; applications in biological science and medicine, 2d ed. Book Review 114
Biological weapons; issues and threats. Book Review 161
Biology and biotechnology; science, applications, and issues. Book Review 113
Biology, Ecology, and Evolution of Gall-inducing Arthropods, vol. 2. Book Review 161
Biomedical engineering principles. Brief Article 145
Biomedical nanotechnology. Book Review 117
Biometric inverse problems. Book Review 156
Bionomics and identification of the genus Rotylenchus (Nematoda: Hoplolaimidae). Book Review 142
Biopsychology, 6th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 112
Bioremediation; applied microbial solutions for real-world environmental cleanup. Book Review 111
Biosphere to lithosphere; new studies in vertebrate taphonomy; proceedings. Book Review 136
Biotechnological Inventions: Moral Restraints and Patent Law. Book Review 132
Biotechnology of fruit and nut crops. Book Review 134
Biotechnology unglued; science, society, and social cohesion. Book Review 121
Birds in Place: A Habitat-based Field Guide to the Birds of the Northern Rockies. Book Review 99
Birds of Ontario; habitat requirements, limiting factors, and status; v.1: Nonpasserines: waterfowl through cranes. Book Review 143
Birds of two worlds; the ecology and evolution of migration. Book Review 172
Birds; the art of ornithology. Book Review 125
Black carp; biological synopsis and risk assessment of an introduced fish. Brief Article 163
Blood and circulatory disorders sourcebook; basic consumer health information...,2d ed. Book Review 155
Boiler control systems engineering. Book Review 121
Boundary elements XXVII; incorporating electrical engineering and electromagnetics; proceedings. Book Review 199
Bowel cancer; foundations for practice. Book Review 100
Brachytherapy physics, 2d ed.; proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 224
Brain disorders sourcebook; basic consumer health information about acquired and traumatic brain injuries, infections of the brain, epilepsy..., 2d ed. Book Review 135
Breaking through to teens; a new psychotherapy for the new adolescence. Book Review 147
Breast cancer, 3d ed. Book Review 87
Broadband last mile; access technologies for multimedia communications. Book Review 119
Building database-driven Flash applications. Book Review 120
Building health promotion capacity; action for learning, learning from action. Book Review 119
Bulk and graded nanometals; proceedings. Book Review 162
Caged in chaos; a dyspraxic guide to breaking free. Book Review 166
Calculating and reporting healthcare statistics. Book Review 114
California and the World Ocean '02; revisiting and revising California's ocean agenda; proceedings. Book Review 203
Cardiac mechano-electric feedback and arrhythmias; from pipette to patient. Book Review 110
Cardiovascular disease in the elderly. Book Review 133
Cardiovascular disorders in hemodialysis. Book Review 143
Care of the newborn; a handbook for primary care. Book Review 81
Carpenter ants of the United States and Canada. Book Review 104
Carving Grand Canyon; evidence, theories, and mystery. Book Review 82
Case files: Biochemistry. Book Review 88
Case files; Gross anatomy. Book Review 90
Case files; microbiology. Book Review 90
Case files; pharmacology. Book Review 80
Case studies in abnormal behavior, 7th ed. Book Review 142
Catalysis of organic reactions; proceedings. Book Review 145
Categorical foundations; special topics in order, topology, algebra, and sheaf theory. Book Review 164
CCIE self-study; CCIE security exam certification guide. (includes CD-ROM). Book Review 92
Cecropia. Book Review 130
Cell signaling in vascular inflammation. Book Review 125
Cellular stress responses in renal diseases. Book Review 156
Challenges in geometry; for mathematical Olympians past and present. Book Review 123
Challenging perspectives on mathematics classroom communication. Book Review 141
Chamomile; industrial profiles. Book Review 123
Chapman great sailing ships of the world. Book Review 110
Characterization and properties of petroleum fractions. Book Review 119
Chemical calculations at a glance. Book Review 81
Chemical composition of everyday products. Book Review 113
Chemical Weapons Convention chemicals analysis; sample collection, preparation, and analytical methods. Book Review 148
Chemistry of polysaccharides. Book Review 127
Chemistry; an introduction to general, organic, and biological chemistry, 9th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 88
Chest medicine; essentials of pulmonary and critical care medicine, 5th ed. Book Review 116
Chia; rediscovering a forgotten crop of the Aztecs. Book Review 104
Chief's clipboard; 20 years of Ronny J. Coleman. Book Review 80
Children, medicine and the law. Book Review 163
Children, youth and adults with Asperger Syndrome; integrating multiple perspectives. Book Review 109
Chronic kidney disease, dialysis, and transplantation; a companion to Brenner and Rector's the kidney, 2d ed. Book Review 156
Cisco IP communications Express; CallManager Express with Cisco Unity Express. Book Review 110
Cisco PIX firewalls; configure, manage, & troubleshoot. Book Review 86
Classical electricity and magnetism, 2d ed. (reprint, 1955). Book Review 85
Climate change and global food security. Book Review 136
Climate crash; abrupt climate change and what it means for our future. Book Review 101
Clinical anesthesiology board review; a test simulation and self-assessment tool. Book Review 81
Clinical forensic medicine; a physician's guide, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 143
Clinical gastrointestinal endoscopy. (DVD-ROM included). Book Review 193
Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs, 15th ed. Book Review 99
Clinical manual of women's mental health, 3d ed. Book Review 136
Clinical methods and practicum in speech-language pathology, 4th ed. Book Review 136
Clinical study guide for the oral boards in psychiatry, 2d ed. Book Review 102
Clinical success in early orthodontic treatment. Book Review 108
Clinically oriented anatomy, 5th ed. (CD-ROMs included). Book Review 183
Clinician's guide to laboratory medicine; a practical approach, 3d ed. (included pocket guide). Book Review 149
Clustering for data mining; a data recovery approach. Book Review 133
Coagulation and flocculation; theory and applications, 2d ed. Book Review 139
Coastal chalk cliff instability. Book Review 172
Coastal engineering; modelling, measurements, engineering and management of seas and coastal regions; proceedings. Book Review 163
Coastal plants; Perth and the south-west region, 2d ed. Book Review 100
Cockpit engineering. Book Review 115
Codes; the guide to secrecy from ancient to modern times. Book Review 167
Coding and reimbursement for hospital outpatient services. Book Review 123
Collisions, rings, and other Newtonian N-body problems. Book Review 144
Color atlas of histology, 4th ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 123
Colorectal tumors; atlas of large section histopathology. Book Review 127
Combinatorial chemistry and technology; methods and applications, 2d ed. Book Review 122
Comets II. Book Review 151
Common Mushrooms of the Talamanca Mountains, Costa Rica. Book Review 144
Common spinal disorders explained. Book Review 120
Communicating in the clinic; negotiating frontstage and backstage teamwork. Book Review 115
Communication issues in autism and Asperger syndrome; do we speak the same language?. Book Review 145
Communication networks and services research; proceedings. Book Review 127
Community and nurse-managed health centers; getting them started and keeping them going. Book Review 148
Community research in environmental health; studies in science, advocacy and ethics. Book Review 127
Comparative guide to American hospitals, 2005; 4,200 hospitals with key personnel and 17 quality measures in treating heart attack, heart failure, and pneumonia. Book Review 186
Complementary and alternative therapies for epilepsy. Book Review 160
Complete nurse's guide to diabetes care. Book Review 141
Complex tori and Abelian varieties. Book Review 106
Complexity; theory and applications. Book Review 153
Complications in orthopaedics; tibial shaft fractures. Book Review 140
Compound semiconductors 2004; proceedings. Book Review 111
Comprehensive dictionary of electrical engineering, 2d ed. Book Review 90
Computational ballistics 2; proceedings. Book Review 123
Computational complexity; proceedings. Book Review 123
Computational electrodynamics; the finite-difference time-domain method, 3d ed. Book Review 102
Computational genetics and genomics; tools for understanding disease. Book Review 114
Computational methods in photochemistry. Book Review 157
Computer and information science; proceedings. Book Review 150
Computer and robot vision; proceedings. Book Review 140
Computer architecture for machine perception; proceedings. Book Review 136
Computer architecture; proceedings. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 129
Computer arithmetic; proceedings. Book Review 160
Computer forensics; computer crime scene investigation, 2d ed. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 85
Computer security foundations workshop; proceedings. Book Review 124
Computer software and applications; proceedings; 2v. Book Review 142
Computer vision and pattern recognition; CVPR 2005; proceedings; 2v. (CD-ROM included). Book Review 170
Computer-aided intelligent recognition techniques and applications. Book Review 141
Computer-based medical systems; proceedings. Book Review 125

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